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God And Devil World - Chapter 186



If not for the assistance of Flame King Gu, all the men guarding the West Gate would be wiped out by the horde of Hunters and S2 zombies.

Yue Zhong asked, ’’How many more evolvers do you still have?’’

Lei Sheng pointed towards five men who were sitting down with shocked expressions on their faces, and replied, ’’Only these men remains.’’

Hunters and S2 zombies were really too strong. If not for the fact that Yue Zhong's men had Water Python Snakeskin Armour, there would be a lot more casualties. Also, a single strike from the Hunters or S2 zombies will immediately infect the soldiers. Once the soldiers are infected, there is only death waiting for them.

Lei Sheng's men did not have the luxury of equipping Water Python Snakeskin armours. Therefore, the casualty were nothing short of horrible. Having proper equipment is essential for the men to fight well.

Yue Zhong thought for a moment before replying. ’’Cheng Yu, Gu Tie, Zhao Ming, the three of you stay here and protect Lei Sheng. Let them stop firing. Also, let me take command of these five evolvers. I will bring some men to get back the wall.’’

Yue Zhong and Lei Sheng may be working together, but Yue Zhong could not trust Lei Sheng. If Lei Sheng fired at them with the IFVs while Yue Zhong and his team are engaged in close combat, the entire team would be wiped out.

The Water Python Snakeskin armour may block normal bullets, but it would be useless against the armour penetrating bullets of the ZPT 90 type 25mm autocannon.

Lei Sheng also understood why Yue Zhong had left Cheng Yu and the other two men. In this critical junction where the zombie horde is at risk of overrunning the West Gate, he chose to turn a blind eye. Instead, he asked the five evolvers over, ’’Li Zhou, from now on, the five of you are under the command of Yue Zhong. Understand?’’

’’Yes!’’ Li Zhou replied loudly, and cast his sights on Yue Zhong and his men.

About 80% of the men in Yue Zhong's team have evolved beyond level 10, and killed numerous zombie. Each of the men radiates killing intent from their body and look ferocious and terrifying.

’’Woahhh.... Under a tiger's leadership, there can be no helpless animals. [1]’’ Thought Li Zhou, as he brought his team of four evolvers to join up with Yue Zhong's men.

’’Stop firing!’’ Lei Sheng gave the command to stop firing.

All the men immediately stopped firing. At the same time, the zombie horde began to move again.

After the loss of the West wall, numerous zombies have taken advantage of the Chaos to enter the city. The zombie horde now includes normal zombies, S2, S1, L1 as well as Hunter zombies.

The East gate also had ten Hunters that sneaked into the Survivor camp to attack. These Hunters are far more cunning and proficient in battle compared to the other zombies.

In guarding the East Gate, Yue Zhong and company only managed to kill five of the hunters, while the remaining five sneaked towards the rest of the men, and used the rest of the men as a cover to prevent further attacks. It is fortunate that Ji Qing Wu, Kong Tianyu, the IFV and Yue Zhong managed to finish off the last five hunters before they escape and wreak more carnage among the defenceless population in the Survivor camp.

’’Charge!!!’’ Yue Zhong led his team and White bones towards the wall and ran up to meet the zombies.

Very quickly, Yue Zhong and his team clashed with the zombies.

Yue Zhong's speed is almost seven times the speed of ordinary men. Although his swordsmanship skills are not as remarkable as Ji Qing Wu's, his speed and strength are extraordinary. The Level 2 Tang Sabre in his hand did not cease as it relentlessly attacked, and with each swing of his blade, heads of zombies flew out in all directions. Even the mighty S2 zombies could not withstand a single blow from Yue Zhong's Sabre.

Not a single zombie could halt the descent of Yue Zhong's blade. His sabre was insanely fast, so fast that the men who were watching did not even see him attacking. They only saw flashes of reflected light from his sabre, and then zombies near Yue Zhong would instantly be decapitated.

White Bones who was standing next to Yue Zhong seemed to be a whirlwind as it swings its massive axe in a vast circular motion. As zombies around stepped into the whirling vortex, their flesh parted and their bones shattered. These body parts would be send scattering in all directions.

