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God And Devil World - Chapter 516


Chapter 516 - Laser Gun Designs

Translated by: Kun


Yue Zhong dodged to the side.

Tian Hao's speed wasn't slow but he was still struck by a few rounds, causing bloody holes in his body. He didn't possess any Type 2 Mutant Beast hide or similar defenses, hence his defenses were low. He could not defend against that strike.

As an Agility and Strength-type dual attribute Evolver, he was efficient in his assassinations. However, he was countered by Spirit-type experts with defenses.

Yue Zhong used a mirror to catch a glimpse of Halumanda, before a grenade appeared in his hands and he flung it over.

Halumanda's eyes flashed with a chilly light, as he fired more metal beads with his metal arm. The grenade instantly detonated in mid-air, and the ball bearings shot out in all directions, yet not injuring Halumanda in the slightest.

Yue Zhong swapped out a rocket, and leaped out, firing a single round at Halumanda.

’’Fool! Rockets are ineffective against me!’’ Halumanda waved his hands as he grinned savagely, and countless metal ball bearings were fired at Yue Zhong again.

The rocket immediately exploded upon impact, once again not doing any damage to Halumanda.

’’Strong!’’ Yue Zhong's heart turned cold and knew that he had come across a tough opponent.

The iron-clad Halumanda seemingly invulnerable, and the impact from any heavy caliber bullets only served to blast the armor, leaving behind only faint marks.

While the rockets could possibly deal damage, how would Halumanda allow them to reach him? Amongst all his enemies, Halumanda was truly the strongest enemy that Yue Zhong had come across.

Yue Zhong's pupils narrowed and he sent out a blast of [Art of Fear].

’’Spirit attacks? It's useless too! I'm also a Spirit-based Evolver, and such an attack is useless against me.’’ When Halumanda received the attack, he shook it off and laughed coldly. He then charged towards Yue Zhong threateningly, intending to pummel him.

’’Is that so? It's too bad my ability is the perfect counter to you! You can burn for me!’’ Yue Zhong looked Halumanda nearing him like a huge metal statue. His eyes flashed with a cold gloating look, and he waved his hands to activate his Devil Flame. An intense fiery tornado blew towards the iron-clad Halumanda.

If Halumanda came into direct contact with that fearsome Devil Flame, even if it could not melt his metal armor, it would cook him alive.

While the Devil Flame was not comparable to many other defensive skills, its destruction ability was truly terrifying.

’’Flame Manipulation! Door of Steel!’’ When Halumanda saw the fiery tornado, his face turned pale and he quickly activated his Second Order Steel Manipulation skill again, grabbing in thin air, as a number of steel beams, iron sand, iron bars and doors flew from the tunnel, forming a huge door in front of him.

The flaming tornado was blocked by the Door of Steel, but due to the intense heat, the door began to melt, turning into a puddle of metal liquid.

Just as the door had finished melting, a new door appeared in its place to defend against that tornado of fire.

After the flaming tornado managed to melt through 4 such doors under Yue Zhong's control, it finally lost its steam.

’’F*k! I can't continue like this, otherwise, I'll suffer even if I defeated that bastard.’’ Yue Zhong came to a judgment.

Halumanda was truly a terrifying opponent, as the divine Envoy of Steel, with his steel defense, it was tough to deal with him.

Yue Zhong flipped his hand, and another rocket launcher appeared, as he fired a rocket at the door.

With a blast, the door of steel was instantly destroyed.

’’What do we do? divine Envoy?’’ One of the experts of the Kingdom of God immediately asked Halumanda. He could see that Yue Zhong was not weaker than their divine Envoy, and was currently anxious.

Halumanda eyed Hu Han and ordered: ’’Hu Han! Bring your men and defend this location. If you're successful, when I gain control of the city, I will recommend for you to be the leader of this location. I'll hand Jin Sheng Cheng and the rest to you then.’’

Hu Han immediately looked at Halumanda with an expression of respect: ’’Yes! divine Envoy, I'll definitely make sure no enemies of the Kingdom of God will pass through!’’

Halumanda then turned around as he brought his men further into the underground city: ’’Very good. Let's go. We can talk more once I've gained control of the city.’’

When Halumanda and the rest left, Hu Han looked at their backs and spat on the ground, his eyes flashing with a ferocious glint: ’’Pei! You want to treat us like cannon fodder. You think we're fools? These damn foreigners, not a single one of them is worth shit.’’


