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God And Devil World - Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Hard Battle in the Dormitory

The first boy to climb up the tree, Chen Gang, heard the distress sound of the boy below and hesitated.

In just the few seconds of hesitation by Chen Gang, the zombie claws caught the boy below and it viciously bit into his neck.


The boy uttered a cry of misery and was soon torn up by 5 zombies.

The extremely piercing cry echoed in the area, bringing fear to peoples' hearts.

Seeing a scene like this, the 3 students did not dare stop, rushing to climb the tree to escape. With eyes full of fear, they quietly watched the three zombies below.

Dozens of zombies formed a fearsome army surrounding the tree, blocking the escape route to the outside world.


Watching the situation outside, Yue frowned: the only exit to the outside world was blocked. It looked extremely difficult to escape from here.

Those zombies' only weak point was the head, but with so much power, such that only a small wound from them would be able to kill a person, they were extremely difficult to deal with. If they were not so slow, without any firearms, even elite forces would have a very difficult time dealing with them.

At this moment a violent sound came from outside the room and 2 zombies from outside piled in.

White Bones was guarding the front door of the dorm and viciously struck down with the axe, cutting down the head of a zombie.

Yue stared at White Bones and saw a ball of white light from the zombie body fly into it.

One zombie had been killed, while the remaining zombie struggled into the room;however, its head was soon cleanly chopped off by White Bones' axe, black blood staining all over the floor. A ball of white light once again flew into White Bones' body.

Yue frowned, thinking,

’’Summoned monsters' kills seem to only be able to gain their own EXP and none for the master. Seems like in order to get stronger, I have to kill the monsters myself!’’

This discovery caused Yue's original plan to have failed- he originally wanted to use White Bones to deal with the zombies because it was not afraid of being infected. It was now no longer possible to allow himself to stay safely at the back while gaining EXP.

If Yue himself did not fight, he would never be able to get stronger.

Yue didn't know exactly what the future of the world would become, but it was very clear to him that it would become extremely cruel. If he did not get stronger, even surviving would be difficult.

As if attracted here by the sound, 3 zombies staggered from the side of the door and crawled through the broken hole.

’’White Bones, you take care of the 2 on the left!’’

Yue ordered.

Having received the order, White Bones stepped forward, swinging the axe and chopping off a zombie head. Foul blood splattered everywhere.

Fearlessly, the remaining 2 zombies still crawled inside.

In the doorway was a pile of debris;a zombie staggered forward, stumbled over the debris and fell down to the ground. Wielding his axe, White Bones mercilessly hacked off the zombie's head, quickly killing the zombie.

The remaining zombie's face was bitten beyond recognition and full of holes: the white-eyed zombie struggled to crawl through the hole and began heading towards Yue.

Yue overcame his fears, took a step forward and lifted his Novice Stick overhead, smashing down on the zombie's head. This caused the zombie's head to be tilted to the side, and then a ball of white light from the zombie flew into his body.

Taking no chances, Yue allowed White Bones to chop off the head of the zombie.

Yue tried to catch his breath since there were no zombies left;outside the zombies were still staggering in, attempting to break in from both the window and door.

’’A lot of zombies!’’

Seeing those crazy zombies trying to crowd into the room, he couldn't help but gasp. This time there was more than a dozen zombies altogether crowding outside his door. Those white, zombie eyes devoid of life gave him an oppressive feeling.

Melee combat was consuming a lot of stamina and when fighting zombies, even a small scratch was deadly. The feeling of facing over a dozen zombies was completely different from facing a single one.

Fortunately, the entrance was small, allowing at most only 3 zombies through. Three zombies crowded in front of the door were struggling to get inside, whilst another zombie was trying to crawl in through the window.

Besides those 4 zombies, the rest of the zombies were still crowded outside the door. A sense of having to kill countless zombies made Yue feel weak.

’’White Bones, the 3 at the door are yours!’’

Yue ordered, and then ran towards the window, his eyes flashing with a determined light. He used the Novice Stick to smash at the zombie's head, causing the head to be twisted to the side.

After gaining a level, White Bones' actions were now better than in the past;it trampled the corpse of the zombie at the door, with one strike neatly cutting off the head of a zombie.

The remaining 2 zombies squeezed through from behind their comrade's body, trying to get through.

The 2 zombies got through right after, before stumbling over the debris and falling to the ground.

Yue took the opportunity to advance forward, hitting the zombie on the head. The head was smashed crooked.

With a swing of his ax, White Bones cut off another zombie's head.

Yue hadn't even been able to catch his breath, yet 4 more zombies were already trying to enter through the door and window.

Yue gritted his teeth and advanced forward towards the window, where there was a zombie with its eyes bitten off. Dealing a severe blow to the zombie's head, Yue Zhong smashed it to the side. A ball of white light flew into his body.

Standing before the door, White Bones skillfully waved his axe and cut a zombie head in two, the foul blood splattering everywhere.

At this point the zombie corpses and all kind of debris had clogged the door, but the zombies were still aggressively trying to break through. However, the remaining 2 zombies were still stuck in the doorway, constantly struggling.

Yue quickly took the opportunity to advance to the left with the Stick in his right hand, smashing the zombies and killing both of them.

The 2 zombies' corpses got stuck in the door;with the foul blood flowing, a rancid stench filled the entire room that made it unbearable.

The corpses crowded the entrance, with the 3 zombie corpses blocking the entrance, 2 more packed in on each side.

2 zombies stuck their head in and Yue quickly trample on the head of one before using his Novice Stick to kill it. White Bones used his axe to kill the other one.

Another zombie was trying to get through the window. It had just gotten partially through before Yue strode forward and smashed it in the head.

After killing the zombie, a ball of white light flew into Yue's body, and a voice sounded in his mind,

[You have advanced to level 3, please assign the 2 stat points.]

’’Power, Stamina!’’

Heavily panting, Yue made the selection. Fighting the zombies had greatly decreased his stamina. There was not enough power for him to knock the zombies' heads crooked so he had to use more stamina.

Amidst his thoughts, a trickle of warmth flowed through Yue's body and began to strengthen it.


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