With Yue Zhong and White Bones leading the charge, they soon cleared a small path for the men to follow. But the men in Yue Zhong's team are not any less fierce or deadly. Each of them would occasionally strike out at zombies that got too close to them, and was able to kill zombies easily with just a regular swing of their sword. The standard zombies seemed to part like a hot knife through butter under their onslaught.

’’Wow! That is incredible! What valour! No wonder he could bring soldiers to reclaim two villages!’’ Flame King Gu was shocked by the sight of Yue Zhong and his team as they get to work on the zombies. He could not help feeling awed. The same zombies that wiped out most of the West gate defenders could not even hold back Yue Zhong and his team.

If it were just a comparison of power, Flame King Gu would be much more powerful than most of Yue Zhong's men. But he is only one person. His team may have six other evolvers, but the six evolvers were trained by killing zombies that he had caught and rendered incapable of fighting back.

Compared to Yue Zhong's men, their performance in today's battle could be described as miserable.

Sensing that Yue Zhong is the biggest threat to them, four of the five Hunters that were hiding among the buildings rushed forward. They flicked out their tongue, aiming for Yue Zhong's head.

The dexterous tongues seemed to have a life of its own as it twisted and turned while heading towards Yue Zhong as fast as an arrow.

White Bones immediately stood in front of Yue Zhong and used its body to shield him. The four tongues landed on White Bones and were repelled by the toughness of its bones.

Yue Zhong raised his Stinger gun and fired two shots at the Hunters.

Each of the Stinger bullets hit a Hunter on its head and blew the brain apart.

White Bones also glared at the other two Hunter, and with a blazing ghost fire in its eyes, it launched two sharp bone spikes at these creatures. The bone spikes immediately penetrated into the Hunters' brains, and exited from their spine. In the process, the Hunter's brains, flesh and muscles were all smashed into pulp. The Hunters collapsed lifelessly onto the ground.

As Yue Zhong aimed for the two Hunters, two more S2 zombies appeared near Yue Zhong like a gust of wind, and their mighty, sharp claws threaten to cleave Yue Zhong into pieces.

Yue Zhong is wearing a cloak. Underneath the cloak is a Water Python snakeskin armour. Inside the Water Python Snakeskin Armour, he was also wearing a leather cloth made from the hide of the Mutant Rat King. As well, he had a level 3 protective vest that he secretly wore inside the leather armour. Under so many layers of protection, he did not even put the S2 zombies' attacks in his eyes.

Yue Zhong felt the claws of the S2 zombies as they landed on his body. He lashed out with his sabre, and immediately slain the two S2. Two large experience orbs entered into his body.

Without any Hunters threatening the soldiers, Yue Zhong and his team seemed unstoppable as they massacred their way up the walls. Along the way, hundreds of zombie corpses littered the street. Unlike the aftermath of a bullet storm, none of these zombies was even moving nor did they get up again. If you observed carefully, each of the zombies was decapitated, or missing part of their brain.

’’That's incredible!’’ As Lei Sheng watched how Yue Zhong led the two teams of evolvers up the city wall and destroyed all the zombies in his way, his eyes sparkled, and a dark killing intent emerged from his body. Right now, the Military and Yue Zhong were only using each other. Neither of them has the power to resist the zombie horde on their own. They may even become opponents later.

The more powerful Yue Zhong is, the greater the threat he will be to their future plans.

As soon as Lei Sheng leaked out his killing intent, a stronger killing intent emerged from a figure next to him. He was shocked and turned around, only to see the cold stare of Cheng Yu looking back into his eyes. Lei Sheng was frightened by what he saw. Looking into the eyes of this cold-blooded assassin, he was dead sure that if he dares to make any moves against Yue Zhong, he would be killed before he can even take action.

’’Recapture the Wall!’’ Lei Sheng immediately discarded any notion of harming Yue Zhong and his men as he refocused his efforts on the current battle.

Now is not the time to betray Yue Zhong. At least, not yet. Although Lei Sheng is domineering and full of arrogance, he was also aware of this fact. If the city is breached, Lei Sheng will lose everything.

