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God And Devil World - Chapter 569


Chapter 569: Aircraft Mothership!

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White Bones could freely manipulate its bones, and even in the midst of those Mutant Lobsters,

its sharp bone spikes could reach up to insane lengths, piercing the shells and brains of those


Yue Zhong leaped back from the swarm, and a number of Devil Flame fireballs rained down on

the Mutant Lobsters, frying their brains.

Very quickly, the swarm of elite Mutant Lobsters were slaughtered cleanly, and the remaining

ones decided to retreat and turned towards the sea.

At this time, the waves churned, and a huge Type 2 Mutant Shark appeared. It opened its jaws to

suck in deeply, and a number of the escaping Mutant Lobsters were sucked into its mouth,

before being crushed into pieces.

The hard carapaces of those Mutant Lobsters could not even compare to this Type 2 Mutant

Shark's teeth.

All the Mutant Lobsters were immediately frightened of the presence and aura of Sharkie, and

quickly escaped.

Little Sharkie got on shore and using its flippers like a human's feet, it waddled over towards

Yue Zhong in joy. Although it was a Type 2 Beast, it was still a sea-based creature, and its speed

could only reach 3 times that of a person on shore. As for its size, that speed was already

considered slowly.

Yue Zhong looked at Sharkie and his face revealed a rare smile, as he quickly reach into his ring

and pulled out the bag full of Type 2 and Type 3 Nuclei. He threw it to Sharkie: ’’Haha! Sharkie,

this is yours!’’

Sharkie could tell the bag was filled with high level Nuclei and it became excited, immediately

swallowing them all.

Such precious nuclei were important and vital to boosting Mutant Beasts.

Not long after it swallowed the entire bag, Sharkie curled up into a ball, and a huge amount of

natural energy began to enter its body, transforming it. It was beginning its next evolution.

With the amount of nuclei Yue Zhong got from the Shimazu Clan and the Yaro Gang, it was

enough to groom up a Type 3 Mutant Beast.

As to a Type 4 Mutant Beast, it was truly difficult. Yue Zhong already had the Type 3 Greenie,

and Type 3 Lightning. Based on the connection he had with the 2 beasts, he already surmised

that for a Type 3 Mutant Beast to evolve into a Type 4 one, it would require at least over 200

Type 3 Nuclei or 10 Type 4 Nuclei.

Regardless, it was hard to acquire either methods, and currently, Yue Zhong only had 2 Type 4

Nuclei. Of them, one was being used in the Biological Armor, the other in his arms. It was not

enough to raise a Type 4 Beast.

The natural energy continued to swirl and enter Sharkie's body, constantly molding it, and with

every breath it took, it seemed to grow larger.

Mutant Beasts had different paths of evolution. Some Type 3 Beasts were as small as a normal

person, while some were even smaller. The sea-based Mutant Creatures on the other hand, tend

to gravitate towards larger sizes, after all, there was an advantage there.

After one day, Sharkie had reached 80m in length, and 6m in height. There was a long single

horn on its forehead, and there were 8 fish limbs at its side, as well as 4 long limbs with sharp

claws. Its entire body was covered in green-colored scale. It was truly a peculiar sight.

’’Level 80 Strange Beast: Type 3 Mutant Green-clawed Shark. Having swallowed a large number

of nuclei, it is an evolved form of the Mutant Shark. Possesses the innate ability to command


The next day, Yue Zhong brought his party to the shore.

When Kazuki Nobuhiko and the rest saw the huge Sharkie, their faces were filled with shock: ’’Is

this your pet?!’’

Miya Yuka and the rest were also filled with shock and fear. In front of such a terrifying beast,

they were practically ants.

’’En!’’ Yue Zhong replied indifferently, before stepping into one of the luxury boats: ’’Let's go!

We shall set off for Yokosuka Base!’’

Tenpyo Saka looked at the Type 3 Mutant Green-clawed Shark and her heart was filled with

shock: ’’Powerful! He actually could tame a Type 3 Mutant Beast as his pet!’’

Even amongst the top echelon of the Takama-ga-hara, they have killed a few Type 3 Mutant

Beasts. They knew how terrifying each single existence was, many divine Deities and Servants

had fallen at the claws and jaws of such beasts. She had even witness a Demon-level person

having his head crushed in a single punch from a Type 3 Metal Ape. If it wasn't for her ability to

fade into the background, she might have been slaughtered then as well.

If the Type 3 Mutant Beasts on earth were terrifying to deal with, the Type 3 Mutant Beasts in

the seas were a whole different story. Almost no one could single-handedly deal with one yet.

