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God And Devil World - Chapter 555


Chapter 555 - Cluster Bomb!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: ZNC

Standing near the Thunder Fighters, Suzanne pulled out a cigarette and lit it up: ’’What is that idiot Julius doing? Why is he taking so long? Is he fooling around again?’’

As the smoke rose, her beautiful features were covered in it. Suddenly, she felt her heart palpitate, as a dangerous premonition arose.

Suzanne was an expert that had undergone the baptism of countless battles. The moment she felt that sense of danger, she had already activated her Second Order divine Speed, instantly reaching a speed that was 28 times of a normal person.

After she cast it, she twisted forcefully, leaping towards the side.

Had she been slower by a single second, her head would have exploded apart like a watermelon.

Suzanne looked towards the direction where the Stinger bullets came from, only to discover Yue Zhong's icy gaze fixed on her. At the same time, he waved his hands to take down 5 of the Adjudicators.

’’Yue Zhong!! This is the guy who killed Halumanda!!’’ Suzanne looked at Yue Zhong and felt a chill over her body. She instantly lost all will to fight and leaped into the Thunder Fighter, shouting: ’’Go!! Fly!!’’

The pilot responded in shock: ’’Esteemed Envoy, Envoy Julius has not yet returned!’’

This small team of Thunder Fighter pilots was formed around Julius as the core, so while Suzanne was also a divine Envoy, her position was lower. Many did not really view her with high regard.

Suzanne's features contorted in fury, as she pointed a Desert Eagle at his head and barked coldly: ’’Fly up immediately, otherwise, I'll blow your f*king brains out.’’

The pilot could feel the cold metal on his head, as his heart tightened, and he immediately controlled the Thunder Fighter to ascend.

’’You want to escape? Not that easy!’’ Yue Zhong eyed the motors of the Thunder Fighters that were roaring to life and his eyes flashed. He activated his Shadow Steps and burst out with a speed of 700km/h. He immediately reached the midst of the clearing.

Yue Zhong then blasted out his Art of Fear, causing a powerful Spirit shockwave to spread out. Under that oppressive force, the pilots of the Thunder Fighters were all frightened to death, with blood flowing out of their orifices.

The ascending Thunder Fighters landed on the ground again after losing their pilots.

On the ground, there were still a dozen Adjudicators and Judges, who were currently pointing their weapons at Yue Zhong and firing insanely.

At the same time, a number of Wind Blades, Fireballs, and Ice Shards were all cast towards Yue Zhong.

With his insane speed, other than Suzanne, not a single person could catch up to him. He became a flash of light that weaved in and out of the troops. Everywhere he went, there would be a flash of his blade, and numerous soldiers would be beheaded.

As Yue Zhong was engaging in his slaughter, a lithe figure leaped out from the cockpit of the Thunder Fighter, as a long and slender leg filled with explosive force aimed towards Yue Zhong's head.

Yue Zhong had just killed an Adjudicator, so had no time to defend himself. He was only able to raise his right hand to block.

That powerful kick sent Yue Zhong flying back for over 6 to 7 meters.

Suzanne, who was behind that kick, instantly pounced towards Yue Zhong like an enraged leopard, using her insane speed to launch multiple attacks on him.

The human's fist traveled faster than a person running. Having activated her Second Order divine Speed, Suzanne's speed had reached 28 times that of a normal person. Without holding anything back, her kicks reached Mach speed, and each of her blows created sonic booms.

Yue Zhong had to deal with the blows raining on him after being sent flying back a few meters. He didn't panic at all, instead, he relied on his abundant combat experience to negate the effects of each strike from Suzanne.

With his Endurance reaching 194 points, and his passive skill Steel Body, his defenses were not weak. Suzanne felt like she was kicking a metal board each time her blows landed. After lashing out over a dozen times, her legs were the ones that seemed to be bleeding.

She quickly leaped back, eyeing Yue Zhong in shock: ’’Damn it! His body is too tough! What a fearsome opponent! Other than those divine Envoys ranked from 1st to 10th, no one is a match for him!’’

Suzanne instantly abandoned everything and her subordinates and sought to escape. In this short exchange, she had come to experience Yue Zhong's might for herself, and she wasn't willing to fall into his hands.

