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God And Devil World - Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Zombie Rampage


Yue Zhong looked at White Bones' stats and was excited.

White Bones' growth rate was higher than Yue Zhong;its attributes increased by 6 points from just one level. Compared to an average person, it was now 10% higher. With such a powerful ally, his chances of survival had increased by a bit.

Tolerating the stench coming from the corpses, it strongly pushed the computer desk, blankets, and pillows in the room without hesitation to block the door and window.

Even though it couldn't withstand the zombie's attack, it could still delay them.

Besides being strong, Level 1 zombies possessed a very obvious weakness, which was their slow movement. If you did not encounter multiple zombies, even ordinary people could deal with them using just a long weapon, .

But if surrounded by 10 zombies, you would surely die.

Blocking the door, Yue Zhong let out a sigh of relief in this stench-filled room . The earlier experience made it difficult to accept that if he hadn't received the skill to summon White Bones, at this time he would have already become a zombie.

Yue Zhong still had difficulty dealing with a zombie in such a confined environment. Attacked by 3 zombies, he would simply be overwhelmed.

After a slight sigh of relief, Yue Zhong immediately rummaged through the dorm to find resources he could use. He soon found a bundle of mountain climbing ropes, a mountaineering backpack, 4 packs of instant noodles and a half-eaten bag of custard pie.

With the narrow room and taking advantage of the terrain, Yue Zhong and White Bones were able to deal with the zombies by working together. However, there was a key issue;this boys' dormitory had 8 floors;each floor had 20 dorm rooms and each room had 12 people inside, so there was a total of 1920 boys living there. Although it was Sunday and a large number of people went out, the ones that stayed still numbered more than 600 people. Even if one third of these people became zombies, it would still be terrifying.

The most important point was that the dorm rooms didn't have much food or water supplies. Yue Zhong did not know if the water system had been infected or not;other than from his water bottle, he dared not to drink anything else.

Yue Zhong quickly tied the rope to the bed then threw the climbing rope outside the window.

Seeing that the climbing rope landed, Yue Zhong then pulled over and sat on the seat. He took out binoculars to look out, observing the situation outside.

White Bones was right beside watching over him.

At this time it looked as though the whole school was in a frenzy;some students rushed out of the dormitory, with staggering zombies following in their wake.

Many students had a bandaged wound on their body. They had a look of pain and were apparently injured.

A boy running did not pay attention to what was under his feet;all of a sudden, after passing a corpse, the corpse grabbed his leg, causing him to stumble. He quickly fell to the ground.

’’Zhang Ming, save me!’’

With a terrified look on his face, he looked at his friend in front and shouted.

Zhang Ming looked back and saw that behind the boy were the zombies. With eyes full of fear, he turned around and fled without looking back.

’’Zhang Ming! Zhou Feng! Help! Save me!’’

That frightened boy screamed loudly.

Zhou Feng, who was 1.8 meters tall, heard the boy's anguished voice and hesitated for a moment. He turned around, glancing back, and only saw 8 zombies attacking the boy on the ground. Crazily being bitten, only the boy's wailing voice could be heard.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhou Feng was so scared that his legs went limp. He then didn't look back anymore, facing forward and fleeing.

The 8 zombies were gnawing on the boy's body and soon the boy's cries disappeared.

The rest of the boys crazily fled outside.

At this point the entire campus had become a mass of chaos: students everywhere were frightened and running away from the zombies chasing them.

There were not many people on the street, but all of a sudden there were a lot of students and a large number of zombies. From time to time, there were students whose bodies twitched and then suddenly fell to the ground;when they stood up again, they had turned into zombies.

The campus was filled with an atmosphere of panic.

Yue Zhong was watching everything below and was shaking on the inside. At this point on the streets below, the zombies were attracted by the students, running around everywhere.

On the street leading to the small supermarket on campus, there were 20 zombies standing there on the street, blocking the way to the small supermarket and the way outside the school.

Six boys from the dormitory saw that the zombies were blocking the street leading to the gate.

As if they could feel the life force, 6 zombies promptly turned and walked towards the boys. The street to the school was not very wide, with 6 zombies already having the street almost entirely blocked and only leaving a small gap.

8 zombies behind the boys had just finished eating and staggered towards the 6 people.

At this time there were zombies in front of and behind them, blocking the way.

At this critical moment, two boys rushed toward the zombies in front with a look of horror, loudly shouting. Each of them was armed with a Novice Stick and stabbed a zombie each;each zombie was knocked to the ground.

A student took the chance to go through the gap.

A moment later, he was a step too late and was then blocked;a big hand stretched out and firmly grabbed his arm.

’’No! Help! Help!’’

In a panic, the student used his Novice Stick to hit the zombie, cutting off the zombie's arm.

The 3 remaining zombies took this chance to grab him, and opened their jaws to bite hard on his neck.

’’Ah! Help!!’’

The student immediately let out a sharp scream.

The 3 zombies, whilst firmly holding the student, began eating him bloodily.

The 2 remaining zombies were attracted by the smell of blood and they headed towards the student's body. They lunged forward and began biting his body.

The other student ran not too far past those zombies;he was soon surrounded by the zombies again. Submerged in dead corpses, he let out a miserable moan.

The remaining 4 students witnessed the scene with eyes filled with terror.

’’We're done for!’’

One student was so scared that he collapsed on the ground.

’’Up the tree!’’

A relatively tall and calm boy spoke;he looked at the surroundings and quickly crawled up the side of a tree.

In the main campus of the University of Yun Hua, there were trees and plants planted everywhere.

The other two boys also had deft hands and feet;they headed toward the trees and started climbing.

’’Save me! Chen Gang! Give me a hand!!’’

Under his survival instincts, the boy that was paralyzed on the floor stood up;seeing the other 3 climbing the tree, he let out a shout. He did not know how to climb trees.

Attracted to the scream of the boy, the zombies within 100 meters shook slightly, and began to move towards the sound.

Over 10 zombies that formed an army was sufficient to tear apart any resistance in the university.


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