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God And Devil World - Chapter 87


Chapter 87: Recruiting Survivors

A cart of ammunition entered Always Bright Village, a few sharp-eyed villages, upon seeing various firearms within the cart, began to secretly discuss it.

A survivor quietly said: ’’You know what? Brother Yue got some ammunition. There are quite a few carts!’’ The other survivor did not believe him, saying: ’’Really? Ammunition? For real?’’

The first survivor solemnly swore: ’’How can it not be true, I saw it with my own eyes.’’

A survivor responded: ’’They did not want to recruit people’’

After those survivors commented, they quickly moved towards the town square. A bunch of hiring jobs were available there.

In that time, Da GouZi, along with two guards went to the town square to set up a stall.

Da GouZi looked around, enjoying the scene of survivors that are begging for attention, he heard: ’’Hiring!’’

’’Hire me! ! Hire me! I can do anything!’’

’’Hire me ! ! Give me a gun, I am willing to go find supplies with you.’’


Da GouZi's bellows, and the survivors in town square immediately swarm near, calling out to him. They want to live on, they want to have food to eat. These survivors have been hungry for so long, and to eat, they are willing to anything.

Da GouZi reminisces to a time when there were the white collars workers, the elites and he couldn't be compared to those people, he knitted his brow and loudly bellowed: ’’Get in line! Line up and come one at a time! Write your name, land of origin, and any abilities. If you don't line up or cut into the line, we don't want you!’’

After being shouted at by Da GouZi, those survivors began to earnestly line up into a queue and wrote their name, land of origin and skills on the report for Da GouZi.

Very easily, Yue Zhong was able recruit 60 men, and assigned them to various positions. If Yue Zhong wanted to, they would be able to recruit 100 men with no problems. As long as there is grain, he could casually pick any of the hundreds of villagers of Always Bright Village.

Of the 60 people recruited, 50 were men, they were assigned to different fighting squads, the other ten women were assigned to be Guo Yu and Li Manni's subordinates. Li Manni was chosen by Guo Yu to be her assistant, she once worked with a student association, so she has experience in organising staff for work. After going through so much, Lil Manni also began to mature, she wants to become a useful person through hard work, she doesn't want to be abandoned by anyone anymore.

’’What is your name?’’ within a villa in the Always Bright Village, Yue Zhong looks at a medium built body, with a yellow complexion, approximately 27-28 years old youth.

’’Brother Yue, my name is Chen Da Lei. I used to be a car mechanic.’’ The youth's complexion turned yellow as he looked at Yue Zhong. The ruler of Always Bright Village used to be Tiger however he would kill people if they just said something that opposed him, but after facing the wrath of Yue Zhong, he did not dare be reckless.

This Chen Da Lei that Guo Yu recruited is what Yue Zhong needed, a mechanic. Like a blacksmith, a man with complex talents are hard to find in Always Bright Village.

Yue Zhong asks: ’’What kind of vehicles can you fix? Can you fix large trucks?’’

Chen Da Lei quotes a string of car names: ’’I can fix Hummers, Jeeps, BMWs... Volkswagen. I should be able to do trucks as well.’’ After he finished, Chen Da Lei carefully adds: ’’But if you want me to fix a car now, I can't solve big problems. Because I don't have any mechanic's equipment.’’

After a silence, Yue Zhong asks: ’’If I give you the blueprints and parts, can you construct a turret?’’ Chen Da Lei was shocked by Yue Zhong's request, he shook his head again and again: ’’No! I have never touched that before. I do not know how to make that.’’

Yue Zhong eyed Chen Da Lei then said: ’’Heh! You are qualified, you are now temporarily part of the non-essential personnel. After I find the tools for you to fix cars and you have proven your ability, I will promote to be part of the preparation team. If you do well, I will promote you to the official team. Now you go ahead. In the fastest time, get a copy of the plan for the modified Dong Feng Truck and give it to me. ’’

After Chen Da Lei left, Yue Zhong laid on the sofa and closed his eyes. During this time, Ji Qing Wu and Chi Yang led expeditions for supplies.

As long as they don't run into S2 type mutated undeads, they should have enough strength to deal with a small group of undead. Wang Shuang, Xiao Ming and Liu Yang was responsible for security, guarding, and shooting. These 3 groups didn't have the strength to keep holding the line, dealing with the zombie swarms is too exhausting. Their shooting technique is not good, so they still need more practice.

’’Grain!! There is still not enough grain!!’’ Yue Zhong closed his eyes, grain is always in his head. Now what Always Bright Village lacks the most is grain. If the seeds that are sowed do not germinate, there is little grain to eat, even after eating less, Yue Zhong has barely enough to feed his subordinates. Moreover, some porridge is sent to the survivors of the village, so they would not starve to death.

It was at this time, along with the fragrant breeze, a pair of small, soft hands were resting on Yue Zhong's shoulders, giving him a massage.

Guo Yu, with a gentle voice, by Yue Zhong's ear, asks: ’’Master, what troubles you, can you confide in me? Telling someone your troubles will reduce your stress. If you can, let me share in your troubles with you.’’

Yue Zhong opened his eyes to see the childlike manner of the beautiful face of Guo Yu sitting by his side massaging his shoulders.

Yue Zhong extended his arms, and Guo Yu went into his bosom, the girl's fragrance entered his nose, in addition to the girl in his bosom, he was filled with the fiery passion, dispelling the worries of his heart. This cute loli that Tiger gave him is smart and obedient, in addition to an demanding manner, it caused Yue Zhong to really like her.

Yue Zhong hugs Guo Yu, closing his eyes, slowly saying: ’’Grain! Grain Shortage! The seeds that are sown don't germinate. If we don't find a large grain supply, with the supply in this village, even if hundreds of people skimp, we can barely make it through a year.’’

Being a leader is not easy, being a competent leader is even harder. Once he thought about the future of the hundreds of people in the village, Yue Zhong's head ached.

Guo Yu suggested to Yue Zhong: ’’Master, if the seeds that were sown do not germinate, can we not try fishing? I remember near Always Bright Village, there is a river that connects to the Lei Jiang Lake. If we can fish, won't this relieve the pressure on the lack of grain?


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