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God And Devil World - Chapter 525


Chapter 525 - Pointing towards Yan Zhou!

Translated by: Kun


When Yue Zhong's Devil Flame skill had evolved, he casually conjured out a Devil Flame ball with a thought. The Second Order Devil Flame was more than twice as strong as the Devil Flame at its Level 4 stage, when comparing the similar Spirit expenditure.

Back at Gui Ning City, the city was back to its usual hustle and bustle, and not a single idle person could be seen. Machines were constantly chugging, and countless factory workers were hard at work manufacturing clothes, weapons, canned meat, packing rations and other supplies.

The entire city's survivors had been activated, fulfilling their individual roles as gears of a larger machine in preparation for war.

In the midst of their busy actions, there was a slight anxiety among the survivors. Many of them knew of Yue Zhong's operation of deploying his huge army to battle the zombies. This was a vital fight that would determine the future of Gui Ning City.

If he won, Yue Zhong's might would increase exponentially. However, if he lost, he would suffer terribly, and all sorts of characters would leap out to take a bite.

Yue Zhong had a huge amount of prestige in Gui Ning City, but likewise, there were enemies in the shadows. There were even certain people within his army hoping for his failure.

Inside a small room, 5 men were gathered secretly in a discussion.

One middle-aged man spoke: ’’Bin Qi City has over 2 million zombies, while Yan Zhou City has over 3 million. Adding them together, there's at least 6 million zombies. That guy only has a 10,000-strong army, how can he win?’’

A young Evolver laughed coldly: ’’Hmph! Yue Zhong sure is a retard, he thought that just because his troops repelled the previous zombie horde attack, they're suddenly invincible. He's too full of himself. He was just lucky the previous time. This time, his luck sure is to run out.’’

Another burly and tanned man chuckled as well: ’’Precisely! Once he loses, we can act. By that time, the entire Gui Ning City! As well as the Guang Xi region will be ours!’’

At various corners of Gui Ning City, small gatherings like this were ongoing, discussing the possibility of usurping Yue Zhong.

At this time, Gui Ning City was under the strict rule of Yue Zhong and his subordinates, all these little factions had no way of stepping out to show themselves. However, should Yue Zhong fall, they would seize the chance.

One soldier rode a bike all the way into Gui Ning City, and brought explosive news: ’’Leader Yue Zhong had conquered Bin Qi City with the troops! The entire Bin Qi City is under our control now!’’

’’Long live Yue Zhong!!’’

’’Awesome!! We gained another city!!’’

This exciting news caused the entire Gui Ning City to be in an uproar, as numerous survivors roared with delight.

Conquering a city meant that all the resources in the city prior to the apocalypse would land in Yue Zhong's faction. These survivors would definitely stand to benefit, and their future would seem even brighter.

Furthermore, the fact that Yue Zhong had the strength to conquer a major city meant that it would not be impossible to conquer a 2nd or 3rd one. This caused even more reverence, hope and trust in Yue Zhong from the survivors of Gui Ning City.

’’Shit, he actually conquered Bin Qi City!’’

’’That's a place with 2 million f*king zombies! How the heck did he accomplish it so easily? Is he still human?!’’

Upon hearing the news of Yue Zhong conquering Bin Qi City, those small groups with motives began to feel despair. They did not know that most of the zombies in Bin Qi City had been blown away by the snowstorm. When they heard that Yue Zhong conquered the city, their hearts were filled with helplessness and despair.

If Yue Zhong were to continue his victorious streak like that, his rule would just become even more concrete. No one would be able to shake him from his position. Those smaller factions hidden amongst the ordinary survivors would never get the chance to display their might.

With the passage of time, a number of troops were mobilized and sent to Bin Qi City. There was currently an elite regiment of over 10,000 elites within Bin Qi City now.

This elite regiment was not made of some riff-raff. Every single one of them had been through countless battles. They have killed their share of human enemies, as well as zombies, and have shed their blood.

This elite troop was used to control Guang Xi as well as Vietnam, and they could handle a 100,000-strong zombie horde as well.

Inside a meeting hall, many commanders and captains were gathered. Yue Zhong sat at the helm and was overseeing the meeting.

Yue Zhong glanced at Hu Yi and asked: ’’This time, I've gathered everyone, as I want to prepare to set off for Yan Zhou City. Hu Yi, is the Gui Ning 1st Battalion still in its prime condition?’’

Hu Yi's 1st Battalion was the mechanized infantry battalion as well as the vanguard strike force in Yue Zhong's troops. They had helped to storm Ji County, and Bin Qi City, and their experience and gains were not small. Likewise, they had expended quite a bit of energy. Human soldiers were not zombies, and could get tired or exhausted. They would not be able to fight forever unlike the zombies.

