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God And Devil World - Chapter 517


Chapter 517 - Burning Halumanda!

Translated by: Kun


Halumanda held up the laser guns design and his eyes lit up in excitement, laughing wildly: ’’Good!! With this treasure, I'll definitely be able to raise my position amongst the divine Envoys! Haha!’’

Over at Europe, the laser gun had already been realized in their research labs, but due to various reasons, they had not been able to manufacture them. However, due to them already collected various materials, the moment they got their hands on the design, they would definitely be able to produce such a futuristic and technologically advanced weapon.

When the laser guns enter mass-scale production, the combat prowess of the Kingdom of God would increase by more than three times. This was the might of science and research. Not even the [Raven] combat uniform or any defenses from Type 2 Mutant Beasts would be able to defend against a strike from the laser guns.

Although Jin Sheng Cheng and his men had somehow managed to obtain the designs very early on, they didn't have the means to manufacture them. Even Yue Zhong would not have the means to do so.

Since the Kingdom of God possessed such a vast amount of resources, if Halumanda's position could rise, then his resources would naturally increase as well.

Just as Halumanda was laughing, a huge gold door was blasted open, as Yue Zhong strode in, and he saw the blueprints immediately.

’’Those advanced designs must not land in those people from the Kingdom of God!’’ Yue Zhong's eyes narrowed. Such a technologically advanced design was scrap paper in the hands of ordinary people, but if the Kingdom of God obtained it, they would quickly become a terrifying force with no equal.

Yue Zhong sent a fistful of Devil Flame shooting over with a thought of his mind, intending to incinerate Halumanda.

’’Kill him!’’ Halumanda's face fell and retreated backward. He quickly activated his Second Order Steel Manipulation again, and the surrounding walls, computers and all sorts of items crumpled unto themselves, becoming a wall of steel in front of him.

At the same time, some of the metal congealed into ball bearings and shot at Yue Zhong. It was as though there was a Gatling cannon firing at Yue Zhong, with countless bullets threatening to take his life.

Such a strike from Halumanda was extremely tyrannical, and not many Evolvers were able to deal with it. Since the attacks came from all sides, even Tian Hao who was Strength and Agility-based would be turned into a sieve if he were caught in it.

A strange white glow enveloped Halumanda, causing all his 6 attributes to receive a raise, and this was the skill as a paladin that he had obtained after reaching Level 30. It was known as Holy Light Protection. Since his 6 attributes received a raise, his combat strength increased by twice.

This was the strength of the divine Envoys, every single one of them possessed the capability to destroy an elite troop. Because of this, the Kingdom of God had only sent only 100 special forces soldiers as well as Halumanda to take over a whole city of over 90,000 survivors.

The Devil Flame Yue Zhong sent out caused the doors of steel to melt one by one. Any ball bearing shot at him were blocked by the white light shield surrounding him. The noises of the metal bearings ricocheting off resounded constantly.

Yue Zhong eyed the puddle of metal and frowned: ’’This bastard is really tough! What a pity, my Devil Flame is not yet at Second Order, otherwise, it would be so much easier to melt the wall of steel.’’

Yue Zhong only had one Second Order skill: Summon Dark Skull. White Bones had an astonishing combat strength, but it was because Yue Zhong himself possessed such an incredible Second Order skill. While his Devil Flame had been enhanced to +4, compared to a Second Order skill, it was still weaker.

’’I need to kill them all!’’ Yue Zhong's killing intent billowed out, and a nether hole appeared out of mid air, as White Bones stepped out and immediately, it slashed out at the wall of steel.

Following the sharp grating sound of metal striking metal, the huge wall was cleaved in two.

After splitting one steel wall, it was like an indomitable devil that continued to slash out, splitting the rest of the walls.

’’Strong! Who is this guy, he can actually destroy my walls?!’’ Halumanda saw how easily White Bones was splitting apart the various steel walls, and his face fell. He then formed a suit of steel again, before charging at White Bones, intending to take it out first.

Each time Halumanda cast the suit of steel or the wall of steel, it would take a huge toll on his Stamina and Spirit. If it wasn't for the Holy Light Protection that raised his attributes, he would have no way of holding out for so long.

