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God And Devil World - Chapter 207


Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Zhuo Yatong!

Just as Zhuo Yatong closed her eyes, there came a sound of something being broken into from the outside.

Her hand trembled and the vegetable knife in her hand fell to the ground. She was not willing to die in the first place, so hearing the weird sound from outside led her to have renewed hope.

Zhuo Yatong ran quickly to the window and looked outside. Very quickly, she saw many zombies outside the convenience store lying on the ground;it seemed that the door had been kicked wide open.

Not long after, 3 people exited from the convenience store, with one of them hoisting a huge backpack, 1 holding a pot of the divine Spring Tea and the last person also carrying a huge luggage bag, obviously filled up with items. Zhuo Ya Tong mustered all the strength she could summon and shouted loudly,’’Help!! Save us!!!’’

Yue Zhong had just brought White Bones and Liu Erhei out of the convenience store when he heard the plea for help.

Yue Zhong looked towards the direction where Zhuo Yatong had screamed from, and pondered for a while, before turning and walking towards her. He knew that there could be survivors in this village, yet he was not prioritizing their rescue. However, if it was convenient, he would not mind lending a hand.

Liu Erhei continued following Yue Zhong closely. While the trip in Chen Village was considered smooth sailing for Yue Zhong, it was fraught with dangers for someone like Liu Erhei. Without Yue Zhong's protection, he would not be able to walk beyond 100m from this place.

The convenience store was only 10m away from the Zhuo Yatong's residence, and the zombies that littered the way were disposed of easily by Yue Zhong.

Arriving in front of that small bungalow, with just the swing of his blade, the huge door was cleaved in two and he kicked with strength, barging right in.

Yue Zhong strode up to the top with big steps and saw Yun Caiwei curled up into a ball, as if she was a weak cub, looking up at Yue Zhong's party with her huge eyes. She was dying of hunger and did not even possess enough energy to escape.

He walked to her side, taking one look and concluding that this little doll-like lolita had been starving. He pulled out a lollipop (Uhhhh...) and a bottle of water from the backpack, giving them to Yun Caiwei and saying, ’’Quickly, eat!’’

(TN: Seriously what is with this author and his fascination with Lolis)

When a person has not eaten for a long period, he or she cannot suddenly eat huge amounts, or they can choke to death. That was the reason for why Yue Zhong only gave this girl a high calorie lollipop.

Yun Caiwei did not seem to mind that the food was from a stranger. She immediately put it into her mouth and started sucking it. The sweet taste of the lollipop seemed to give her a sense of revival. She felt as if it was the best thing on earth right at this moment.

Yun Caiwei was captivated by the lollipop and after eating it for a few moments, before using her strong willpower to suppress the desire to keep eating the lollipop, she used those huge eyes of hers to plead pitifully, ’’Big brother! Mummy's inside! Please go save her!!’’

’’Got it!’’ Yue Zhong immediately stood up and went into the kitchen.

Zhuo Yatong had used her remaining strength to shout earlier. After that, she crumpled down onto the floor, without any energy left to even climb up. If no one came to save her, she would definitely become like a starved mummy.

Yue Zhong came into the kitchen and saw that Zhuo Yatong had fainted;pulling out a can of cola, he immediately poured it into her mouth.

Having drunk 2 mouthfuls of cola at once, Zhuo Yatong choked a bit before opening her eyes, seeing Yue Zhong feeding her.

Yue Zhong pulled out a piece of chocolate and stuffed it into her mouth, ’’This is chocolate! You should still have the energy to chew, right!?’’

Zhuo Yatong looked at Yue Zhong and a small tear fell from her eyes as she started chewing the chocolate weakly. Soon after, she swallowed with great difficulty and regained her energy. After resting for a while, she looked at Yue Zhong expectantly before slowly climbing up. She wanted to eat, really wanted to eat.

Yue Zhong looked at Zhuo Yatong and said softly,’’I just saved you and the little girl outside. If you want to follow me, you have to listen to my orders. I will protect you and feed you to the best of my capabilities. If you do not agree, I will not force you and we will part ways here.’’

Right now, Zhuo Yatong had a face completely covered dust and dirt, her hair was disheveled and there was a sour odor on her body. She had not bathed in close to 2 months, therefore her body naturally stank. Yue Zhong was not keen to bring her nor the little burden along with him, so coming here to save them was also about the most he could do as a human being. If they were to decline, he would immediately leave.

’’My name is Zhuo Yatong and the girl outside is my daughter, Yun Caiwei. We are willing to follow you and your orders.’’ Zhuo Ya Tong replied a little weakly. She knew that it was a critical decision to make, because if this man in front of her left, the mother-daughter pair would definitely die from hunger here.

’’Eat this and properly rest for a while!’’ Yue Zhong pulled out a dozen lollipops, 3 chocolate bars and a small cake, before placing them into Zhuo Yatong's arms. Then he said lightly, ’’You have starved for too long, so you can only eat this for now. Once you have recovered a little, I will let you eat your fill.’’

When Zhuo Yatong saw the amount of high-calorie foods placed in front of her, her eyes flashed and she immediately tore into a bar of chocolate, her hands trembling as she unwrapped it. Without a care for her image or dignity, she stuffed it into her mouth whilst at the same time, her hands were already on the small piece of cake, also trembling as she unwrapped the packaging.

