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God And Devil World - Chapter 84


Chapter 84: Agility Solidification

Yue Zhong gave the most lucrative assignments to the people he could trust: ’’Lu Wen will be responsible for the safeguard and distribution of goods. Da Gouzi, you will assist her.’’

Da Gouzi beamed with joy, and clapped his chest pledging: ’’Yes! Brother Yue! I will certainly defend the resources for you.’’

This time, Da Gouzi's intelligence paid off. Yue Zhong must reward him. If not for Da Gouzi's intel, several of the people that Yue Zhong rescued from Lei Jiang City would have died.

Goods and supplies allocations was indeed a lucrative post. When Da Gouzi obtained that appointment, the whole village looked highly upon him, not daring to offend him.

’’Chi Yang is responsible for the first combat unit! Primary duty is to search for supplies. Ji Qingwu is responsible for the second combat unit! Wang Shuang is responsible for the third combat unit! Liu Yang is responsible for the fourth combat unit! Xiao Ming is responsible for the fifth combat unit! Units, tomorrow go out and enlist team members.’’

’’Newly recruited members belong to the outside personnel. After killing five ordinary zombies, outside personnel can promote to preliminary members. After preliminary members kill twenty ordinary zombies, they can be promoted to official team members.’’

’’Each unit captain will be official team members, and enjoy official team member treatment. Apart from all of you, the other current personnel will temporarily be preliminary members. After they accumulate sufficient achievements, they will be promoted.

Yue Zhong looked in the direction of Chen Yao, ’’Go and organize an interior affairs department, Chen Yao. Find and select a few subordinates. You'll be responsible for miscellaneous matters.’’

Yue Zhong recognized that Chen Yao was more suited to organizational and management duties, and lacked the innate combat capabilities of someone like Ji Qingwu. Furthermore, Qingwu wasn't comfortable with Chen Yao participating in dangerous combat. Chen Yao would be more valuable to Yue Zhong off the battlefield than on it.

Chen Yao looked at Yue Zhong, and asked: ’’Yue Zhong, where will you stay? Could it be you aren't going to the Long Hai City base?’’

As soon as she spoke, everyone's eyes rested on Yue Zhong. This matter was related to all of their futures. They all wanted to hear Yue Zhong's reply.

Yue Zhong boldly stated: ’’I certainly want to go to the Long Hai City survivor base and continue exploring it. But before then, I must help settle down the hundreds of people in Always Bright Village. I cannot leave until my work here is done.’’

It had been almost a month since Z-age began. Yue Zhong still hadn't formed any long-term plans. He wasn't thinking about migrating the Always Bright Villagers to Long Hai City's survivor base even if they could take care of them. He was more interested in taking his people to search for friends and family.

In the face of catastrophic disaster, powerful regimes and powerful organizations are the things everyone relies on. The government is that powerful regime.

Chen Yao firmly stared at Yue Zhong and said, ’’Please! Arrange me into the second combat unit. I want to use my ability to battle.’’

With Z-age, the world had changed. Talented and powerful people were more likely to survive now. Chen Yao had already come to see this reality. In Z-age, one could only rely on power.

’’So be it,’’ Yue Zhong nodded reluctantly. He respected Chen Yao's choice. After all, Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu both followed him through the enormous dangers in Lei Jian Shi. This left the matter of miscellaneous affairs unattended to, though.

Guo Yu, who was standing at Yue Zhong's side, offered her services. ’’I'll be responsible for the miscellaneous tasks. I can work hard.’’

Guo Yu, in this cruel Z-age, was determined to get as close to Yue Zhong as possible, and to do that she schemed to do everything she could to get into his graces. This opportunity to become responsible for miscellaneous affairs was the first step in her plans.

Yue Zhong looked at Guo Yu a moment, and finally nodded. ’’Good! I'll give you this responsibility. I'll give you six outside personnel. Work hard, and do not fail me. You will be a temporary preliminary member. If you work hard, you can promote to an official member.’’

Guo Yu's big bright eyes slightly curved, and she smiled sweetly. ’’Yes! Master!’’

Wang Shuang couldn't help but notice Guo Yu's beauty and gave her several glances.

Lu Wen pursed her mouth and whispered, ’’Little Fox...’’

At Yue Zhong's command, an extremely simple organizational structure appeared in Always Bright Village. But this was only a stopping point, and he had no plans to turn the village into any kind of Kingdom. He stayed here only to establish simple order and help the survivors live on and maintain some of their dignity.

Returning his thoughts to the matter at hand, Yue Zhong instructed Guo Yu to search for people capable of wielding weapons, machinery and vehicle maintenance, remodeling, and blacksmithing. She was to find them and bring them to Yue Zhong.

Yue had become strong enough that dealing with a small scale zombie group would be no trouble, but a large scale problem would still require additional firepower. Armaments were still important.

Guo Yu nodded, ’’Yes!’’

’’Let's call it a day,’’ said Yue Zhong. ’’Everyone return and get some rest.’’

One after another, everyone got up to leave.

Yue Zhong returned to the villa and cleaned himself up. Situated comfortably on his bed, he began to look through his storage ring at the spoils he won from the battle with the mutated dogs. He found two skill books, one blue treasure box and five white treasure boxes.

’’Grade 3 skill: Agility Solidification. Passive skill,’’ he read aloud. ’’Learning this skill can increase agility by ten points permanently’’

’’Grade 3 skill: Study of Force Manipulation. Active skill. Using this skill consumes four points of spirit power and four points of stamina. After using the skill, every ten seconds, two points of stamina and two points of spirit power will be consumed. Study of Force gives the ability to control inanimate objects and manipulate them. The amount of weight and size that can be controlled depended on the user's spirit power and physical stamina.’’

’’Grade 3 treasure: Fireball Ring. Spirit +6. Available skill: Small fireball technique. Can use once every day.

Yue Zhong looked at those 3 skill books, and a smear of worry flashed through his eyes. ’’It is a pity I can only learn three active skills right now,’’ he thought to himself. ’’Perhaps this Force Manipulation would be good for Chi Yang.

[TL: It says 3 skill books. Yue is possibly referencing a third skill book that he hasn't used yet. For instance, I don't think he ever used or distributed the critical strike skill book from CH46]

Without hesitation, Yue immediately chose the Agility Solidification skill and learned it. He also equipped the Fireball Ring.

After Yue learned the Agility Solidification skill, a new rune appeared in his sea of knowledge. That rune flashed and shot out black rays of light continuously strengthening Yue's body.


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