The stronger the skill, the greater the expenditure of Stamina and Spirit. Second Order skills were terrifying, but their consumption was likewise straining on the body. If he didn't take out Yue Zhong or White Bones fast enough, Halumanda's Stamina and Spirit would be depleted soon.

With the suit of steel around him, he weighed a total of 2 tons. With such a weight, even an expert with over 10 times the Endurance would not be able to withstand the weight. However, since the suit was formed from his usage of the skill, the weight was negligible on himself.

He continued moving forwards, charging like the wind towards White Bones, launching a fist with the force of Mt. Tai behind it.

Such a forceful punch carried over 2 tons behind it, even an elephant would be pummeled to death. The world's boxing champion would also explode from such a force.

White Bones raised its huge ax, blocking in front of it. At the same time, it shot out countless bone spikes from its body towards Halumanda.

Following some intense noises, the sharp bone spikes actually pierced through the suit of armor, but they were ultimately unable to penetrate all the way through.

Halumanda's punch caused White Bones' ax to immediately disintegrate, as White Bones itself was also sent flying into a wall. Many of its bones were broken and deformed. This fist from Halumanda was even more ferocious than most Strength-type, its might overbearing and without equal.

On the other side, Yue Zhong carried his Stinger, and fired 6 shots at an instant, as 6 of the soldiers from the Kingdom of God were killed, their heads exploding like watermelons.

Yue Zhong shot forward like an arrow, appearing in the midst of the remaining soldiers. His pupils narrowed as he activated his [Art of Fear], and a strong Spirit blast shot outwards, enveloping those soldiers. When assaulted by that intense Art of Fear, they either fainted directly or their bodies crumpled to the floor as they twitched.

The Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade in Yue Zhong's hands flashed, and he sliced the defenseless soldiers into multiple pieces.

Every single one of those elite soldiers was above Level 40 and had similar combat strength to Yue Zhong. However, because they were just ordinary Enhancers who were either Strength-based or Agility-based, and were more susceptible to Spirit-type attacks, they had no means of defending against Yue Zhong's move.

’’F*king monkey! I want to turn you into minced meat!’’ Halumanda saw all the soldiers that had followed him being killed, and roared out in rage, sending a powerful fist viciously towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps, and he dodged towards the side in a flash, evading that strike that was sure to kill. At the same time, he congealed a Devil Flame Spear in his right hand, and he tossed it towards Halumanda's head.

’’Door of Steel!’’ Halumanda immediately cast the skill with a thought, and a huge door of steel appeared in front of him, at the same time, the multiple steel lumps from behind him was absorbed into the suit around him, replenishing the consumption required of the door.

The Devil Flame Spear struck the door and instantly burnt a hole through as it continued to shoot towards Halumanda.

Halumanda cast the door of steel ability, again and again, forcefully blocking the Devil Flame Spear after it penetrated 7 of the doors.

’’Go to hell!’’ Right as Halumanda thought that he had blocked the Devil Flame Spear, Yue Zhong appeared behind Halumanda like a ghost, waving his hand as he instantly cast a huge fiery tornado to envelop Halumanda in his suit of steel.

’’Ah!!! Ah!!!!’’ Halumanda was trapped within the suit of armor and as he was being burnt, he began to scream out like a pig that was being slaughtered. The suit was able to withstand all sorts of strikes, but the fire was basically cooking him.

After screaming out, Halumanda was burnt black, and the suit that weighed over 2 tons crashed to the floor.

Yue Zhong sliced the suit open with his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, retrieving the equipment as well as the laser gun design.

Jin Sheng Cheng and the rest of the leaders exchanged looks, as they sent two men to make a grab for the equipment dropped by the other Kingdom of God soldiers.

Only to see the flash of a blade, and the 2 of them had their arms cut.

’’Ah!! It hurts!! It hurts!!’’ The 2 of them watched their dismembered hands and screamed out in horror.

At this time, Tian Hao walked in, his expression icy.

Jin Sheng Cheng saw Tian Hao and he revealed an expression of joy, speaking loudly: ’’It's you!! Tian Hao!! Good timing!! Catch this man, as long as you capture him, I'll tell you where your sister is!!’’


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