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God And Devil World - Chapter 464


Chapter 464- Revenge!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong's speed was indeed fearsome, and in a mere 2 seconds, he had reached Wu Ji. He casually swung his blade, and sliced a Vietnamese soldier blocking the way in Twain.

As Yue Zhong had evaded the blast, only a minor force from the shockwave had affected the defences of the Bronze Spiritual Bell. It did greatly wear down the defences, but failed to injure Yue Zhong in the slightest.

If it wasn't for the protection of the Bronze Spiritual Bell, Yue Zhong would have suffered greatly from that blast.

Wu Ji saw his subordinate being chopped in two, and his legs instantly gave way as he grovelled on the ground, begging: ’’I'm the 14th Battalion's Commander Wu Ji of the Great Vietnam Empire Army!! I surrender!! Please spare my life!!’’

Yue Zhong's blade stopped at the neck, short of slicing Wu Ji's head off. Wu Ji immediately looked at Yue Zhong and his eyes flashed with fear: ’’Yes! Yes!! Sir!! Let me take out my walkie talkie!! I will inform them to surrender immediately!’’

Yue Zhong replied coolly: ’’Fine!!’’

Wu Ji's eyes then flashed with an insidious look, as he reached for a grenade and revealed a grim smile, pulling the pin out forcefully: ’’Long live the Great Vietnam Empire!’’

Yue Zhong immediately kicked out furiously at Wu Ji, sending him flying back dozens of metres.

With a hong, Wu Ji was blasted into pieces, with countless shrapnel pieces shooting outwards in all directions.

Although this Wu Ji liked to hear fawning words, but in crucial times, he was truly decisive and ruthless, and willing to sacrifice his life for his country.

Yue Zhong looked at the mess that was Wu Ji, and thought to himself: ’’These extremists are truly f*king tough to deal with!!’’

Those extreme racists were cruel and sadistic towards their enemies, but at the same time, for the sake of their ideals and ambitions, they could be equally harsh on themselves. That was why they were hard to deal with.

Wuyan Hong could put together such a strong force because he had so many extremists supporting his ambitions and ideals. Both sides relied on each other to grow and expand. If Wuyan Hong wasn't an extremist himself, he would find it hard to obtain such loyal subordinates.

’’Kill him!!’’

’’Kill that Chinese dog!! We can't let him go back alive!!’’

Wu Ji's death had ignited the fury of his subordinates, as they began to bellow loudly, having lost all reason. Some began to fire multiple rockets at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong eyed the rockets and the soldiers, before pushing his speed to the limit, with the help of his Danger Perception, he continually dodged the incoming projectiles.

A number of rockets landed behind Yue Zhong and detonated, causing dust and debris to explode outwards. However, not a single one managed to graze Yue Zhong.

Such rockets truly had the capabilities of killing Yue Zhong, however, as long as they did not hit, he would be fine. He had always been enhancing his Agility, precisely so he could deal with such situations.

Yue Zhong's body flashed, as he weaved in and out of the blast radius, nearing the soldiers with each step. His .05 submachine guns appeared in both his hands, and he began firing, taking down the soldiers one by one.

With Yue Zhong unleashing his maximum speed, the ordinary Vietnamese soldiers found it hard to follow his movements, and every second, a soldier would be taken out. Just as the death rate crossed the 40% mark, the elite troop of soldiers began to collapse, each of them breaking away to escape for their lives.

Ming Jia Jia activated her ability, this time summoning 6 Shadow Wolves, and they charged forwards with a speed equivalent to a Type 2 Lightning. They chased down the escaping soldiers, pouncing on them before tearing their throats out.

With the chase of the Shadow Wolves, in just 15 minutes, the entire troop was wiped out, leaving behind a ground strewn with corpses.

The patrol forces and expert forces were all taken down by Yue Zhong and his team, and the remaining company of soldiers managed to hold out for a while more. Yue Zhong led White Bones, Lightning and Ming Jia Jia to charge over, causing the soldiers to scramble for their lives.

The Vietnamese survivors within Luo Cun Town were filled with fear as they tried to escape as well, and the entire town was in chaos. In the ensuing mess, a number of them trampled over their own fellow countrymen.

’’Boss!! Everything's stabilized!! What do we do now?’’ Gan Tao came to Yue Zhong's side, his entire body drenched in blood, as he asked excitedly.

As Gan Tao looked at Yue Zhong, there was a look of idolization and veneration. This man in front had not only saved him, but given him strength as well. The moment he returned, he had led them on a successful conquest against a town filled with elite Vietnamese forces.

When Chen Yao had led the Chinese Sky Association, they simply did not dare to go against the Vietnamese army. The moment there was a clash, the Chinese Sky Association would be defeated without a doubt. However, right now, Yue Zhong had led them to assault and come out victorious. In one single operation, his position was elevated even higher. In the apocalyptic world, people were more willing to follow a leader that led them to victories rather than a beauty.