After all, man was land-based, no matter how strong an expert, the moment he entered the sea,

their power would be decreased by at least 5%. Under such circumstances, even if it were Tetsuo

Nendori, he would be torn apart by a Type 3 Mutant Beast.

The fact that Yue Zhong could command a Type 3 Mutant Beast caused Tenpyo Saka to be filled

with shock. It was more than enough to be considered a Devil-level existence.

When those Japanese fishing folk were brought over, they begun to pray to the Type 3 Mutant

Green-clawed Shark, after all, they were glad that it was on their side.

Under the escort of Sharkie, the boats began to set off towards the direction of Yokosuka Base.

Yue Zhong and the rest went along the coastline towards the Yokosuka base. Along the way,

countless Mutant Beasts of lower levels and Types were turned away from the pressure of


If it were further out in the deep sea, then a Type 3 Mutant Beast wouldn't count for much. Any

Type 4 Beast could simply swallow it. However, near the shores, a Type 3 Mutant Beast was

definitely and infinitely more dangerous than the rest, and the pressure they emitted was

enough to quell the lesser beings.

After a few hours, the majestic outline of the Yokosuka Base appeared in the eyes of Yue Zhong

and his party.

’’Mothership!! That's an aircraft carrier mothership!!’’

As they neared the base, they caught sight of the gigantic mothership docked at the harbor, and

seeing it, even Yue Zhong's eyes turned red with excitement.

A mothership!! An aircraft carrier mothership! This was the true overlord of the seas, every

single one was a huge and powerful weapon in itself. Before the apocalypse, even China only

had one such mothership that had just entered the waters. Right now, there was one perfect

and undamaged U.S. Navy mothership in front of his eyes.

It was absolutely one of the most precious treasures left behind during the apocalypse.

Bai Xiao Sheng also exclaimed excitedly: ’’Mothership! This is great! If we can get that, we can

obtain a huge fleet of air and navy weapons!’’

If they could really obtain the mothership, then the waters of Southeast Asia will practically be

Yue Zhong's backyard. With a mothership as the centre of operations for a fleet, there would be

destroyers, frigates and many other ships. Such cruisers were all powerful combat weapons out

in the sea.

’’Mothership!! Aircraft carrier mothership!’’ Tenpyo Saka saw the looming view and her eyes

were filled with wonder. Under the suppression of the U.S, Japan had never been allowed to

possess an aircraft carrier mothership, and this was a huge source of dissatisfaction for many


After all, without one, it meant that there was no authority of the seas. To an island like Japan, it

was disadvantageous.

Yue Zhong gave an order: ’’Get closer to the mothership!!’’

Yue Zhong had brought 8 Evolvers with the abilities to manipulate machineries. With them,

they could quickly control all sorts of equipment on board, even if it was the mothership.

To fully exhibit and utilize the combat might of a mothership, they would require at least

hundreds and thousands of people. However, to drive it, it didn't require that much manpower.

The boats began to get closer.

All of a sudden, a few torpedoes were fired out from the Yokosuka Base, heading straight for Yue

Zhong's party.

’’Not good! There are still live people in there!’’ Yue Zhong felt danger at the first moment, and

his expression fell. He quickly activated his Shadow Steps and started flinging people

overboard, after throwing 6 out, he jumped into the sea as well.

Tenpyo Saka and Bai Xiao Sheng were quick in their reactions as well, immediately grabbing a

few people each as they leapt into the sea.

Following loud roar, the boats that they were on were blasted into pieces by the torpedoes.

Sharkie was swimming about, rescuing the different individuals onto its back. They were all

drenched, and their appearance wretched. Even Yue Zhong was not spared.

Bai Xiao Sheng laughed savagely as he looked at the base: ’’Boss, seems like they're not

particularly friendly.’’

Yue Zhong dived back into the water: ’’It's understandable. I'll go see how many of them are

there, and I'll try to negotiate. You guys wait here.’’

Yue Zhong had undergone all sorts of special forces training, and swimming was one the core

basics as well. With his enhancement, he could already surpass the world's fastest swimmer

prior to the apocalypse.

After 20 minutes, Yue Zhong managed to climb on board the base.

He looked around, discovering that his current position was at a massive dock, and there were

all sorts of cruisers and ships docked. The largest was the aircraft carrier mothership.

As he neared it, he saw that there were many zombies shambling around aimlessly at various

parts of the mothership. It was obvious that most of the American troops on board had turned.


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