Hu Yi answered with a voice of confidence: ’’Yes!! Our 1st Battalion is willing to be the vanguard in assaulting Yan Zhou City!’’

After the constant battles, the combat strength of Hu Yi's 1st Battalion had truly grown. At the same time, they had increased their forces to accommodate over a thousand soldiers. This was the basis for Hu Yi's confidence.

Chai Zi Cang spoke up as well: ’’The 1st Battalion had just taken down Bin Qi City, they should rest for a moment. Leader, the Gui Ning 5th Battalion is willing to be the vanguard and take down Yan Zhou for you!’’

Chen Sheng Gang also spoke up enthusiastically: ’’Leader! Our 8th Battalion had not done anything yet, our bones are about to rot! Let us be the vanguard and obtain Yan Zhou for you!’’

’’Leader!! Our 9th Battalion will take down Yan Zhou!!’’

One by one, the commanders began to seek for Yue Zhong's deployment of their forces.

Yue Zhong's establishments focused on military merits. Only through merits would one stand a chance to rise in rank, and obtain more forces and resources. Many of the commanders knew that Hu Yi had been the main strike force in the operation to take down Bin Qi City, and would expand further after the battle for Yan Zhou. This time, it was unknown how many more commanders there would be, and who would even rise to become a regiment commander.

Hence, many of them wanted better prospects for themselves and their subordinates.

’’This army is truly valiant!’’ Inside the meeting room, Cheng Sheng Yong looked at the forces and thought to himself in envy.

In this apocalypse, many of the large factions would have their smaller cliques within. Some of them would work together sometimes, others would try to stay back during operations to protect their strength, in case they lost them. When Yue Zhong was in Vietnam, the Chinese Association was like this. Even when Chen Sheng Yong was at the helm of his power, he had people who would give excuses not to take part in the operations in lieu of the big picture. They had instead chosen to preserve their strength. That led to their own downfall.

Yue Zhong eyed all his commanders with appreciation and hollered a command: ’’Good! For this battle, the 1st Battalion, 4th Battalion, 8th Battalion and 9th Battalion would form a joint strike force. The 5th Battalion would move to defend Qishan District, the 11th Battalion to defend Zhushan District, Lang Son 3rd Battalion to defend Heshan District, and the rest is to assemble as reinforcements. Await further orders!’’

Yue Zhong then glanced around and spoke seriously: ’’This battle, we can only win, there can be no failure!’’

’’Yes!’’ Everyone responded in a resounding voice.

Upon receiving Yue Zhong's order, the troops began to prepare, as they set off for their individual objectives.

Yue Zhong then went to the command center and asked one of the officers: ’’What is the situation over there now?’’

The officer immediately brought up a display for Yue Zhong: ’’Leader! There are countless droves of zombies moving towards Yan Zhou! Please take a look!’’

Yue Zhong looked at the screen and frowned.

On the screen, many waves of zombies were currently making their way towards the direction of Yan Zhou. These were those zombies that had been in Bin Qi City and Yan Zhou, but were blown away by the snowstorm.

The smaller droves numbered a few dozen thousands, while the larger hordes numbered in the hundred thousands. The moment these zombies gathered at Yan Zhou, then there would be a total of over 3 million zombies. It would then become a city that was almost impregnable.

Yue Zhong only had a force of 10,000. His ammunition was lacking. Using frontal assault against 3 million zombies would be a fool's dream.

It was precisely because of this, that Yue Zhong had no choice but to deploy his forces to take down Yan Zhou. They had to eliminate the zombies within Yan Zhou first. However, the expedition on Bin Qi City had taken over 9 days. As for Yan Zhou, the gathered zombies were already numbering in the 400,000s. Everyday, the numbers were increasing in the dozens and hundreds of thousands.

The officer pointed to the screen and explained: ’’Based on the current situation, these 3 main hordes of zombies would enter Yan Zhou in another 3 days. The moment they enter, the total number of zombies in Yan Zhou would cross a million.’’

Yue Zhong looked at the screen and thought to himself: ’’We need to take down Yan Zhou in the next 3 days. At the very least, I need to force the death of the Z-Type there.’’

He handed the command of the place over before stepping out. All of a sudden, he felt a sudden strange feeling in his mind, and he lifted his head. He discovered a huge Type 2 Green Eagle flying in the distance, and there was a huge transport aircraft and an assault helicopter beside it.

’’Greenie!’’ Yue Zhong saw the Type 2 Green Eagle and his eyes lit with joy before he ordered loudly: ’’Do not fire!!’’

Under his command, no anti-air defenses were activated, and the huge bird, as well as the 2 aircraft, landed.

The moment Greenie landed, it began to snuggle against Yue Zhong with its head affectionately.

’’Good! Good! This is for you!’’ Yue Zhong exclaimed with joy and handed a whole bunch of Type 2 nuclei and Type 3 nuclei to Greenie.


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