One hundred men armed with machetes slowly walked up the city walls, accompanied by several soldiers wielding assault rifles.

The Military evolvers were largely decimated, and Lei Sheng does not have enough men to retake the wall. Therefore, he could only rely on the conscripted survivors who had just a few days of military training. The soldiers with assault rifles were what remained of his soldiers.

Just as the men entered the wall, a Hunter quickly jumped onto the roof of a building, and charged ahead like an arrow, towards the survivor camp.

Once the Hunter appeared, the men with assault rifles began to panic, and wildly fired at the Hunter.

But the Hunter appearance was too sudden, and it did not have any intent to fight. Most of the bullets hit empty air, and only a few bullets hit the Hunter.

The Hunter continued to flee, and disappeared into the survivor camp.

’’Aren't you going to chase after it?’’ Lei Sheng asked Cheng Yu who was standing next to him, as he looked at the retreating figure of the Hunter. Lei Sheng could feel that Cheng Yu is also a powerful evolver.

Cheng Yu was a former assassin, and is familiar with various weapons. After joining Yue Zhong's team, he had participated in numerous battles and is now a level 13 evolver. Against a Hunter beast, Cheng Yu would be able to hold out on his own.

Cheng Yu's replied sent a chill down the spine of Lei Sheng. ’’My job is to 'protect' you. Anything else is none of my business.’’

’’Not good! The Hunter is heading towards the Special Administration Region!’’ Lei Sheng's eyebrows twitched, and his face changed. He immediately climbed the stairs leading to the top of the wall to find Yue Zhong.

On top of the wall, the zombies in the area had all been annihilated by Yue Zhong and his men. Everywhere was strewed with the corpses of the zombies. He had also reached level 34, and he put one point into agility and one point into stamina.

The survivors who came to the top of the wall found the area filled with various heads, arms and other body parts of the zombies. Many of them turned pale, and some of them even puked at the sight. Some of the men were frightened out of their wits, and their machetes slipped out of their trembling hands onto the floor. They had not seen the aftermath of a battle with zombies before.

Lei Cheng walked up to Yue Zhong and spoke in a hurry;’’Yue Zhong, one of the Hunters had managed to charge into the Special Administrative Region. Please help to get rid of it.’’

Translator Notes.

I thought this wall was guarded by Lei Sheng. Sudden Lei Cheng turned up. See? Pity me, the poor translator! Just when I apologised and corrected my mistakes with the name, I was shocked to note that sometimes it is Lei Cheng, sometimes it is Lei Sheng. If the author himself is not clear, how would a translator make things clear?

Yue Zhong raised his eyebrows as he inquired: ’’Hunter? When did this happen?’’

Hunter beasts carry the zombie virus, and it is relatively powerful. Once it reached the men, it could cause massive carnage as it infects most of the men.

Lei Cheng bitterly smiled as he replied: ’’Just a moment ago. The Hunter was too cunning, and escape through the roofs of buildings.’’

Yue Zhong immediately ordered: ’’Xiao Ming, you lead all the men in Team 2 and stay here to protect the area. Cheng Yu, protect Lei Cheng's safety. Team 1 immediately returns to the East gate. If there are any problems, immediately inform me via the walkie-talkie.’’

In this wave, most of the evolved zombies had been sent out, and Yue Zhong reckoned that there should not be any more threats to the West gate. After all, his close combat team two should be more than enough to deal with ordinary zombies.

Lei Cheng saw that Yue Zhong had two teams of elite men. He wanted to ask Yue Zhong to gift him command of one group of men. After all, he had gifted Yue Zhong with five evolvers just now. But Yue Zhong had already disappeared he rapidly chased the Hunter.

[To be continued...]


[1] 虎狼之师 - actual translation is tiger and wolves trainer. Actual meaning:ferocious and powerful. In the context of this situation I chose to translate it as:’’Under a Tiger's leadership, there are no defenseless animals.’’

Fan art for Hunter:

This is a Hunter image created by Santos, a reader. What do you think? Should I replace the Hunter with this new image? Let me know in your comments.


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