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God And Devil World - Chapter 185


Little Greenie and White Bones also continuously killed the S2 zombies that scampered up the wall. The problem is the number of S2 zombies was too many, and they could not kill enough of these zombies.

After activating the shadow steps, Yue Zhong continuously killed numerous S2 zombies, while protecting the vulnerable elite marksmen. These twelve elite snipers were not equipped with Water Python Snakeskin armour, and if they were hit by an S2 zombie's claws, they would be infected.

The death of each elite marksmen will hurt Yue Zhong significantly. The most the important aspects of these snipers is that their skills are equally useful against zombies or human beings.

The regular evolvers are very helpful when fighting against zombies, but against marksmen, one bullet is all it take to kill them.

The [System] level up only enhanced the physical attributes of a human, but it does not strengthen the body to withstand bullets. Without the aid of protective items, it is impossible for an evolver to resist a shot from a firearm.

’’Team 13 and Team 15, come and assist!!’’ Yue Zhong continued to kill zombies as he shouted out aloud.

Team 13 is under the leadership of Ji Qing Wu, while Team 15 is under the guidance ofChen Shi Tou. Under Yue Zhong's command, they swiftly entered the battlefield.

With a swipe of its mighty claws, it swats aside one of the close combat team members as if it was swatting a fly. Three Tang Imitation Swords cut into its flesh, and created three long wounds. But these swords lacked the strength to cut any deeper into its body. The Hunterflipped its tail and sent two of the men flying with but a single blow.

’’Go and die, you f*ker!’’ at the time, Kong Tianyu activated his Surge in Strength +1 skill. The ability granted Kong Tianyu a colossal amount of strength for a short duration of 5 minutes. With his enhanced strength, his blade easily craved apart the skull of a Hunter.

A massive orb of experience entered into his body.

After Ji Qing Wu entered the battlefield, she immediately activated her Cutting edge enhancement skill, as well as her Increased agility skill. As she charged past a Hunter, there was a flash of light and the Hunter was immediately cut into four pieces, and its blood and body parts were scattered in all directions.

Another Hunter flicked out its tongue and like an arrow, aimed towards Ji Qing Wu.

Ji Qing Wu immediately cut off the tongue of Hunter with her blade, and moving very rapidly, closed in on the Hunter that attacked her.

The Hunter was enraged with pain as its tongue was sliced off. It immediately strikes out at Ji Qing Wu with a claw, and at the same time, its long flexible tail immediately lashed out towards Ji Qing Wu's head.

Unlike normal zombies, the Hunter had evolved some ability to think. In fighting with the humans, it had learnt that these men are unique. Their bodies are robust and are difficult to hack apart. But the brains of these humans are unprotected.

Against the Hunter's deadly attack, Ji Qing Wu did not show a trace of fear. At the time when the Hunter and Ji Qing Wu passed by each other, there was a flash of light. Then the Hunter was spilt into four pieces, and its blood spurted in all directions.

Under the effects of the cutting edge enhancement skills, the Tang Imitation Sword in Ji Qing Wu's hands was a weapon with unparalleled sharpness. This ability, combined with Ji Qing Wu's swordsmanship skills, created a superb close combat fighter that is without peer.

Of the five Hunters that made it among the men, three of them were killed by Ji Qing Wu and Kong Tianyu. The remaining two Hunters did not engage in further combat with Yue Zhong's troops and immediately tried to creep down towards the residents.

Yue Zhong raised his stinger gun at a Hunter and pulled the trigger. The stinger bullet was fired with unerring accuracy and it blew apart a Hunter's head into bits. The last remaining Hunter leapt down from the wall in an attempt to escape.

But there was still an IFV that was waiting down below, and as soon as the Hunter leapt down, the men manning the IFV immediately used the type ZPT 90 25 mm autocannonand sprayed a thick chain of bullets towards it.

The Hunter was unable to withstand the might of armour piercing rounds of the autocannon, and was shredded apart by the hail of fire.

Yue Zhong has placed the IFV and two jeeps armed with type 89 QJZ 8mm heavy machine guns as the second line of defence against the zombie horde.

After killing another S2 zombie with his blade, Yue Zhong roared a command ’’All units fire and destroy the L2 zombies!’’

If the L2 zombies continued to send more and more zombies into the city, it would be impossible to defend. The S2 zombies that poured into the city are not what regular evolvers can handle.

Under Yue Zhong's command, the three type 89 QJZ 8mm heavy machine guns mounted on the walls let it rip.

These bullets landed among the zombies, and most of the zombies were knocked down from the firepower of these heavy machine guns. Standard zombies would have a massive hole where the bullets hit them, and it is common for a string of three to four bullets to separate the top half of the zombie from its bottom half.

These L2 zombies may be extremely robust, and it could withstand gunfire from most ordinary weapons, but its tough skin could not withstand the bullets from this heavy machine guns.

