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God And Devil World - Chapter 541


Chapter 541: Takama-ga-hara!

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Seeing the Level 46 Agility-based Enhancer being sliced in 2 in a single slash, the rest of the

Japanese Enhancers felt their hearts turn cold.

This time, the hunting of the Type 3 Liger Beast had gathered Enhancers of at least Level 30 and

above. However, the majority of them were precisely around that level. It was hard to break past

the Level 40 stage. Hence, when the Level 46 Enhancer was executed by Yue Zhong just like

that, it shocked the rest of the Japanese Enhancers.

After killing that Enhancer, Yue Zhong flashed forwards, appearing beside a Strength-based

Enhancer. He waved his hand and the head of the unsuspecting Enhancer was sent flying even

before he could react.

Yue Zhong had been enhancing his Agility without stop, and his current Agility was very high.

Even a Level 40 Agility-based Evolver would not be able to match him. He was like a grim

reaper, culling lives wherever he went. In just 7 steps, he took the lives of another 3 more


’’Strong!! This Chinese is so damn strong, he's like Kami-sama from Takama-ga-hara!’’ When

the Japanese Enhancers witnessed how Yue Zhong was casually killing their comrades, their

hearts were filled with shock.

Yue Zhong felt that he was taking too long and pulled out his Stinger. He then fired 5 shots in

an instant, causing the heads of 5 Enhancers to burst in a mess of blood and brain matter.

’’Stop!! Don't kill me!! I surrender!’’ One of the Enhancers could not take the terror anymore and

screamed out as he kneeled.

As the Enhancer took the initiative to surrender, 6 others also followed suit and began crying

for their lives.

There were 5 others who weren't willing and quickly tried to run.

Yue Zhong eyed the escaping Enhancers and his eyes narrowed coldly. With a wave, 5 fireballs

shot out towards the 5 Enhancers, and upon contact, they immediately combusted. The 5

Enhancers died screaming as they burned to death.

When the 7 Enhancers witnessed this, their bodies trembled uncontrollably, and they turned to

look at Yue Zhong, unsure of how this Chinese would deal with them.

All of a sudden, 4 transport carriers lifted into the skies, before flying into a cluster of clouds

and disappearing.

’’Transport carriers! This Japanese faction actually has them! If only they were mine...’’

Yue Zhong eyed those vehicles, as his eyes flashed with a hint of jealousy and pity.

Yue Zhong was currently lacking large aerial transport means. If he had those large transport

carriers, then he could deploy his troops anywhere he liked.

In China prior to the apocalypse, the rails went everywhere and fulfilled the needs of transport.

Deployment of troops were mainly through the movement of trains. However, when the

apocalypse happened, there were zombies and Mutant Beasts everywhere. Many areas were

now inhabited by monsters. It was impractical to rely on the tracks to deploy troops. Only the

usage of transport carriers would make sense.

The Kingdom of God was conquering Europe, but they had managed to spare some attention on

Asia. This was because of their possession of such carriers, which allowed them to travel to all

corners of the world.

Yue Zhong stood and eyed the surrendered Japanese Enhancers, asking coldly in Chinese: ’’Who

knows how to speak Chinese here?’’

The 7 men looked at each other helplessly. Chinese was not like English which was more widely

used. Unless there was someone with the intention to expand in China, there were few Japanese

who went to pick up Chinese on their own.

One middle-aged man who had a medium build and ordinary looks hesitated a while before

speaking up: ’’I know some Chinese!’’

’’Your name! Ability!’’

’’My name is Muto Shin. My ability is the Level 2 High Speed Movement.’’

Yue Zhong fixed his piercing gaze on Shin and asked: ’’Good! From now on, you're the leader of

this group. They are your subordinates. I'll ask you this. Who are you people, and what faction

were you from?’’

Muto Shin hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and spilling his background: ’’Yes!

Sir! We're servants of the gods from Takama-ga-hara!...’’

Every country would possess those with no backbones. This Muto Shin was a classic example.

He literally spilled the beans on all that he was and knew, hoping to gain favour with Yue


Hearing Muto Shin's explanation, Yue Zhong finally understood their background.

Takama-ga-hara was, according to myths, the land of the Japanese gods. Right as the

apocalypse started, a wealthy leader of a large business conglomerate had survived due to luck.

