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God And Devil World - Chapter 183



After listening to Yue Zhong's words, Chen Jian Feng's and Lei Cheng's eyes seemed to shine with a bright light, then go dark again. This is a good idea, but 150,000 ammo is not a small sum. They were unwilling to give so many bullets to Yue Zhong.

Chen Jian Feng seemed to consider for a moment before he said: ’’No way! We do not have so many ammunitions to barter with you in exchange for the machetes. How about this, I will arrange for 1,000 survivors for you to train, and you will arm these men. These 1,000 survivors will be your man from now on. As an exchange, you gift us with 1,000 machetes. ’’

Yes Zhong nodded and agreed without a thought: ’’Sure!’’

Previously, the survivor camp had restricted Yue Zhong from recruiting more men, and continuously inferred when Chen Shi Tou was trying to recruit more men. Even now, Yue Zhong finds it hard to gather more men to his camp.

The survivor camp lacks weapons, while Yue Zhong's team lack men. Now that Chen Jian Feng had taken out 1,000 survivors to exchange for 1,000 machetes, both parties had engaged in a win-win situation.

Yue Zhong continued: ’’But these 1,000 survivors, I only want young and healthy men. ’’

After the apocalypse, regardless if it is men or women, both are valuable resources. Men are usually, but not always, stronger than women, and trend to make better warriors [C2]. Women can do what men can't: give birth to children and increase the population. But right now, Yue Zhong needs more fighters. Therefore, he chooses what he thought made better warriors - young and healthy men.

Translator notes:

It would not matter if they were young and healthy man or middle-aged man or woman, mate. They all can fight. One hit from a zombie will result in zombie virus.

Chen Jian Feng's eyebrows twitched. He actually wanted to take advantage of Yue Zhong, by sending 1,000 old folks and the sick to Yue Zhong. On one hand, he could save on food supplies. On the other hand, he could prevent Yue Zhong from getting stronger. But Yue Zhong did not take the bait, and immediately asked for man who could directly fight.

Chen Jian Feng reconsidered, and re-negotiate: ’’I give you 500 young men, 700 women and 600 children.’’

In the age of apocalypse, the children only eat up the food supplies and are a liability. In this survivor camp, the food is insufficient, and the living conditions suck. Many children will mysteriously disappear or are captured by men for carnal pleasures. Chen Jian Feng knows that Yue Zhong treats the kids relatively well, and wish to hand over the kids to Yue Zhong's side.

It is because of these 600 children that Chen Jian Feng offered to give 200 more women more than the agreed amount of 1,000 survivors.

’’Ok’’, Yue Zhong had seen through what Chen Jian Feng was thinking of, and did not press Chen Jian Feng further.

Right now, the situation is not very favourable for all parties, and Chen Jian Feng had already shown some sincerely. Yue Zhong did not want to pressurise them too much. After all, both sides have a common enemy.

Yue Zhong said: ’’I have a personal request: I hope that the survivor camp can allow all survivors to have enough to eat during these ten days. If needed, we can round them up and enable them to fight against the zombie as a last resort.’’

The majority of the survivors in the camp in the camp seldom have enough food to eat and have no strength to fight. If this goes on, after the zombie breached the gates, these survivors do not even have the strength to flee or fight back.

LongHai survivor camp may have jointly captured the granary in Shang Lin county and received a lot of food. But there is no new supply of food as the seeds could not germinate. The Survivor camp only allow survivors to drink some watery porridge to preserve their lives. Most of the survivors were hungry until they were nothing more than skin and bones. In the entire camp, other than the men from the special administrative region, there is no fat people.

Translator notes:

What about Lei Cheng? He is fat like a pig. He lives in the military camp and not the S.A.R

Chen Jiang Feng considered for a moment, and then he agreed.

But he was thinking ’’If we allow the survivors to eat, then they can work faster and harder to build barricade and walls. In this way, the main force can focus on attacking the enemy instead of creating these trenches, saving time and effort.’’

The three parties struck an agreement, and all of them left the secret room.

The next day, 500 men, 700 women and 600 kids were rounded up by Chen Jian Feng and handed over to Yue Zhong's side.

Yue Zhong immediately sent the women and children to Big Cliff Village and Stone Horse Village.

At the same time, Big Cliff Village continuously delivered machetes in batches to Yue Zhong and Chen Jian Feng.

Chen Jian Feng also rounded up 1,000 men and handed these men to Lei Cheng.

Lei Cheng assigned military trainers to train these men. He does not require these men to become elite fighting troops, but just hope they would be of some use against the zombies.