Yue Zhong's expression turned frosty, and he gave an order filled with killing intent: ’’Kill!! Kill until they become obedient! Make sure to get everyone's hands filled with those Vietnamese animals' blood!’’

Hearing those orders, Gan Tao's eyes flashed fiercely, and he licked his lips excitedly as he replied: ’’Yes!! Boss!!’’

’’Brothers... Let us charge!!’’ Gan Tao hollered to his subordinates, as they charged towards the mayhem in town.

In a flash, countless gunshots rang out in the town centre, and whoever stood in the way of Gan Tao and his men, regardless of gender or age, they were all shot down.

Without warning, nor any shouts to alert them, just gunshots! Gunfire rang out continuously, causing anyone who stood to fall in their own pools of blood.

The entire Luo Cun Town seemed to be a depiction of hell itself, as a huge number of Vietnamese laid groaning and moaning on the ground in pools of their own blood.

Chen Yao could not take it anymore and she came to Yue Zhong's side to plead with him. ’’Please stop! Please, Yue Zhong!! These ordinary Vietnamese folk are innocent!!’’

Yue Zhong eyed Chen Yao, frowning slightly as he spoke slowly: ’’Chen Yao!! This is war!! On the battlefield, there are no innocent parties! If they don't die, they will become future troops, doctors, labourers, and tools of weapons aimed at us!’’

Chen Yao had after all gone through some hardships together with Yue Zhong, and he was willing to explain to her. If it had been another woman who had nothing to do with him, he would have swept her to one side without bothering so much.

Chen Yao opened her eyes wide as she pleaded with Yue Zhong: ’’We can take them in as slaves! Turn them to our strength!!’’

Chen Yao had witnessed the atrocities that the Vietnamese had committed against the Chinese, it was just that she was still benevolent in nature, and wasn't willing to watch all these Vietnamese people die. As to condemning them to be slaves, it was considered a light punishment for the sins that some of them had committed. Although she was kind, having undergone molding as a leader, she still knew to seek beneficial solutions.

And to Chen Yao now, she could see that only a beneficial proposition would appease the furious Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong's pupils narrowed in cold fury as he rejected her proposal: ’’No! We don't have a stable establishment, and cannot afford to hold this many Vietnamese. The only thing we can do now is to destroy this town, and not let Wuyan Hong gain any further benefits from here!’’

In this area, Yue Zhong had not gained a foothold, if he were to bring the 4,000 people to the Daluo Mountains, the moment Wuyan Hong deployed some troops, they would be easily found. If they had a base, he could still consider resettling the 4,000 some Vietnamese, and make use of them.

Chen Yao stared at Yue Zhong for a while, before trying once more weakly: ’’Yue Zhong!! If you pass this order, everyone will view you as cruel and merciless! It would be detrimental to any future expansion.’’

Yue Zhong laughed blandly: ’’Chen Yao! My reputation isn't exactly saint-like! In Guilin City, my enemies have termed me as a tyrant! A cruel tyrant! I couldn't care less about how others view me.

The victor is king, as long as I am victorious, I am king! History would be written by me! If I fail, everything is for naught. Having an undesirable reputation is nothing.’’

Tyrant! That was the nickname that people who were disagreeable with Yue Zhong coined in private. Even after cleaning a few times, there were still some parties not happy with his rule. It was just that these factions could not do anything about Yue Zhong's iron-clad grip.

Chen Yao looked at this man who stood at the apex and sighed, before she gritted her teeth and thought silently: ’’Then let me be the one to pass this order!!’’

’’Pan Jin Yong!!’’ Chen Yao summoned him over.

’’Is anything the matter, Holy Maiden Empress?’’ Pan Jin Yong came over and asked. Chen Yao was after all a top authority figure amongst the members of the Chinese Sky Association.

Chen Yao hesitated a while, before a look of resolution flashed in her eyes: ’’Convey my orders! The entire Luo Cun Town is to be wiped out, not even the dogs or chickens are to be spared! Avenge our fallen comrades and countrymen!’’

Pan Jin Yong's eyes glimmered with emotion as he replied fervently: ’’Yes! Empress!!’’

Pan Jin Yong was filled with hatred towards the Vietnamese and when he heard this ruthless order, he became incredibly excited.

The moment Chen Yao gave the order, the entire Luo Cun Town was once again dyed in blood, as many Vietnamese were captured and executed. Blood flowed freely, as screams and cries of terror filled the night, while the ground was slowly filled with corpses.

After annihilating the entire Luo Cun Town of its survivors, the various coal mines were destroyed, the buildings were set on fire, and smoke billowed towards the skies.


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