Seeing that Suzanne wanted to escape, Yue Zhong immediately launched an Art of Fear attack towards her. She was an Agility-based Evolver, and her Spirit wasn't high. She was instantly thrown into a hallucination, causing her to lose control of herself, and she crumpled to the ground.

’’Quick, run!!’’

The moment they saw Suzanne fall, the faces of the Adjudicators and Judges drained of color, as they turned around to escape.

Yue Zhong stepped forwards once when he suddenly felt something amiss and swiftly retreated backward.

The 7 Thunder Fighters in the air had flown over, as a number of rockets fired towards Yue Zhong's general position.

Hong!! Hong!! Hong!!

Terrifying explosions blasted all around Yue Zhong, and the shockwaves and resulting shrapnel bombarded his body.

If Yue Zhong's Endurance wasn't high enough, he would have been pulverized by that bout of attacks earlier. However, he still didn't underestimate the devastation of the attacks, choosing to dodge and evade whatever he could. As long as a rocket landed directly on him, he would still be blasted apart regardless of his Endurance.

In the skies, the 7 Thunder Fighters then switched to their 25mm Gatling guns and began to spray at Yue Zhong.

’’F*k!’’ He ran, and in a few breaths, he reached one of the fallen Thunder Fighters and leaped behind it. Making use of the hull of the Thunder Fighters to block against the attacks from the Gatling guns, he could finally take a breather.

After he managed to find cover, 8 guided missiles found their way towards that Thunder Fighter in a flash and caused it to explode into a ball of fire.

Yue Zhong had leaped to one side at the first moment, but the Thunder Fighter was filled with countless weaponry that could potentially explode. The next instant, he felt the shockwaves from the explosion and was sent flying out a few meters. His left arm was broken, and his outer clothing had been ripped to pieces, revealing the pitch-black Type 3 Mutant Beast hide underneath. Even the terrifying defense of the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide was laced with a few scratches and cuts from the countless hits Yue Zhong had just experienced.

The Type 3 Mutant Beast hide was known to be impervious to knives and bullets. However, it could not block the impact of rockets. The powerful explosions were enough to tear the hide apart.

Yue Zhong felt a stab of pain in his chest and he spat out a mouth of blood, his face pale: ’’Strong!! Too overwhelming. Such a weapon of war, amongst humankind, it's the most difficult to defend against.’’

The Thunder Fighters were like tanks in the air. Even the Falcon Sniper had no means of penetrating the hull. As for anti-tank rocket rounds, it was hard to hit the Thunder Fighters in the air. In this apocalyptic world now, they were seemingly invincible.

The attacks of the Thunder Fighters caused layers of dust to cover the area, blocking the sight of the Thunder Fighters for a moment.

At that moment, Yue Zhong immediately conjured up 2 Devil Flame Spears in his hands and sent them shooting straight towards 2 of the Thunder Fighters. The fearsome flame instantly combusted in the cockpits and incinerated the pilots of the 2 Thunder Fighters, while destroying various vital functions.

With the loss of the pilots, the soldiers within those 2 Thunder Fighters immediately deployed their parachutes, moments before the 2 Thunder Fighters crashed towards the ground without exploding.

As a new-generation aircraft, the Thunder Fighter had the capability to withstand rockets. They would be able to land safely even after receiving a few rounds.

Having dealt with those 2 Thunder Fighters, the remaining 5 Thunder Fighters seemed to fire even more crazily at Yue Zhong. They continued to hover above his positions at all times as they dropped cluster bombs.

Hong!! Hong!! Hong!!

A number of cluster bombs exploded powerfully, and the scorching heat wave enveloped the entire area, as the resulting shrapnel and flames obliterated everything in the blast radius.

Inside the blast radius, the Adjudicators, Judges and any other biological lifeforms unfortunate enough to be caught within it were completely annihilated. Even the unconscious divine Envoy Suzanne had been blasted to pieces.

The cluster bomb had been internationally prohibited from use in war prior to the apocalypse due to its devastating nature. However, in this apocalypse, there was no United Nations, and hence no one would control the usage of such weapons.

The cluster bombs were one of the weapons the Kingdom of God had approved to use against high-level Evolvers because the might of these weapons were truly strong, even the 12 Apostles might not necessarily be able to escape from the dangers of these cluster bombs!


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