Also, Chen Jian Feng also rounded up all the remaining men to dig holes and trenches, and there were many trenches surrounding the camp.

The zombies are stupid and attack in swarms. Although these holes are useless against human, but it should trap several hundreds of zombies.

From Shang Lin County to the Survivor Camp, there is nowhere to defend in safety. Yue Zhong did not wish to engage the zombies in an open field, where they had the advantage of numbers. Even he had several IFVs, the zombies have numerous H1 zombies that could blow these vehicles apart. If there are trenches, this will make it easier for the defenders.

The evolved zombies had complicated matters. If it just regular zombies, 100 IFVs with enough ammo should be sufficient to destroy these rubbishes. But with the evolved zombies like H1 zombies, they could fight back.

Ten days later, Yue Zhong was looking out of the wall of the camp when he heard a sharp cry from Little Greenie. Yue Zhong turned pale, and told Kong Tianyu: ’’The zombies are here, inform all of them to retreat inside the city walls.’’

Kong Tianyu immediately left and carried out the command.

All the people who were digging trenches outside quickly and fearfully rushed through the doors of the camp.

In the mad scramble to get back to the city, several men were knocked onto the floor and trampled to death by the horde of men. Nobody cared about those who died. Everyone was focused on their own safety as they rushed into the city. There was no order, and no queue as everyone jostled to get to safety.

At the gates, it quickly became chaotic as there were sounds of scuffles, crying and shouting. The zombies had not even appeared, but the survivors were already in a state of Chaos.

After a while, the survivors finally had some resemble of order under the leadership of the government officials, and entered into the city.

The survivors had just entered the city when the sentries on duty at the city wall notice the horde of zombies.

When they saw the sea of zombie that seemed to sweep aside all in its path, all the men on the city walls could not help feeling scared. There zombie horde was very massive, and seemed to be never ending, and it brings with it a feeling that could swallow everything in its path as it creeped towards LongHai Survivor camp.

Seeing the approach of these legions of zombies, almost everyone turned pale and began to shook uncontrollably.

Once they thought that they must engage the zombie that were as numerous as colonies of ants, many of the men were frightened out of their wits.

Only Yue Zhong's elite team of men who had fought against the zombies on numerous occasions could look at the sea of zombie with a keen and calm eyes.

Even the 700 men who just been trained by Yue Zhong's team immediately turned pale, and they trembled uncontrollably.

With each step the sea of zombies advance, the more pressure the men on the walls felt. If not for the 6m tall wall, almost all the men would be scared senseless and have long fled.

’’Captain Yue, there are surely more than 100,000 zombies?’’ Kong Tianyu, who was standing by Yue Zhong's side, remarked. His face looked very grim.

The number of zombies was much more than when Yue Zhong first encountered them. It was like the march of a colony of army ants. The zombie horde in Big Cliff village could not be compared to this threat.

’’I think so’’ Yue Zhong also felt a suffocating pressure from the number of zombies. Seeing the sea of zombies, even with the wall, he had no confidence in successfully defending the camp.

Although there were 6,000 survivors in the camp, those who have the courage to fight against the zombie numbered less than 1,000.

1,000 vs 100,000. Each man must kill 100 or more zombies. This is really mission impossible!

Luckily the Z series of zombies were not too smart. They only know of one tactic: To overwhelm with numbers.

As they proceed forwards, Chen Jian Feng's trap of building trenches and holes went to work. Each zombie that fell into the trap ended up falling prone. Then the zombies behind them continued to fall into the pit on top of them and so on, crushing the ones at the bottom of the pit.

This continues until each trench was filled to the brim with the bodies of zombies. Then the zombie horde behind will step on the corpses of the fallen to cross each trench.

With the massive number of zombies crushing those who had fallen, those that fell into the trap never got up again.

About 2,000 zombies were stuck in the trenches, and their corpses were used to fill the trenches. But the throngs of zombies did not even faltered or slowed at all. The loss of 2,000 zombies were quickly forgotten as the sea of zombies continued to surge forwards.

When the zombies are about 100 m away from the wall where Yue Zhong was supposed to guard, Yue Zhong immediately commanded ’’Fire at will!’’

From Yue Zhong's team, each elite marksman continuously shoots towards the zombies, and many zombies were taken out of with headshots and collapsed lifelessly onto the ground.

Yue Zhong is in charge of guarding the East gate, while the North, West, South gates are under the supervision of Lei Cheng's subordinates.

The majority of Lei Cheng's men are new soldiers who have not experienced combat with zombies nor have much military training. As soon as the zombies were in sight about 200 m away, they immediately panic and madly fire all their weapons at the zombie horde.