His successor had also awakened as an Evolver. He reorganized the survivors and remaining

factions, and accepted any survivors, thus forming a powerful group known as Takama-gahara.

In the faction, divine soldiers were the lowest-grade soldiers, while divine servants were

Enhancers above Level 30. Deities were Enhancers above Level 50, and at the pinnacle, there

were Kami-s, the highest level of experts. There were only 5 of them in the entire Takama-gahara.

Each and every one of them possessed terrifying strength, and the leader of them all was called

Nendori Tatsuo, a powerful Evolver.

Due to the faction establishing early, they managed to gather more than 500,000 people. They

even managed to conquer the Nagano Prefecture, claiming it as a base.

Japan's Nagano was on par with any Chinese city, with over 2 million people before the

apocalypse, and being able to occupy such a huge territory was a sign of Takama-ga-hara's


’’500,000 survivors. A truly large faction.’’

Yue Zhong frowned when he heard that. He could feel a sense of foreboding just hearing about

their accomplishments.

While Takama-ga-hara was not comparable with the Kingdom of God, it was near China. If

they were to expand in power, in a few years, by the time they absorbed the rest of the powers

in Japan, they might instigate the next Sino-Japan war.

As they were on a separate island, they had very few strategic options. They longed to expand

outwards, and in truth it was the only possible strategy. However, to other countries, it was a

huge problem.

Yue Zhong quickly threw all vexing thoughts to the back of his head. He had to consider his

next move.

’’It's currently an unfounded worry. No matter what happens, I need to make going back to

China my priority. I need a broadcast station, an airplane and a pilot.’’

Yue Zhong was extremely clear about his own power. He was strong, but not invincible. If he

were to charge in single-handedly against Takama-ga-hara, it would be suicidal.

Yue Zhong then ordered Shin: ’’Go gather everything from here.’’

’’Hai!’’ Shin and the rest immediately responded respectfully, and began to collect the

equipment and stuff from their dead comrades.

Yue Zhong opened up the blue treasure box, and with a bright blue flash, a blueprint appeared

in front of him: ’’Level 7 Treasure: Sky Fortress Laser Secondary Cannon Diagram. One part of

the full Sky Fortress Design. The components of the designs consist of: Power Furnace, Main

Cannon, Outer Hull, Secondary Cannons, Structural Design, Power System and Operating

System. A total of 7 separate diagrams. When all 7 are collected, the full and complete Sky

Fortress diagram will be obtained.’’

Yue Zhong eyed the diagram in his hands and his eyes flashed with a glint of pity: ’’Sky

Fortress! This is definitely a powerful war fortress. Otherwise, it wouldn't require so many

diagrams and components. What a pity, it requires 7 of them, who knows how many donkey

years it will take to collect them?’’

However, the might of the secondary laser cannon was not to be disregarded, even if there was

no way to fit it on a Sky Fortress now, it could still act as a powerful weapon. He kept the design

carefully in his storage ring, before going over to collect the Blood Essence and Nuclei from the

dead Type 3 Liger Beast.

On the other side, since Yue Zhong had left for a long period, Honda's eyes gleamed strangely.

One other thug exchanged a look with Honda, before they took a step towards Kyoko, their gaze

was unkindly.

’’Don't come over, what are you guys doing?’’ Kyoko was on extreme alert, and she retreated

while staring at the thug.

Honda tried to plead with Kyoko: ’’Kyoko-san! Let's run together. That Chinese man is like a

devil, and he obviously has some bias against us Japanese. He might just kill all of us.’’

Kyoko eyed them coldly and barked: ’’Master has ordered us to stay, are you thinking of


Honda's eyes flashed with another strange glint: ’’What about this! You let us go Kyoko-san,

you can stay here on your own.’’

As long as they could leave, Honda would bring the rest back to the village and rape Kaori and

the rest.

Kyoko lifted the guns and retreated further, her gaze piercing: ’’No way! You guys have to stay


Honda's face sunk and he barked: ’’Do it! Capture her!’’

The remaining thugs leaped into action, their eyes gleaming with a greedy and perverse look.

They wanted to press this beautiful woman beneath their bodies and rape her thoroughly.

At this point, Kyoko also took action, as she took 5 steps back while firing her gun at the thugs.

Peng! Peng!

A few rounds penetrated the bodies of the thugs, and they fell on the ground, their blood

flowing profusely.


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