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God And Devil World - Chapter 78


Ji Qingwu and Chen Yao finally caught up after Yue Zhong totally beheaded the four mutated dogs.

Ji Qingwu’s stats are also focused in agility, but she needed to defend Chen Yao, slowing her down a lot.

Yue Zhong walked to Tiger’s body. Looking at Tiger’s body his eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

Tiger was an ambitious and ruthless character. He was able to control the gunmen of Always Bright Village. As soon as he died, the balance of the village broke. Yue Zhong wanted to quietly leave the plan.

Yue Zhong lowered his voice and shouted while looking at the six remaining gunmen: “From now on you are incorporated into me. You are now my direct subordinates. You need to completely listen to my commands. Understand?”

The six gunmen looked at each other in a state of confusion. They never thought Tiger would die, and now Yue Zhong wanted to incorporate them.

A gunman worked up some courage to go against Yue Zhong: “You aren’t Always Bright Village’s boss, on what grounds can you incorporate us?”

As soon as the gunman finished speaking, White Bones who was standing by Yue Zhong shot forward like an arrow, waiving its axe like a whirlwind, it chopped through the gunman’s skull causing the head to go flying, soaring into the sky, blood spraying everywhere.

The five gunmen were startled, nervously grasping their assault rifles, not daring to act the slightest bit rash, even so much that they didn’t dare point their guns at Yue Zhong.

Seeing the gunman beheaded by Yue Zhong, Chen Yao’s eyebrows wrinkled, and she looked over at Ji Qingwu.

Ji Qingwu shook her head towards Chen Yao.

Yue Zhong coldly stared at the gunman saying: “To refuse me is death! You all can choose, come under my command, listen to my orders, or die right here.”

“Obey! Obey! I obey your commands! Yue Zhong! I wish to be your subordinate!”

“Brother Yue, I wish to be your subordinate!!”

The remaining five gunmen competed with each other’s exclamations. Tiger, the man they followed, already died. They also thought they would pass away. Being able to follow a strong man like Yue Zhong is a stroke of good luck in Z-age.

“Start the car! We are returning to Always Bright Village!”Yue Zhong quickly got on the vehicle and commanded a gunman to drive.

The vehicle that was toppled by the mutated dog was already pushed out of the way by White Bones.

Two jeeps and a Dong Feng truck made up the motorcade setting off towards Always Bright Village’s direction.

“Boss! Boss! Tiger died! Tiger died!”a person under Zhang Xiang entered his room screaming.

At that time in the room three beautiful women wearing black open leather outfits were kneeling on the ground like dogs, trying their hearts out to attend on Zhang Xiang.

“What? Tiger died!!”Zhang Xiang was originally indignant for being disturbed from┬átraining beautiful women. After understanding his subordinate’s words, his face changed. He kicked a beautiful woman kneeling in front of him, continuing to ask: “Chen Yuan, are you certain? You personally saw it?

Chen Yuan spoke and looked at the beautiful woman wearing black leather at the same time: “I’m certain, I personally saw! Those mutant dogs circled around our rear and started attacking. We fled to forest. The last thing I saw was a mutant dog pouncing on Tiger’s body, biting his neck.”

Chen Yuan was a person under Tiger’s command that had been bribed by Zhang Xiang.

Zhang Xiang’s face became happy, clapping Chen Yuan’s shoulder he said: “Good! Good! You did well! Chen Yuan wait a moment for the matter to pass by. These three women, I’ll give to you.”

Chen Yuan happily said: “Thank you big brother!! Thank you big brother!”

Finished speaking, Zhang Xiang quickly left the place, gathered his seven henchmen, and completely equipped them. They quickly rushed to the small western style house where Lei Zhen lived.

Lei Zhen was working out. He saw Zhang Xiang bringing men rushing close. Raising a brow he asked: “Zhang Xiang, What happened?”

Lei Zhen’s two henchmen both raised their guns and aimed at Zhang Xiang.

Zhang Xiang’s eyes became red, crying he said: “Big Brother Lei, Chen Yan betrayed tiger. He and Yue Zhong allied to kill Tiger. This is according to Chen Yuan who went with Tiger. He risked his life to come back and tell me. We are going to hide him. Big brother Lei, You need to get revenge for Tiger!!”

Lei Zhen understood the news immediately shouting in anger: “What!! Chen Yan dared betray Tiger?”

Lei Zhen stared at Chen Yuan, coldly asking: “Chen Yuan, Speak to me! Is what Zhang Xiang said true? You dare speak a lie, daddy will throw you to the zombies!”

Chen Yuan said crying: “Brother Lei! Everything Xiang said is true! Lin Yu and I saw with our own eyes. You need to get revenge for Tiger!!”

Lei Zhen was indignant, grabbing a 79 type sub-machine gun with both hands he rushed out: “F*k him! Wang Yuan, Li Jueji! Come with me! Daddy wants to peel Chen Yan’s skin, and throw him to the zombies.”

Lei Zhen’s henchmen also followed rushing out.

After Lei Zhen departed, Zhang Xiang ordered Chen Yuan: “Chen Yuan! Take several people to grab the women Chi Yang and Yue Zhong brought right now! Chi Yang needs to be grabbed alive, if he’s beaten up it’s no problem. Try to catch the other women alive, if you can’t it’s no big deal.”

“I understand! Boss!”Chen Yuan nodded, he rushed out with three men to Chi Yang’s group location.

Zhang Xiang moving quickly forward, caught up with Lei Zhen.

“Chi Yang! Chi Yang are you here? I’m Da Gouzi!!”In the villa Yue Zhong’s group resided, Da Gouzi hurridly approached and anxiously spoke.

Chi Yang came out from the villa saying: “What happened Da Gouzi?”

Chi Yang knew Da Gouzi was Yue Zhong’s eyes in Always Bright Village. They didn’t have any foundation in Always Bright Village. The local Da Gouzi was their sole source of intelligence.

Da Gouzi eagerly said: “Tiger died!! This is information I received from a friend.”

Chi Yang’s eyes became solemn. He said to the women who were stretching out in the couryard, preparing food, and watshing clothes: “Wang Qian and Zhang Xin immediately close the gate. Everyone hide in the house. Wang Shuang and Su Jingguan grab guns!”

Finished speaking, Chi Yang grabbed a type 79 sub-machine gun and 3 clips tossing them to Da Gouzi saying: “Thank you Da Gouzi! After this, you are one of us. Protect yourself.”

Da Gouzi received the type 79 machine gun and 3 clips, and he ran into the villa in a flash. He could only spread the news, as far as him fighting, he didn’t dare.

The two women Wang Qian and Zhang Xin urgently closed the gate, hiding in the villa.

Quickly, Always Bright Village sounded with fierce shots.

Chen Yuan brought three people before the villa and yelled: “Quick Open the gate!”


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