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God And Devil World - Chapter 82


Chapter 82: Celebrity

’’Damn it !’’ looking at this scene, Yue's eyes flashed with killing intent, going forward a single step, putting a sword above the man's head, beheading him.

Blood sprayed out from the man's neck, splashing down from his body towards the woman and his surroundings.

Splashed by that man's hot blood , the two males were immediately scared witless , without even having the time to wear their pants, at once kneeled on the ground and pleaded : ’’ Daye, mercy ! Daye, mercy !!’’

(TL note: daye(pinyin: Dàyé) literally means uncle/term of respect for older male and the literal translation felt weird so just wrote the pinyin version )

The remaining 4 men were also scared and their condition became awful, kneeling on the ground towards Yue, pleaded : ’’Big brother, mercy ! big brother, mercy !’’

Yue Zhong, with a cold voice, ordered those 3 subordinates that came with him ’’ I said, the men who take advantage of the situation and defile the women, all must die, Shoot them down!’’

’’Yes! Brother Yue !’’ the three subordinates responded. They straightforward used the guns and burst fire on those 6 men who were kneeling on the ground.

Those six men covered by dozens of concentrated bullets, they all fell to the ground.

Yue Zhong looked around the room at those tormented human shapes of the women , his heart was extremely hard. This is Z-age, a maddening Z-age. The darkness of human hearts was due to the loss of institutional constraints. The future hopelessness started expanding without limits.

I would rather be a peaceful and secure dog than a human in chaos. Yue Zhong had heard these words before, but he had never before truly felt the weight of those words.

After Yue Zhong entered college, his temper quieted a little, reading several books. Among them were several Nationalist Party senior official's memoirs. He recalled they contained some feudalistic superstitious. Looking at their self glorification, you can clearly see the societal circumstances at that time.

A high ranking officer recollected, after his troops were scattered by incessant fighting between warlords, those soldiers murdered, pillaged, and raped without any qualms. In order to stop them the high ranking officer was forced to put them all to the gun. The blackness in mankind's heart can be seen, as soon as people lose the restrictions of order. It has so much madness and perversion.

Yue Zhong plainly said: ’’Leave one person here defending! No one can enter without my command!’’

’’Yes!’’ a subordinate replied.

’’Yue Zhong......are you Yue Zhong? me!’’

At Yue Zhong's side, as he decided to leave, an endlessly weak voice came from the ground.

Yue Zhong turned his head to look. Although fair skinned, the woman whose body was covered in gonorrhea was begging him.

Yue Zhong walked a few steps towards the woman and asked: ’’Who are you?’’

The woman was weak without compare, her eyes flowing with remorseful tears feebly said: ’’I am ...... Li Manni.’’

Li Manni, since that night after she escaped from the school bus, as a fugitive hiding along the way, escaped from Lei Jiang City. Then she was discovered by Tiger's group going out to look for supplies, and brought back to Always Bright Village.

Li Manni's appearance could be considered pretty good. A couple of days ago after she carelessly provoked tiger, she was sent to the Henhouse, suffering insult.

Yue Zhong called over a subordinate and gave him two pieces of candy: ’’Come over here. Carefully take care of this woman.’’

’’Yes! Brother Yue!!’’ The subordinate somewhat slowly walked over. Looking at Li Manni, a little awkward, he went to the woman on the ground.

Yue Zhong looked at the subordinate, understanding a little he said: ’’The past is settled. I won't investigate. You only have to look after her. Don't let her die and it's okay. She is only my former classmate.’’

The majority of women in the Henhouse had all been visited by those gunmen. If Yue Zhong wished to get revenge for those women, he would have to kill those gunmen. From his point of view, Yue Zhong couldn't do it.

Yue Zhong's subordinate relaxed and said: ’’Brother Yue don't worry. I absolutely can take good care of her.’’

Yue Zhong nodded, stood up, and took large strides outside. Li Manni was certainly not one of his people. He could only do this small step for her. If she needs anything else, he couldn't delay over this woman who formally chose to leave his side.

Gazing at the sight of Yue Zhong leaving, Li Manni's eyes flowed two pairs of quiet tears. Remorseful and weak with gratitude she said: ’’Thank You!’’

Li Manni endlessly regretted choosing to flee Lei Jiang City at that time together with Zhao Zhen. If she stayed at Yue Zhong's side, she wouldn't have encountered this type of disaster.

Yue Zhong's subordinates bowed down. From his chest pocket he pulled out a military canteen and piece of candy, and gave it to Li Manni.

After those who plundered and raped women were put to death by the firing squad, the situation slowly stabilized. After all the majority of people were timid, hiding in their homes and not going outside. The rioters were a small portion.

’’Brother Yue, these are Tiger's private women.’’

When Yue Zhong lead the people to Tiger's Villa, Liu Yan excitedly brought a crowd of women to Yue Zhong and gave a report.

There were eleven women in the group, each one with appearance and stature above average. One of them had a voluptuous figure and delicate face that carried a hint of pride and charm. Among the group of women she appeared to be a crane in flock of chickens, completely remarkable.

Yue Zhong looked at the woman, eyebrows wrinkling: ’’Who is that woman? How does she seem a little familiar?’’

Liu Yan excitedly said to Yue Zhong: ’’Brother Yue! That woman is the big celebrity Lei Yuqing! The big star actor who was once popular north and south of the Yangtze river. She was also Tiger's most cherished woman.’’

[TL: north/south Yangtze means everywhere.]

Amidst Lei Yuqing's charm she also looked somewhat arrogantly at Yue Zhong. She was an extremely beautiful and classy woman. She carried that big celebrity status which increased her charm even more. In addition she had skillful ways with men. Originally however she held Tiger's infatuation. The majority of time he pampered her alone. She also had confidence to be able to craze Yue Zhong into her boy toy.

Among Tiger's women, only Lei Yuqing alone with status, appearance, figure, charm combined could contend with Guo Yu's appearance and temperment. Guo Yu clearly is the type men like. She has a mature flirtatious behavior, rare outstanding temperment, and socialness.

Lei Yuqing seeing Yue Zhong sizing her up, immediately smiled, perking up her ample peaks, showing off her most beautiful side. In Always Bright Village she already experienced Z-age's cruelty. Only with the strong's blessing could she have a better life. Whether it was Tiger or Yue Zhong she didn't care.

Yue Zhong only looked at Lei Yuqing once, and didn't look at her a second time. He plainly said to Liu Yan: ’’I know! Leave two people to look after them! Wait for arrangements!’’


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