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God And Devil World - Chapter 491


Chapter 491- Night Raid

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Chapter 491: Night Raid!

The moment Yue Zhong entered Ceng Zhi's villa, he saw 8 beautiful Vietnamese women dressed in maid uniforms, standing in 2 neat rows, welcoming him.

As the 8 Vietnamese women looked at Yue Zhong, their eyes flashed with a hint of fear. To them, their master had changed from one man to another, and furthermore, this man was a Chinese. There was already a language barrier right at the get go.

At this time, an attractive lady with a mature charm dressed in a purple nightgown with the bust area slightly revealed walked up to Yue Zhong. She was 1.74m tall, her figure se*y and alluring. She had long, slender legs, and a hint of perfume followed her as she smiled at Yue Zhong, using English to ask: ’’Hi! I'm Sally Pollock. What's your name?’’

Hearing this name, Nangong Bing Yun who was standing beside Yue Zhong gasped in shock: ’’Sally Pollock!’’

Yue Zhong asked curiously: ’’Is she famous?’’

Nangong Bing Yun was speechless as she looked back at Yue Zhong: ’’Sally Pollock is a huge star in Hollywood! 7 years ago, she had dominated the screens. Although her presence now was not like 7 years ago, she's still an A-list celebrity. Recently, she acted in the movie [Earthquake] which was shown in the country, and the box office revenue was more than 200 million yuan!’’

’’Oh!’’ When Yue Zhong heard that, he didn't have much of a reaction. He wasn't one to chase celebrities and gossip news in the first place, being someone extremely pragmatic. He had always been busying himself with studying and working to foot his own tuition fees, his living expenditures, as well as saving for the future. As for movies, other than a few blockbusters, he had never been that excited over the industry.

At this time, Sally asked in a Yue Zhong in slightly broken Chinese: ’’Hello, Chinese boy, can you tell me your name?’’

Yue Zhong looked at Sally and asked slowly: ’’I'm Yue Zhong! You understand Chinese?’’

Sally held out her jade-like hands as she smiled at Yue Zhong: ’’I've always been interested in China, as it has such a rich history with its 5,000 years of culture as well. I've always been planning to spend some time to properly understand China and its mysteries.’’

Although her words were like that, in truth, they were all lies. She was a person that knew how to get along with anybody, and with her experience, since knowing that Yue Zhong was a Chinese, she would naturally be full of praises for China. In fact, all she knew about China was that it was a place for money to circulate.

’’You'll get a chance to in the future.’’ Sally's words caused Yue Zhong to have a favourable impression of her, as he extended his hand to shake hers lightly, and he replied mildly.

As he let go, there was a hint of disappointment in Sally's eyes. She could feel that there was none of the interest that most men had towards her, in Yue Zhong's gaze. In this apocalyptic world, her beauty, body and fame were her weapons, in order to live a better life. She had used her skills to control Ceng Zhi's heart, just to live like a princess.

Sally had confidence in her own looks and figure, and numerous men had fallen at her feet. When she saw Yue Zhong's lack of interest, it caused her to be unsatisfied.

Yue Zhong eyed the 8 maids and asked mildly: ’’Is there anyone here who speaks Chinese?’’

All of them became pale, as one hesitated a while before stepping up, using some halting Chinese to reply: ’’Master Yue Zhong, I know a little Chinese.’’

As Green Town was quite near Hanoi, the number of Vietnamese who knew Chinese were not little.

Yue Zhong asked: ’’What's your name?’’

The servant replied: ’’I'm Zhang Cai Lian!’’

Yue Zhong directly appointed: ’’From today on, you're their supervisor.’’

Zhang Cai Lian was pleasantly surprised: ’’Thank you Sir!! Thank you Sir!!’’

The other 7 saw her excitement and joy, and were immediately envious. They did not know why she was suddenly so elated, but it was definitely a good thing. At this moment, they regretted not knowing Chinese.

Yue Zhong then turned to eye Sally, speaking mildly: ’’Miss Sally, we don't welcome idlers here. Seeing that you've respect and curiosity towards the Chinese culture, I can give you 2 choices. The first, is to leave of your own accord, I can give you 7 days of rations and water. The second option is to work at the Culture Centre, to help us train up singers, dancers and actors.’’

Sally was incredibly gorgeous, that was true, and was even an A-list celebrity in Hollywood. However, Yue Zhong was not interested in all these. He had plenty of good-looking women by his side, and Sally wasn't really his type.

Sally's brows arched as she gave a meaningful look: ’’Is it ok if I stay by your side to wait on you? Even being a servant is not an issue for me. I'm willing to do anything for you.’’

