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God And Devil World - Chapter 88


Chapter 88: Mutated River Snake

Yue Zhong casually said: ’’There's formidable mutated beasts there that can eat people. We don't have any way to fish there.’’

Yue Zhong looked distracted as soon as the words left his mouth. Then he hugged Guo Yu and gave her a two kisses on her cute little face: Thank you! Little Yu, you've inspired me. There's mutated beasts guarding the area. I only need to clear them out!’’

Yue Zhong didn't plan to stay long in Always Bright Village. He didn't think twice about it when Da Gouzi said the brook had mutated beasts. Yue Zhong constantly thought of a way to obtain more food after becoming the boss, but he had unconsciously formed the small brook into a forbidden area in his mind.

Yue Zhong released Guo Yu from his arms and strode outside.

After Yue Zhong left, Guo Yu rubbed the places Yue Zhong kissed, and revealed a thin smile. She wanted to cram her image into Yue Zhong's mind step by step.

’’It's there!’’ Da Gouzi pointed far away at the small brook and said to Yue Zhong. He had led Yue Zhong and several others to the small brook.

Yue Zhong stood on high ground, looked over at the area, and studied its terrain.

The small brook was about twenty meters wide, and groups of small fish were swimming about on the surface of the water. Every so often a large fish rolled out onto the surface, and created large round ripples. There didn't seem to be anything abnormal from far away. A person wouldn't think this small brooke was hiding pythons capable of eating people.

’’Bring it here!’’ Yue Zhong held out his hand towards Da Gouzi. Da Gouzi passed Yue Zhong a lively chicken chicken attached to a cord.

Yue Zhong carefully snuck forward until he was about twenty meters away from the brook. He severed the Chicken's neck using an Imitation Tang Sword. A stream of blood flowed out from its neck while the Chicken continued struggling in Yue Zhong's hands.

Yue Zhong looked over and tossed the lively chicken into the brook.

The chicken continued to wiggle causing the surrounding water to turn red.

The chicken struggled for a moment, and then Yue Zhong started to pull on the cord. Slow and steady he pulled the chicken to the side of the brook.

As soon as the chicken was pulled to the the side, the extremely tranquil water started to roll about. Suddenly a wave rushed forward toward the chicken like an arrow shot from a bow.

Yue Zhong focused, and quickly gave the chicken a pull. The chicken flew up onto the shore.

A huge yellow scaled snake head splashed out from the water. It's mouth was stretched open wide, large enough to swallow a person whole. The python had exploded forth stretching its mouth towards the chicken

Yue Zhong pulled the chicken bait and sent it flying towards his direction.

The huge yellow scaled python also swam forth from the water, the huge writhing snake started to swim towards Yue Zhong.

’’Level 33 mutated river snake: A mutated snake with ultra-powerful defense. Its strength can crush an elephant. It can easily turn a vehicle into a scrap of iron.’’

Yue Zhong looked at the information of the mutated river snake and gasped a breath of cold air. This was a level 33 mutated animal after all, he didn't know if he could handle it.

This wasn't an easy decision. The body was over 20 meters, and it was still extremely fast one land. It was barely three notches slower than a S2. In the blink of an eye an attack appeared in front of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong tossed the cord and grabbed the type 79 assault rifle with his right hand. He pointed it at the mutated river snake and spread a burst of fire.

Concentrated bullet fire hit the body of the enormous mutated river snake. The bullets rumbled into the scales making little indents, and then powerlessly fell onto the ground.

’’The bullets can't break through! This mutated river snake is too ferocious!’’ Yue Zhong's eyes flashed with fright. This is the first time he'd seen a beast who couldn't be wounded by bullets. The mini BOSS hunter, and the S2 which was mobile like the wind both couldn't block gunfire. But this mutated river snake's scale armor could block bullets, and it made his heart set off bursts of terror.

Although the bullets couldn't penetrate the snake's armor, they could still inflict endless pain. Its eyes flashed with a fierce light, and it stretched open its mouth. The mouth carried a stinky fish smell and it went to bite towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed with rays of light as he initiated the skill Shadow Step. He quickly took a step to the left, and just dodged the snake bite in the nick of time.

While dodging, Yue Zhong extracted the Imitation Tang Sword from his waist, and ruthlessly chopped at the river snake's head.

There were strange thin scales on the mutated river snakes scale armor that secreted a type of bizarre liquid. When Yue Zhong slashed at the snake his sword slightly slid along the scales, and only left a white scratch. The scale armor didn't even break.

Yue Zhong's sword wasn't able to inflict heavy damage. Instead, it only infuriated the mutated river snake. The snake fiercely flung its head towards Yue Zhong like a small car.

The speed of the snake wasn't slow and its bulk was enormous. Yue Zhong had no way to avoid it even in Shadow Step.

Yue Zhong's mind was quick to action, and he started the Combined Body Defensive Skill. White Bones turned into a stream of flowing light that covered Yue Zhong's exterior, and then condensed into the astonishingly powerful defensive armor. Then he placed his hands out front to block.

The mutated river snake ruthlessly struck onto Yue Zhong's hands.

Yue Zhong was suddenly hit like a bus. His chest tightened up, and his mouth filled with blood. Yue Zhong's whole body was sent flying.

The mutated river snake quickly writhed towards Yue Zhong chasing after him. It opened up its jaws, and bit towards Yue Zhong while he was in mid-air.

Expecting the attack, Yue Zhong acted. He extended out two bone spikes into the ground behind him, shifted his body in the air, and avoided certain death from the river snakes bite.

But the two spikes were still struck and cracked by the river snake, and Yue Zhong flopped out of the air.

As Yue Zhong was falling, he immediately turned toward the river snake and pointed his finger. A magical fireball appeared from his ring. The small fireball spell flew out, quickly booming onto the mutated river snake's skull.

The explosion was deafening. The fireball struck the snake's head and scorched one of its eyes. It writhed in pain, but one small fireball wasn't able to snatch away its life.

Yue Zhong's image flashed like a ghost in front of the snake. A bone spike shot out from behind and propelled Yue Zhong in the air towards the river snake's head. He pulled out the Stinger and fired a series of six bullets at its brain.

The six bullets pierced through the river snake's scale armor, cracking it apart one by one, and then they sank into its brain. Bloody fist sized holes appeared on its skull.


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