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God And Devil World - Chapter 73


“It happened like this.”Chen Si honestly reported to Tiger inside the luxurious villa.

At this time, the only people in the living room were the four chiefs of Always Bright Village.

Tiger grumbled a moment, he said to Chen Si: “Leave!”

Tiger asked the remaining three people: “How do you see it!”

“Brother Tiger, Yue Zhong’s strength is extremely mighty. Make him stay here, and perhaps one day he will kill us, grabbing our positions. Make him scram. Bother Tiger!”Zhang Xiangyin said with a calm face. He was full of fear and jealousy for Yue Zhong. He knew of Mashan village. Tiger once brought twenty plus gunmen there to find supplies, wasting a lot of ammunition. He lost several people without even entering into the village.

Lei Zhen was silent without words. A light in his eyes flashed trying to think of something.

Chen Yan contemplated a moment, finally slowly saying: “Yue Zhong’s strength is very mighty. But his heart isn’t in this place, he won’t threaten us.”

Tiger maintained his composure saying: “I know! Little Xiang, prepare, tomorrow take several people to Mashan Village to search for supplies. A whole village’s supplies couldn’t fit on one truck.”

Zhang Xiang shouted: “Thank you brother Tiger!”

A village that’s already cleared out of zombies is like a big fat piece of meat, appoint invaders. You only have to drive a car over, and you’ll be able to bring a whole car’s worth of supplies back, an extremely fatty assignment.

Zhang Xiang was given a fatty mission. The four people discussed the matter a moment. Zhang Xiang and Chen Yan immediately left the villa.

“Brother Tiger, Why did you give Zhang Xiang that fat mission? How about letting me go?”Lei Zhen couldn’t help but ask after Zhang Xiang left.

Lei Zhen and Tiger’s relationship was much closer than the relationship Tiger had with Chen Yan and Zhang Xiang. Lei Zhen was Tiger’s most trusted aide.

Tiger slightly smiled: “I gave them the Moshan Vilage gold mine. When it comes to the weapons arsenal, they won’t think to receive a profit.”

Lei Zhen flashed a smile: “Brother Tiger is brilliant!

The world already changed. In the present world, the mighty fist is the leader. Grabbing weapons and ammunition is the same as controlling a large military force, and grabbing power. Tiger was able to become the Boss of Always Bright Village because he controlled many men, many guns, and many bullets.

“If Lei Zhan had half the strength of Yue Zhong it would be good!”Tiger looked at Lei Zhan, his face forming a smile. His heart slightly lamented. Tiger had high aims, the world was a mess, and he peered upon the whole world. Yue Zhong’s strength is tyrannical. He also lacks a trace of fear. Tiger still wanted to recruit him and monopolize Yue under his banner. Otherwise he wouldn’t have given away the beautiful lolita Guo Yu, who was a treasure to normal people.

“F*k! That bastard still resists me! I want to pocket the whole arsenal treasure.”Returning to his own room, it appears he only knows how to kill. Without any schemes, Zhang Xiang’s face became ashen. His fists clenched. His eyes flashed an indignant blaze.

Zhang Xiang uneasily pushed down the anger in his heart. Consoling himself he said: “Zhang Xiang, You still need to endure! Right now isn’t the time, think of a way to take down Tiger, there is always a chance.”

Zhang Xiang repressed the anger, coldly saying: “Zi Wei, come out!”

Wearing an exposed black leather outfit and collar, revealing a lot of her snow white skin, A beautiful voluptuous woman with black hair crawled out from the side door like a dog, crawling straight towards Zhang Xiangs side.

“Damn cheap bitch! Want to find a date?”Zhang Xiang looked at that beautiful woman’s eyes, his eyes ruthless. Grabbing the beautiful woman’s hair, and taking off his pants, he thrusted into her mouth.

The beautiful woman’s eyes showed humiliation, but she didn’t dare show the slightest amount of resistance. On the contrary, she was well behaved and attended on Zhang Xiang.

On the other side, in the square, Always Bright Village’s survivors extremely jealously looked upon Yue Zhong’s fully loaded return, filled with envy.

If it wasn’t for the the pure and enticing Guo Yu as well as the valiant and beautiful Ji Qingwu standing at Yue Zhong’s side, the starving women of Always Bright Village would rush to Yue Zhong’s side and beg, using their bodies to trade for a full meal.

Yue Zhong gazed upon the circled survivors. Opening his mouth he said: “I need people to help me clear out the vehicles on the highway. I will be responsible for clearing out the zombies on the road. I’ll give whoever wishes to work with me .25kg of rice!”

“I’ll go!!”

“I’ll go!! Brother Yue!! I’ll Go! Pick me!”

“Let me go!”

These words elicited a huge response among the Always Bright Village survivors. Nearly everyone scrambled over each other calling out to Yue Zhong. That type of enthusiasm made Zhang Xin and Chen Yao frightened. These women under Yue Zhong’s protection never suffered bitterness. They never thought people could become mad over .25kg of rice.

“Quiet!”Yue Zhong shouted.

The whole place went silent. These survivors were all afraid of provoking Yue Zhong leading to them being unable to obtain the abundantly rewarding work.

Yue Zhong plainly said: “The people I point to will get on the vehicle and follow me to clear out the road.”

Finished speaking, Yue Zhong started picking people.

The people picked by Yue Zhong walked with high spirits onto the vehicle. The rear of the truck was quickly filled with Always Bright Village survivors.

“I’m begging you let me also go!! I can work hard.”A thirty year old female survivor came to Yue Zhong’s feet begging. .25kg of rice was extremely important to her.

Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkled: “Step aside!”

Always Bright Village’s survivors numbered over two hundred. If Yue Zhong fed one mouth, the other people would all rush forth like a swarm of bees, begging for supplies. Two Dong Feng trucks of supplies looks like a lot, but if supplying two hundred people, it fundamentally couldn’t last long.

The female survivor still wanted to beg. White Bones walked over clutching onto his axe. Raising the axe up into the air, it’s pair of eye sockets lit up with a devil magic flame, looking down upon the female survivor.

The woman was scared back several steps by White Bone’s stare, and she fell onto the ground.

“Start the truck!”Yue Zhong commanded to Wang Shuang as he turned to the truck.

Wan Shuang quickly drove, transporting Yue Zhong’s group outward along the route.

The people who weren’t selected by Yue Zhong all looked at the truck. Their eyes filled with jealousy and envy towards the people who were selected.

Under the hard work of everyone, a section of road towards Long Hai city was cleared of abandoned vehicles blocking the area. The abandoned vehicles were all emptied of gasoline and then pushed to the side. Yue Zhong gave all of the people .25kg of rice.

The survivors who received rice radiated with delight. They returned home among the envious view of other people. The remaining survivors secretly made a firm resolution. Tomorrow, Yue Zhong must pick them to help work.


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