Following the loud sound of an explosion, the last door was blasted apart, and Yue Zhong appeared like a specter.

When Hu Han saw Yue Zhong, he immediately knelt on the floor, declaring loudly: ’’Sir! I'm Hu Han! I was one of the people in charge of the defenses of this underground city. I'm extremely familiar with the place. I'm willing to submit, let me be your subordinate.’’

Hu Han was willing to even sell himself out to the foreigners for the sake of revenge. He had long since abandoned all thoughts of pride, backbone, and shame. He just lived for revenge. He was also intelligent and knew he was definitely not Yue Zhong's match. Hence, he made the decision to bring his 200 men to submit.

Yue Zhong eyed him and ordered: ’’Fine! I'm Yue Zhong. From now on you're my subordinate, I appoint you to be the commanding officer of your troops, for now, take your men, and follow me in!’’

Even Tian Hao would have no difficulty wiping out Hu Han and his motley crew, hence Yue Zhong wasn't afraid of any backstabbing. With someone like Hu Han who knew the way, he would be able to navigate the place easily.

’’Yes, Boss Yue.’’ Hu Han glanced at his men and roared: ’’Brothers, follow me!’’

Yue Zhong did not stop as he continued to charge forth. However, in just a few steps, the once-open huge door was now closed, barring his way.

A screen suddenly lit up, with Jin Sheng Cheng on the screen admonishing Yue Zhong with a cold look: ’’Who are you? This is a secretive national base! It's not for someone like you. Get out! Otherwise, you'll be termed as a traitor to the government and the people!’’

Yue Zhong eyed the screen frostily: ’’Open the door immediately. Otherwise, I'll raze your whole family to the ground when I break in!’’

’’You dare! You f*king traitor, you've let down the government, you've let down the people....’’

’’You really bullshit a lot!’’ He pulled out his gun and blasted the screen to pieces.

’’Hack the door down!’’ Yue Zhong handed his Black Tooth Blade to Tian Hao.

Tian Hao received the sword and with a loud roar of rage, he exerted his Strength that was 14 times that of a normal person and immediately sliced the door open.

Yue Zhong then charged through the door.

Just as he made it past the door into yet another tunnel, 5 Kingdom of God soldiers suddenly darted out.

They were about to make their move, when the Stinger in Yue Zhong's hand already fired 5 times in rapid succession, immediately blasting the heads of the soldiers apart.

Yue Zhong reached the end of the tunnel in one breath, and he was about to continue forward when his face fell, and he retreated backward hastily.

Hong! Hong!

The entire area had been rigged with 10 remote-controlled bombs, and the resulting explosion enveloped Yue Zhong. The soldiers of the Kingdom of God were truly elites and professionals, after all, possessing experience dealing with other experts. Such an explosion could easily dismember an Agility and Strength-type Evolver. Only those with decent protection or special defensive skills would be able to survive.

’’F*k! We're finished! Should we run?’’ Hu Han saw Yue Zhong being enveloped by the explosion, and he gulped, his expression ugly and his heart filled with regret and fear.

’’Is he dead?’’ A few elite soldiers from the Kingdom of God looked at the direction of the explosion and wondered.

As the dust settled, Yue Zhong's white shield shone as he leaped out, charging towards the soldiers of the Kingdom of God with lightning-speed. As he slashed out with his blade, those soldiers were immediately sliced apart. They never stood a chance.

’’He didn't die!’’

’’Be on guard!’’


Yue Zhong was truly unstoppable as he darted about, killing the soldiers from the Kingdom of God. No one could stop him, and everywhere he went, carnage ensued.

Any soldier at a distance could still try to fire their weapons to suppress him, but the moment he got close, no one was his match.

’’Strong!! He's too scary!!’’ Hu Han saw Yue Zhong slaughtering the soldiers of the Kingdom of God like a tiger amongst lambs, and his heart was filled with excitement and a desire to do battle. He had some hope for his revenge.

Within a brightly lit room, Halumanda and 12 soldiers in silver eyed a middle-aged man who was extremely fat and had fat for brains.

’’Laser gun designs! Hand them to me!’’ Halumanda looked at the pale white fat man and ordered.

This middle-aged man was precisely the leader of the underground city, Jin Sheng Cheng.

’’Yes. These are the designs!’’ Jin Sheng Cheng handed the designs over with a toady look.


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