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God And Devil World - Chapter 86


Chapter 86: Arsenal

’’Add four points to stamina!’’ Yue Zhong quickly issued his choice.

Yue Zhong grasped five active skills. To initiate each skill required a large amount of stamina and spirit. Without enough stamina, then there is no way to use several skills at the same time.

’’Use the skill point to power up the skill Summon Special Skeleton!’’

His goal was to max out one skill before moving on to another. He felt like this was a better use of the precious skill points.

After Yue Zhong selected, an aura within his body submerged into his sea of consciousness, falling on the Summon Special Skeleton rune. The Special Skeleton rune flashed with light, firing out black rays that fell on his core. Information bubbled up from Yue Zhong's sea of knowledge.

’’Your Special Skeleton has already started to evolve, and it has obtained a new skill. Bone Control. This augmentation will allow Special Skeleton to freely manipulate its bones, making its attacks become even more bizarre. A maximum rage of 200m. Skill one: Bone Exploitation Skill's cooldown is reduced to one day. Mastered new skill: Feign. Feign allows Special Skeleton to feign a change in its body type into a large creature.

’’Special Skeleton (White Bones) Level 15.

Power: 34 (10)

Agility: 34 (10)

Vitality: 34 (10)

Stamina: 32/34 (10)

Spirit: 34/34 (10)

Strength: 56 (10)

Skill List:

Skill 1: Bone Exploitation

Skill 2: Bone Strengthening

Skill 3: Bone Control

Skill 4: Feign

In the Combined Body State, Yue Zhong can also use White Bone's abilities. He initiated a thought, and from his right hand extended a sharp bone spike.

Yue Zhong initiated another thought, and between his eyebrows a bone spike also extended from his skeletal armor.

Yue Zhong extended his palm out, and the spike between his eyebrows retreated back into his body. From his palm a slender spike continuously extended outward to two hundred meters.

[Editor's note. a 200 meter long bone would weigh more than he could hold, and would probably snap under its own weight. ]

[TL: It says what it says!]

’’After evolving, this skill which was originally used for defense has become absolutely awesome,’’ Yue Zhong marveled and continued to manipulate the bones emitting from his core.

If two people battled, and a bone emitted from the pit of the stomach, it would be absolutely undefendable.

After experimenting with the newly acquired skill for a little bit, Yue Zhong gathered his state of mind and collected the treasures on the ground into his storage ring. He then walked into the military camp. The Combined Body defensive skill time period was only 15 minutes. He must quickly search through the military camp. If there was another S2 hiding, he could only choose to immediately run.

Realistically the S2's speed was too fast. Yue Zhong was still a thread slower after entering into shadow step. If Yue Zhong didn't have the Combined Body defensive skill, he basically didn't dare partake in direct combat.

Yue Zhong searched through the entire camp, and didn't find another S2 hiding or any other dangers. He then returned to Wang Shuang and the rest and had them drive their vehicles into the camp. They started to search for supplies.

’’Level 4 skill: Rank 2 Agility Solidification. In order to learn this skill, one must first learn Agility Solidification three times. After learning this skill, one can permanently increase 40 agility skill points.’’

’’Level three treasure: High Speed Leather Boots. 8 Agility.’’

’’The skill is a good skill, it's a pity I can't learn it right now.’’ After Yue Zhong equipped the pair of black High Speed Leather Boots, he put the Rank 2 Agility Solidification skill book into his storage ring.

The remaining two white treasure boxes were empty.

As Yue Zhong was looking through the items he collected, Liu Yan's ran out from the storage room with his face lit up. He yelled to Yue Zhong: ’’Brother Yue! Brother Yue! I discovered several weapons! There're so many weapons inside! This time we scored big!’’

Seeing the expression of Liu Yan with his face all lit up, Yue Zhong quickly entered the storage room.

Type 56 Semi-automatic rifle, type 53 heavy machine gun, type 67 heavy machine gun, type 81 assault rifle, type 79 assault rifle, type 81 rifle, each type of vintage model gun filled the entire warehouse. Even if there was only one of the types found in the storehouse it would be enough to equip a group of people.

Yue Zhong's eyes exposed a look of ecstasy as he looked upon the weapons storehouse: ’’We hit it big! This is a huge score!’’

When Tiger was in Always Bright Village, he merely had a couple dozen men. Tiger didn't want to recruit more people because there simply wasn't enough guns and ammunition.

Having this weapons storehouse, Yue Zhong's subordinates didn't need to worry about a problem with weapons. It didn't matter how old the weapons are, as long as they are usable it's fine.

’’Bullets! Bullets!’’ Yue Zhong knew if there weren't any bullets, these weapons were a pile of iron. They would pose no threat to zombies.

’’Over here!’’ Liu Yan excitedly pulled Yue Zhong to another side of the storehouse.

The other side of the storehouse was filled with neatly arranged ammunition boxes. One of the boxes was already lifted open. Inside was a pile of neatly arranged yellow/orange bullets.

’’Awesome!’’ Yue Zhong was excited without end as he looked at all the boxes in the weapons storehouse.

A police headquarters couldn't compare to this storehouse. The bullets of this storehouse were enough to make him extremely rich.

Yue Zhong asked Liu Yan at his side: ’’Are there cannons? Cannons!!’’

Artillery is a crux of the battlefield. If a heavy artillery group was organized, zombie groups in the cities would be turned into residue.

Liu Yan bitterly smiled: ’’brother Yue! There is no artillery. There are some shells and spare cannon parts. I reckon they are spare parts taken from two cannons.’’

Yue Zhong couldn't help but feel a little bit of despair when he heard. There is a huge gap between a modern unit with artillery support and one without.

This arsenal was really a storage for old weapons that had been phased out. It was responsible for protecting the bullets and weapons that had died out from the People's Liberation Army. It lacked any of China's advanced weapons.

But these weapons that were phased out by the People's Liberation Army made Yue Zhong's men extremely excited. Their combat ability could go up another rank thanks to these weapons. The ammunition problem which was their greatest fear had been resolved.

The presence of the type 53 and 67 heavy machine guns especially made Yue Zhong's small firepower become much fiercer.

The arsenal also had some dismantled cannons. Yue Zhong loaded up the dismantled cannons and took them back to Always Bright Village.


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