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God And Devil World - Chapter 89


Chapter 89: Red Bead

TL: Delivery Man

That mutated snake's head exploded with six large holes, and its massive body writhed madly, finally powerlessly flopping to the ground.

Yue Zhong retreated several steps backwards. He extended out a hand, and a sharp bone spike shot out. The spike entered into the one of the six bullet holes and scrambled up the mutated river snake's brain.

A large experience orb finally flew out of the mutated river snake's body, and sank into Yue Zhong. In his sea of knowledge he once again heard the sweet level up noise.

’’Congratulations, you've leveled up to 21. You've received two stat points.

’’Congratulations, you've leveled up to 22. You've received two stat points.

’’Distribute everything to Stamina!

After making his choice, he felt the splitting pain in his two arms. Looking at the mutated river snake, he bitterly smiled, and thought to himself. ’’What an extreme mutant! It's a good thing I increased my Strength, otherwise my bones would have been fractured just now.’’

When he was hit by the river snake, it carried an extremely unruly power that invokes fear. Even though Yue Zhong's Bone Armor and defensive clothing absorbed most of the power, the remaining force still rammed into Yue Zhong's two arms, nearly fracturing them both. If it weren't for these two things along with leveling up, his whole body would have been crushed to death by the mutated river snake.

A skill book and 200 Life Coins came out of the mutated river snake's body.

Yue Zhong walked over and picked up the items. A strand of information appeared in his mind: ’’Level 3 Skill Book: Perceive Danger. Passive Skill. Learning this skill will greatly increase your ability to preemptively sense danger. Your ability to perceive danger is dependent on your level of Spirit.

Yue Zhong's mind activated, The Perceive Danger Skill sunk into his sea of consciousness, and a circular mist condensed into a rune.

Yue Zhong yelled over to Da Gouzi: ’’Come over! Grab the snake and bring it back!’’

’’Yes, Brother Yue! Everyone follow me. Let's grab it and bring it back to the vehicle!’’ Da Gouzi excitedly yelled towards his team members.

Together with Da Gouzi, seven other people and White Bones, they carried the twenty meter long mutated river snake back to the vehicle.

’’What is that?’’

’’What is that thing?’’

The vehicle carrying the river snake arrived at the town square, immediately causing a sensation. The Always Bright Villagers stared at the mutated river snake, their eyes filling with amazement.

This is the first time several of them had seen a mutated beast.

Yue Zhong got out of the vehicle and saw Guo Yu walking towards him.

Yue Zhong directly said to Guo Yu: ’’Go find several tailors. I want to use the Snake's skin to make clothing.’’

Guo Yu stared at the twenty meter long snake. Her eyes flashed with amazement. She nodded her head and said: ’’Master, I know. Right, this monster is a mutated beast. What do you plan on doing with the meat?’’

Yue Zhong's eyes focused. Staring at Guo Yu he lowly said: ’’What is your idea?’’

Guo Yu used her two big beautiful eyes and looked at Yue Zhong saying: ’’I think you should find some people to test taste the meat. First see if there are any harmful reactions. If there isn't any danger, then from today on we have another food source.’’

These mutated beasts aren't like the wild animals without human intelligence. Their bodies could also take several shots and still be lively. Yue Zhong was always looking for food during Z-Age, but he had subconsciously rejected the mutated beast meat. This was because he didn't know what the after effects of eating it would be.

Yue Zhong looked at the beautiful and cute Guo Yu. He patted her head saying: ’’I know! I'll have you arrange it. Find ten volunteers to come eat. Every volunteer will be rewarded 5kg of rice. Furthermore, if the meat doesn't have any poison, reward them with 5kg of snake meat. If this experiment is successful, then tonight you can come to the table!’’

Receiving Yue Zhong's praise, Guo Yu suddenly felt a burst of elation. A surge of pure joy burst out from her heart revealing a sweet smile: ’’Thank you master!’’

These past few days, Guo Yu always served on Yue Zhong as he ate, and then she would finally eat her food after. Eating together with Guo Yu represented Yue Zhong's recognition of her status and position. She was no longer a present that Tiger gifted Yue Zhong, furthermore she was able to have a little bit of self dignity. This is a result of her hard work and intelligence, and this aspect made her especially happy. Before Z-age, Guo Yu's father gifted her Luois Vuitton bags worth 100,000 to make her happy.

[TL: 100,000 RMB is about 15/16k US dollars.]

That blossoming smile of Guo Yu was extremely beautiful, pure, and se*y. Looking at her Yue Zhong felt a little moved in his heart: ’’This little girl is truly lovely.’’

Yue Zhong entered into Zhang Xiang's villa. Dozens of people had taken the mutated river snake's corpse and transported it inside.

Yue Zhong waved his hands and ordered the dozens of subordinates to leave. He sized up the enormous twenty meter long snake.

Yue Zhong grabbed his Imitation Tang Sword and chopped at the mutated river snake's body. Even though the Imitation Tang Sword was wielded by Yue Zhong who had leveled with enormous strength, just as before there was no way to break through the snake's skin.

’’How formidable!’’ Yue Zhong's eyes flashed with an intense heat. If this snake's skin was made into armor, his defensive power would increase to a new level.

Yue Zhong started to chant, launching his skill Devil Flame. A brilliant heat energy bubbled forth from the inside of his body. He focused, and the brilliant heat energy condensed on his finger and burst out. Five burning flames jumped from his finger .

[TL: Yue Zhong got the skill book Devil Flame in chaper 49.]

Yue Zhong extended his finger towards the crown of the snake's head. The cauterizing heat immediately started to combust the snake's scale armor. Yue Zhong pierced his finger into the mutated river snake's scale armor. He pulled with his finger inside the snake's body, using the flame to rip a long opening.

Yue Zhong used his Devil Flame skill to smoothly cut open the river snake's skin into two halves, revealing the meat inside.

’’First remove gall bladder!’’ Yue Zhong looked at the twenty meter long snake. Using his Imitation Tang Sword he cut open the gall bladder. Inside, there was a small red glass bead had crystallized.

Yue Zhong grabbed up the small red bead into his hand. He looked at the small red bead, and he suddenly had a desire to eat it. He involuntarily took the small red bead and tossed it into his mouth, swallowing it down.

As soon as the bead entered into Yue Zhongs stomach, heat immediately started to spread in his body. The bead started to continuously change and strengthen him.


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