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God And Devil World - Chapter 62


Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Conversation in the Night

Lei Chen was Tiger Wang number one henchmen that was notorious in Lei Jiang City. He is Tiger Wang trusted henchmen, and still following Tiger Wang.

Zhang Xiang and Chen Yan were the talented people that Tiger Wang recruited among the survivors. Zhang Xiang was a gang leader of five or six men when he was recruited by Tiger Wang.

The Chen Si that blocked Yue's way on the road junction is the cousin of Chen Yan. When Chen Yan was recruited by Tiger Wang, he also had seven or eight men under him.

Tiger Wang doesn't mind talking about his past, so that is why Guo Yu dared to talk about his past.

Guo Yu was captured by Tiger Wang after he seized the power from the police force.

Among the women survivors, those that Tiger Wang were interested in, Guo Yu was the only one that he had not touched yet. If Yu did not appear, Tiger Wang would used Guo Yu to entice some other powerful fighter.

In addition to Guo Yu, Tiger Wang also had several other beautiful virgin girls. These girls were the one he keep to entice powerful masters. Tiger Wang had enjoyed enough virgins. However, he preferred mature women that know how to serve rather than virgins that know nothing.

’’This bandit leader is really insightful!’’ Yue's hands was kneading the plump and elastic pare of breasts, while quietly thinking.[Translator: The author put yùtùwhich is jade rabbit. I'm not familiar with this. I'm pretty sure he means breast. Anyone familiar with this euphemism? Seems like Yue is a man after all lol.]

As Guo Yu was explaining Tiger Wang's history, she was unconsciously surrounded by Yue's arms, allowing this man to touch her.

Yue is only an ordinary man, he also likes beautiful women. However, after the end of the world, he had to restrained his desired. He did not touch the girls because of moral constraints and because he had to protect them. Guo Yu was youthful, beautiful, charming, and was given to him by Tiger Wang. Guo Yu also did not show any objection, so he did not restricts his own desires.

’’Yue, what are you doing!’’ At the moment when Yue was about to kiss Guo Yu's lips, a petite figure came rushing towards Yue and shouted angrily. [Translator Note: lol, he got cockblock. Poor guy]

Yue looked up and found that the petite figure is Lu Wen.

Seeing Lu Wen, Yue unconsciously felt a sense of panic. However, his face was unchanged, and slowly said: ’’Why did you come in?’’

Lu Wen seeing that Yue was embracing Guo Yu in the jacuzzi, she was jealous, angry and frustrated. Her eyes were red and filled with tears, as if a wife that just caught her husband cheating on her, her eyes red, with tears in her eyes as if to see a husband who cheated on his wife, shouted loudly: ’’Yue, how are worthy of me when you do this?’’

Yue calmly said: ’’Wen Wen, you go out outside and wait for me, I need to talk to you. ’’

Lu Wen after hearing Yue's words, left the room in anger.

’’Master, she is your girlfriend?’’ Guo Yu looked at Lu Wen, her eyes flashing a hint of hatred. She hated Lu Wen, because as a woman, why she have to give up her dignity to serve a man, and had to work together with another woman to do such shameless things. While Lu Wen was like a princess, losing her temper like a little kid.

Yue smiled and sighed: ’’I don't know.’’

Yue had always treated Lu Wen like a sister. In Lei Jiang City, Lu Wen had confessed to him, so he had started to look at her as a woman. Even now, he did not know whether he loves her or not. At the time of when they travelled to Long Hai City, Yue did not have time to think about those things.

In no mood to continued playing with Guo Yu, Yue washed his body and left the room.

Lu Wen sat angrily on the bed, once she saw that Yue was coming, she immediately turned her head to the side. She was too angry.

Yue sat across from Lu Wen, with Guo Yu and Wang Lan standing behind him.

Yue looked at Lu Wen, eyes full of love: ’’Wen Wen, you know I always look upon you as a sister. Even now, I love you as my sister. As a brother to his sister, I will always take care of you.’’

As the words came, Yue began to relax.

After listening to Yue's words, Lu Wen's angry face began to change. She threw herself into Yue's arm while crying and said: ’’Big brother Yue! I don't want be your sister. I want to be your girl. I know that was wrong, I will not get angry and jealous at you again, nor oppose your contact with other women. Big brother Yue, you can't abandon me, now that I have only one person I can rely on. If you don't want me, I don't know what to live for.’’

The world has changed, Lu Wen has seen how cruel and frightful the world the can be. Especially after arriving at Always Bright Village, the cruelty in this post apocalyptic world has been laid bare to her. Without Yue's protection, she did not know how she would survive in this cruel world.

Yue seeing that Lu Wen was crying so much in his arms, his heart began to soften, and gently patted her on the back: ’’All right! All right! I will not abandon you, Wen Wen. I just want to love you as a sister. And I am not as great as you think. I'm just an ordinary man, not worthy of your love.’’

Seeing Yue comfort Lu Wen, Guo Yu and Wang Lan eyes were full of envy.

Lu Wen is an important person to him, which is why he would carefully explain to her. Guo Yu on the other hand, he was attracted by her beauty, and had no special feelings or concerns about each other's thoughts.

In this Always Bright Village, Tiger Wang and his men does not see women as people. They just see them as a tool to get relief. Zhang Xiang was more perverted, he likes to torture women, and train them like an animal. All the women are afraid of falling into the hands of Zhang Xiang. In this post apocalyptic world, to be protected and respected by a strong man like Yue, is a kind of happiness.

Lu Wen with a pair of watery eyes, looked at Yue, and boldly said: ’’But I don't want to be your sister. I really don't want to. Big brother Yue, I love you, I love you. I want you to be my man! Except for you, no one else will do.’’

Before the end of the world, Lu Wen was a very bold and enthusiastic girl, daring to always say wild things. In this post apocalyptic, without her parents' control, she feared for the future, and was more emboldened at this moment. Of course, in the past, even though she likes Yue, she would not be so bold and enthusiastic to confess to him.

Yue held Lu Wen, remembering when Lu Wen took care of him when he was seriously injured. His heart soften, and softly said: ’’All Right! All right! All right! From today on, you are my girlfriend.’’

Just after Yue said this, a valiant and handsome figure flashed in his mind.

Lu Wen stopped crying while holding Yue, laughed and said: ’’Hey Hey! Big brother Yue, that's what you said! From now on, I am genuinely your girlfriend. No matter how many women you have, they have to call me big sister!’’


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