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God And Devil World - Chapter 77


After absorbing the mutated dog skeleton, An armor started to spread on White Bone’s body into a thin layer, wrapping up its whole body.

Yue Zhong didn’t stop, quickly advancing forward.

After White Bone’s evolution completed, it again shadowed behind Yue Zhong.

When Yue Zhong appeared in front of the motorcade, a miserable bloody scene entered his sight.

Disemboweled bodies and severed human corpse were everywhere. Three huge mutated dogs the size of Ligers were jumping towards the remaining twelve gunmen, hunting the humans.

The twelve remaining gunmen’s faces were written with shock. They basically had no method to grasp the trajectory of the mutant dogs’movements.

A jeep was overturned on the road, blocking the road. In the distance, a hummer was wildly escaping towards them.

Tiger was holding a type 79 sub-machine and unceasingly fired at the three mutated dogs. He yelled: “Don’t panic! Everyone don’t panic, hold fast, fire!! Whoever dares to run, Daddy will shoot you!”

“Lvl 20 mutant dogs: posses extremely high agility and stamina, sharp claws and teeth that can mangle steel.”

Yue Zhong seeing those three living mutated dogs felt the information of enter into his mind.

Under Tiger’s organization, those twelve gunmen spread fire without ceasing, beating back the three mutant dogs’attack.

The three mutant dogs were not invulnerable to bullets and blades. The type 79 sub-machine gun 7.72 mm rounds were able to injure them.

Tiger’s eyes saw Yue Zhong from far away. He urgently shouted: “Yue Zhong. Quick rescue me! You only need to save me, I’ll give you several beautiful women! In my house, I have even more beautiful and se*y women than Guo Yu!”

Yue Zhong looked at tiger, his mind flashed countless thoughts. Detouring to the side, he closed in on Tiger’s party. If they rushed straight ahead the wild flying bullets could drop them. He was wearing the lvl three protection armor that could stop gunfire, but his head didn’t have any protection. One bullet could drop him.

A gunman pulled the trigger, but no bullets came out. His mind panicked, immediately searching his body.

At almost the same time, the majority of gunmen stopped firing. The type 79 machine gun fires quickly, they used up all of their bullets. There were only two type 81 rifles still firing.

Seeing this scene, the remaining gunmen could not hold on. They dispersed in confusion, fleeing all around. Everyone’s mind had the same thought. They don’t need to outrun the mutant dogs. They only need to outrun their comrades.

Tiger also gave up, fleeing into the forest. Yue Zhong was still dozens of meters from Tiger. If Tiger stayed, even Yue Zhong could not save him.

Tiger had just fled a couple of steps when a mutant dog rushed him to the ground like a tiger. Opening its bloody mouth, it snapped Tiger’s neck from behind. This ambitious and ruthless character who held high aims died like that, at the mouth of a mutant dog.

Yue Zhong rushed and grabbed his type 79 sub-machine gun at the same time. He extremely calmly fired towards the mutated dog.

After learning the Firearms Control skill, Yue Zhong’s ability could compare to a soldier who had gone through several years of target practice. Within twenty meters, dozens of bullets passed through the mutated dog’s body, creating bloody hole after bloody hole.

The mutated dog was infuriated. Abandoning his prepared hunt on the gunmen, he rushed towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed a cold light. When he was only 5 meters from the mutant dog, he started the shadow step skill. His speed soared to an extremely terrifying state.

Yue Zhong’s shadow step state was like a demon stepping out, avoiding the mutated dog’s pounce at the peak moment. Taking advantage of the moment the mutated dog rushing power, a smooth sword chopped through the dog’s neck causing its head to fly off.

The mutant dog corpse continued rushing forward a short distance, finally crashing to the ground. A large experience orb flew out rushing into Yue Zhong’s body.

“Congratulations advanced to level 18. Please distribute 2 stat points!”

Absorbing the accumulated experience orbs of two level 20 mutated dogs and the previous zombies, Yue Zhong rushed up to level 18.

“One point strength! One point stamina.”

Yue Zhong’s mind acted. After selecting his stats, he rushed towards the two remaining mutant dogs.

In shadow step mode, Yue Zhong’s agility distantly overrode the two mutant dogs. He could wantonly destroy them. Yue Zhong powered up many times, moreover he had the added speed stats from the clothes. If he didn’t use shadow step, he was still barely at the same level of the two dogs. Although they were level 20, those two mutated dogs were several times weaker than the BOSS hunters.

They weren’t the same as the zombies who completely lost their thinking ability. It made the mutated dogs much more difficult to handle than zombies. Seeing Yue Zhong drop one of their comrades, the surviving two dogs abandoned hunting the remaining gunmen. One on the right, one on the left they enveloped Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes coldly flashed. Madly increasing speed, he rushed towards the two dogs like an arrow. At the moment they were about to come in contact, his body slightly leaned. The Imitation Tang Sword drew across the mutated dog’s body.

It was chopped into two halves. Filthy blood splashed, and the organs and intestines slid out.

The other dog took advantage of the opportunity and pounced like a tiger. He rushed towards Yue Zhong like a thunderbolt.

Yue Zhong’s body slightly bent. In one rush, he drew a line across the mutated dog’s neck. Shortly after its head separated from its body, the corpse falling to the ground.

“How extreme!”

“Bizzare! How can he be so strong?”

The surviving gunmen looked at Yue Zhong who had solely killed three mutated dogs. Their eyes full of fright and worship. The three mutated dogs terrified them, however they knew that of 26 gunmen 20 were killed, and they still couldn’t drop a single dog. Yue Zhong alone suddenly killed three. His power is obvious.

The three dogs dropped one skill book, a green box, three white boxes, and three hundred life coins.

Yue Zhong strode over and put those God and Devil World items into his bag.

[TL: this chapter is called Tiger’s Death, but I didn’t want to spoil =).]


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