To her, her body was precious, and she wasn't willing to work. Even more so, she could not bear the idea of drifting in the wild. There were zombies and mutant beasts everywhere. With her lack of power, she would definitely die. She wanted to stay by his side, and make use of her charms to thoroughly control him.

Yue Zhong flat out rejected her, as he replied in a cold tone: ’’No!’’

Sally's eyes flashed with a strange glint, as she forced a smile and made her choice: ’’In that case, I choose to work at the Culture Centre.’’

’’En!’’ Yue Zhong looked towards Ming Jia Jia.

’’Come with me!’’ Ming Jia Jia eyed Sally coldly, before leading her out.

Yue Zhong then went and sat himself down on the sofa. Zhang Cai Lian quickly went to brew 2 cups of tea and placed them in front of Yue Zhong and Nangong Bing Yun. She then muttered a few words to one of the pretty Vietnamese maids and they proceeded to kneel in front of Yue Zhong, massaging his legs carefully.

Ceng Zhi liked looking as these beautiful young ladies waited on him gently. Zhang Cai Lian had decided to wait on Yue Zhong like the way she used to for Ceng Zhi.

Yue Zhong looked straight at Nangong Bing Yun and asked: ’’What're your future plans?’’

Nangong Bing Yun looked back at him with a sweet smile: ’’Leader Yue Zhong, I wish to bring men to join you and support your cause. I can speak Vietnamese, English, Thai, and Japanese. Furthermore, I have taken on responsibilities as part of a consortium over at Guangxi once. I think, I should be well qualified to assist you.’’

Nangong Bing Yun was not just a flower vase. Although she had gotten to where she was due to her family's connections, she truly had the capabilities, and was well-versed in 4 different languages. It goes to show that she was truly intelligent.

These scions of the higher class of society were usually born with better conditions, and the moment there was someone extraordinary that emerge from them, they would also possess a different level of outlook and vision than most others.

Yue Zhong mulled over for awhile, before asking: ’’I'll assign 200 Vietnamese to you, will you be able to control them?’’

Her eyes held a level of confidence in herself: ’’Not a problem.’’

Yue Zhong was also infected by her level of self-confidence, and he directly replied: ’’Good! Then I shall assign 200 men to you!’’

His hands were currently full, and trying to control all the Vietnamese was extremely difficult. The moment things went slightly awry, they would immediately retaliate. It gave him a major headache. After all, he was Chinese, and it was hard for him to gain their recognition.

Nangong Bing Yun then took the initiative to ask Yue Zhong to send someone to monitor her: ’’That's great! I hope that you can send some people to direct me as well.’’

Yue Zhong agreed: ’’Yes!’’

After gaining his consent, Nangong Bing Yun quickly left the villa, she wanted to get to work to obtain the strength from Yue Zhong.

On the surface, the situation of the town looked like it had stabilized, and with the flow of time, night gradually came.

In the dark of the night, a number of black shadows crept towards Green Town.

Very soon, there were over a hundred black silhouettes, and they gathered together, making their way towards the direction of Green Town with the cover of the night.

At the entrance of Green Town, there were 8 Vietnamese soldiers patrolling. Although there were 8 of them, they had only 1 gun, with only 3 bullets. The rest were wielding sabers. Yue Zhong could not trust these soldiers that had just submitted.

As the 100 black silhouettes got closer to Green Town noiselessly, at a distance of about 20m, one of them stepped on a patch of earth.

Following a huge explosion, the man was directly blown to bits by the landmine buried underneath.

’’Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!’’

Green Town started blaring with alarms, and the Vietnamese soldiers who were at the entrance began hiding behind covers amidst their fear and anxiety.

Seeing that their situation had been unraveled, a man wielding a huge black mace shouted out: ’’Kill the Chinese dogs!! All those Vietnamese males with heart, charge with me!! Kill the invaders!! For our wives, and kids! Not to suffer at the hands of the invaders!! Everybody, charge with me to kill these Chinese dogs!!’’

With the effect of the [Soundwave Transmission], the whole Green Town heard the enraged roars of the man.

When that male had finished shouting, he quickly brought his bunch of warriors as they charged in towards Green Town.

’’Let me come with you to kill the Chinese dogs!’’ One of the Vietnamese soldiers immediately rushed towards the leader of the assailants.

’’Me too!’’

’’Kill the Chinese dogs!!’’

With their emotions riled up, the 8 Vietnamese soldiers at the entrance turned traitor and charged in as well.


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