Under the hail of bullet, many zombies were cut down by the heavy fire.

But it also depleted Lei Cheng's ammo at a very rapid pace. Most of the soldier used up a magazine of bullets and quickly changed their magazines with trembling hands. After a short while, they emptied their clip and changed their magazines again.

The hail of fire in the West, North and South wall never ceased. Each of heavy machine guns did not even rest once. Hundreds of zombies were torn apart by the bullet storm

’’Stop firing! You are not allowed to fire without my orders. Those who failed to obey orders will be shot!’’ a veteran soldier was able to see that something is wrong, and immediately started shouting orders.

Mankind has made rapid technology advancement, especially with firearms. The guns of today can continuously shot out a steady stream of bullets at a very rapid pace. If these untrained soldiers did not exercise restraint and continued to frantically shoot, all the bullet supplies in Long Hai Survivor Camp will be used up in one day.

Without bullet, LongHai survivor camp could not hope to withstand the might of a 100,000 zombie army.

Most of the soldiers had been given less than 2 months of training. Each soldier only had 50 bullets. The sea of zombie were thick and everywhere. Even if they blindly shoot, their bullets would hit a zombie. But to have a headshot is a different matter. Their accuracy at a pace of 200 m away was still lacking.

Under the command of the veteran soldiers, the soldiers stopped firing blindly and begun to shoot at the zombies in short bursts.

With a brief respite, many zombies that were shot down by the bullets storm slowly got up and walked shakily towards the walls.

Seeing the shooting of these recruits has little to no effect on the zombies, the officials began to change their strategy. ’’Do not shoot! Let them come closer before we shoot!’’

The walls around the area are 6m tall. The 6m wall is their best defence.

Under the command of the officials, the West, North and South Gates all stopped firing and allow the horde of zombies to get closer and close to the gates.

Not long after, there are countless numbers of zombies outside these three gates.

These zombies tried to use their claws to strike at the city walls, but it was ineffective. Without the evolved zombies, even 100,000 normal zombies will not be able to break down the city door.

’’Open Fire’’. At this time, Lei Cheng's officials finally give the command to engage the zombies.

Seeing that the terrifying zombies could not do anything but to remain outside the gates, the soldiers then relax a bit. Under the command of the officials, they begin to fire at the zombies below.

At this distance, with a height advantage, each bullet quickly struck the zombies on their head, and these zombies collapsed.

After seeing the scary zombies were easily killed by their bullets, the soldiers were more at eased, and began to muster their courage.

Lei Sheng was on a city wall, and watching the zombies being slaughtered like dogs, he started to relax. ’’These zombies are not scary at all. Don't say 100,000, even 200,000 of them is nothing.’’

’’After killing these zombies, all I had to do is to raid the Shang Lin military camp, and get the guns and ammo. Thereafter, I just need to capture each town by cleansing it of zombies. If we continue like this, my dream of conquering the entire country is not just a dream.’’ Lei Cheng's ambition is getting bigger and bigger. At first all he want is control of LongHai Survivor Camp. Now he wants to control all of China.

Just when the soldiers got things under control, there was suddenly change. From the horde of zombies, 200 L2 zombies appeared near the wall. Each L2 zombies had an L1 zombie in their hands.

As soon as they were within range, these L2 zombies threw the L1 zombies up towards the top of the wall.

These L2 zombies were all massive hulks and possessed incredible strength. Under their throw, the L1 zombie were like cannonball as they were launch on top on the walls.

A few L1 zombies went 'splat' on the city walls and decorated it with a ketchup stain. But most of the L1 zombies were successfully launched among the defenders on top of the wall.


Seeing the zombies that managed to drop among the mean, most of the new soldiers turned pale. Many of them immediately dropped their weapons and ran away.

[To be continued...]

Censorship again (Sigh):


Directly translate as ’’Men are much stronger than women, and are the best warriors. Woman can give birth, and is a valuable resource for increasing the population.’’

Sounds like the author looked down on women's value, and make it look like giving birth is all a woman is worth. Many women in the police and military can fight as well as if not better than men.

So what I did:

Men are usually, but not always, stronger than women, and trend to make better warriors. Women can do what men can't: give birth to children and increase the population.

Censor 2:

可是当前岳重需要的是能够战斗的战斗人员, blah blah blah....,岳重自然会挑选青壮年男子。

Directly translate as ’’But now Yue Zhong wants those that can fight, and he will naturally choose the young and healthy men.’’

What happened to middle-aged men and women? They could fight too.

So what I did: But right now, Yue Zhong needs more fighters. Therefore, he chooses what he thought would make better warriors - young and healthy men.


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