Yue Zhong looked at her as she was wolfing down the food and asked,’’Can you drive?’’

’’Yes!’’ With her mouth full of food, she used her throat to sound out an affirmation. She grabbed the bottle of mineral water and washed down the food with a few gulps before replying hastily, ’’In the garage there is a BMW and the fuel inside can last us for at least 60km.’’

Zhuo Yatong knew she needed to show her value as a team member, otherwise she might be discarded. Hiding in this 3-storey bungalow, she had witnessed many cases in the leather shop nearby where people had been forced out, only to be eaten by the zombies. This was precisely because those people could only eat and were not useful to the boss.

10 days ago, even the boss of the leather shop could not bear the hunger anymore and made an attempt to enter the convenience store. The effort was in vain as he was devoured by the zombies and the scene had shocked Zhuo Yatong, preventing her from stepping out of the bungalow to look for food.

Yue Zhong frowned, as cars like BMWs were not of practical use in the current world. These types of cars would be dented just after a few hits with the zombies;only vehicles like Hummers and the Dongfeng vehicles with a sturdy frame were more reliable. Using them to hit and crush zombies would not be a problem. Looking at the weak Zhuo Yatong, he pulled out a chunk of cooked Mutant Beast meat, saying, ’’Eat this.’’

Zhuo Yatong received the meat and took a huge bite. Not long after, a warmth blossomed in her body and she felt that her strength was recovering consistently. She was pleasantly surprised and immediately asked, ’’What treasure is this?’’

Yue Zhong saw that Zhuo Yatong had recovered her energy in such a short time and his eyes could not help but flash with surprise, ’’You can stand and walk on your own? I don't want to stay here for too long.’’

Zhuo Yatong used her strength to prop herself up, standing up shakily. While she still felt weak, her body had a hint of energy. She looked at Yue Zhong and said firmly, ’’I can walk now!’’

’’Let's go!’’ Yue Zhong looked at her and immediately went outside in big strides.

With just a thought, Yue Zhong made White Bones pick up Yun Caiwei in one of its arms as though it was carrying a little kitten and it followed out. Zhuo Yatong got into the garage, and started to drive the BMW out. Yue Zhong sat in the front passenger seat, while Yun Caiwei and Liu Erhei sat behind.

White Bones acted as the vanguard in front of the BMW, clearing out the normal zombies that had been attracted to the commotion of the car starting.

As soon as the zombies got within range, White Bones would immediately decapitate them, so that they could not even touch the car. Under the protection of White Bones, Yue Zhong's group quickly made it out of Chen Village.

When they passed a small stream, Yue Zhong got Zhuo Yatong to disembark and lightly said, ’’You and little Wei should go wash up!’’

Zhuo Yatong's face turned red and she immediately got out of the car, walking towards the stream. She knew how she must have smelled after not having bathed for close to 3 months. Yue Zhong also grabbed the little loli Yun Caiwei and walked towards the stream.

’’Can you turn around!?’’ After hesitating for a moment, Zhuo Ya Tong pleaded to Yue Zhong. She was not used to bathing under someone else's supervision.

(TN: Like, who is used to bathing under someone else's supervision?)

Yue Zhong took a look at her and said warmly, ’’Although there are no zombies in the wild, there are many more fearsome mutant beasts. If you two don't want my protection, I can wait outside for you.’’

Zhuo Ya Tong was frightened by this and immediately replied, ’’Don't go!!’’

After that, she pondered a little more, before entering the stream fully-clothed with Yun Caiwei.

The water was not deep, only up to their waist, and it was so clear that one could see the bottom;other than the various schools of fishes and prawns, there were no scary mutant beasts to be seen.The moment the mother and daughter pair entered the water, they began scrubbing themselves with fervor.

After the world had changed, due to the fear of being infected, Zhuo Yatong and Yun Caiwei did not dare take a bath. They also only drank from bottled water and water that they had stored before. This was the first time that they had taken a bath for 3 months.

Yun Caiwei had also eaten the meat Yue Zhong gave her, so even though she had not regained her full strength, it could be said that she had a little more energy now.

Yue Zhong sat down boredly, observing the surroundings. In the wilderness of the new world, the mutant beasts were considered the most dangerous existence out here, hence the moment he let his guard down, the mother and daughter could be in danger.

’’I'm done! Do you have a set of dry clothes to spare?’’

An extremely soft and beautiful voice sounded, making Yue Zhong turn towards the source. His breathing sped up. He saw an extremely beautiful woman with long black hair and snow-white skin, her slender body, long legs and perky butt like features from an exquisite painting;she exuded an alluring mature charm. Her clothes were all wet and transparent, and she was standing right there in front of him.

[TN: For those who have studied a little Chinese, the Chinese like to use a lot of idioms and 4-character phrases to describe things, like the weather and people in general. The entire last 2 sentences possessed 7 such phrases, which obviously shows that the author must have been fantasizing about someone, but in general writing skills, it is quite bothersome to translate HAHA but you get the picture. When I read the description, Liu Yifei comes to mind. She used to be my fantasy...]

(divinecelestialbeinglol: and now you know how to make Kun do more TLing!)


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