One by one, the L2 that acts as a bridge was shot down. Although these L2 zombies had fallen, they were not killed. It just provided a brief respite from the unending stream of S2 zombies.

Without additional reinforcements, Yue Zhong and the close combat men the six teams finally destroyed all the S2 zombies.

This wave of zombies attack with its uncommon methods of siege warfare had cost Yue Zhong dearly. Two of the twelve elite marksmen had been scratched by S2 zombies, and must be put down. Also, the 4 of the men from the close combat team has been killed, and seven men were seriously injured. In one wave, Yue Zhong had lost 13 valuable men.

But Yue Zhong's team had killed nine Hunters and thirty-two S2 zombies, and managed to hold the line.

The Second Generation zombies are somewhat rare, and are elite troops. Having killed so many evolved zombies, the men guarding the East Gate can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

’’Hello, Yue Zhong! Is that Yue Zhong? The West Gate could not hold on. Please, can you bring some soldiers to help out. Please? If you do not help out, the West Gate could not be defended.’’

Just as Yue Zhong killed all the evolved zombies, the walkie talkie rang out with Lei Sheng's shouts for help.

Yue Zhong immediately replied. ’’All right, I will bring men to assist immediately.’’

In this time of crisis, where there is an army of over 100,000 zombies, all of the men must be united, or they could not even hold on for one day.

’’Kong Tian Yu. You are in charge of defending this area! Cheng Yu, close combat team 1 and team 2 members follow me!’’

The first combat team and the second combat team members are all the elite members of Yue Zhong's team. After experiencing the last battle, many men had reached Level 10. Yue Zhong also gifted these men with an assortment of skill books, and allowed all the men who broke through the level 10 bottleneck to learn a skill, hence increasing their combat effectiveness.

Two military trucks containing all the men steadily made their way towards the West gate. The streets were clear and there were no obstacles in the way. As a result, they quickly reached the West gate.

As he disembarked from the vehicle, he found that the West Gate had already been breached. The military had already retreated towards the area under the West Gate walls, and there were two IFV, steel mash wire fence, heavy machine guns and light firearms that were frantically trying to stop the horde of zombies from overrunning the defences and pour into the city.

One by one S2, S1, L1 as well as regular zombies continuously pour down from the West Gate walls. After that, most of the zombies were torn apart by the heavy firepower.

Several Hunters, recognising the danger on walking on the street, chose to crept on rooftops as they stealthily made their way past the barricade.

A burly middle age man seemed to cast a spell, and five balls of fire appeared in the air, and flew towards one of the Hunters.

The Hunter was very agile and managed to avoid four of the fireballs. But it was hit by the last fireball, and the fireball created a large hole in its body. It lost its balance and dropped down from the roof.

The next moment, countless numbers of bullets created a barrier of ammunition, and sent the hunter to meet its maker.

The two Type 90 ZPT 25 mm autocannon on top of the two IFVs had not ceasefire all these while. The massive firepower was particularly effective against zombies, tearing huge holes in regular zombies' bodies. Even the S2 series of zombies will be split apart if it is hit with an armour piercing round from the deadly weapon.

Lei Sheng walked towards Yue Zhong, and faintly heaved a sigh of relief. ’’Yue Zhong, you are finally here. Thank you for bringing soldiers to help out!’’

The zombie horde suddenly activated H1 zombies, Hunters, S2 zombies, etc., and within a short span of time, the number of soldiers in the West Gate that were lost to the zombies were terrible. The military and the various factions had lost more than 80% of their men, and all the snipers had been destroyed.

The West gate was deemed as lost, and Lei Sheng brought his soldiers and retreated to the second line of defence.

The other two gates also suffered heavy lost in the zombie attacks. But one of the gates was defended by government commandos, polices and military police. The reserved military forces secured the other gate. Both sides were engaged in fierce combat with the zombies, and have no men to spare.

That was why Lei Sheng requested Yue Zhong for help.

The wall is very important to the defenders. As long as there is a wall, the normal zombies could not swarm into the city, and use their numbers to overwhelm the defenders. With the wall, the defenders are more likely to breathe easy and are more willing to fight. Therefore the importance of the wall could not be stressed enough.

’’Who is that man?’’ Yue Zhong looked the man who continuously launched fireballs at the hunter.

Lei Sheng just take a quick look and immediately replied: ’’He is Flame King Gu’’

’’His strength is indeed extraordinary!’’ Yue Zhong thought.

Flame King Gu continuously launched one fire ball after another on the evolved zombies and Hunters, and killed these evolved zombies. Those that were injured were immediately torn into shreds by the rain of covering fire.

But Flame King Gu was heavily panting, and perspiring heavily. After a short while he sat down on the ground, and no longer had the strength to stand out.

Releasing each type of powerful attack had a drawback: It will rapidly drain stamina and spiritual power. Flame King Gu had expended a considerable amount of stamina and spiritual power to lay covering fire and to buy time for the last 20% of the defenders to retreat. Right now, he was totally drained.

[To be continued...]


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