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God And Devil World - Chapter 181



One Blade Xu finally cleared his mind of any rage he felt when he was punched. He is not an idiot. He knows of Lei Cheng's plan, and must endure this humiliation. If not, Lei Cheng will give him a hard time. Although Big Knife Clan leader sounds good, in the eyes of Lei Cheng, it is no better than a dog.

’’Do not make any trouble here. If there is a next time, we will escort you out.’’ Fu Ming glared at Yue Zhong. Then he led his subordinate out.

One Blade Xu sucked in a deep breath, and with great difficulties, humbled himself as he apologised to Yue Zhong. ’’Sorry, it is my fault for not teaching my woman!’’

Although One Blade Xu had apologised, it did not clear the resentment in his heart.

’’Look after your woman properly!’’ Yue Zhong did not even put One Blade Xu in his eyes, as he walked off with Gu Yan Yi [1].

’’Let's go!’’ One Blade Xu had lost a lot of face in his skirmish with Yue Zhong, and had no face to remain in the same area. He pulled An Yan Hua towards a corner of the banquet. At this moment, the looks of pity on each and every man's face were like daggers stabbing into his body.

Sky Wang is relatively thick-skinned, and did not care about the looks of the men as he mingled with the crowd with Zhang Yan. Although Zhang Yan face has swollen, she was able to socialise well with the rich ladies as they eased into polite gossip and chatter.

Yue Zhong met a lot of people he recognised in this banquet.

Gu Fei Fei, Ning Zi Xuan, Ma Bu, Gu Li and Zhang Yang [2] entered the villa next, followed by four more women.

The four women were dressed in evening gowns and look absolutely stunning as the heads of several men turned to look at them. These four of women sat next to four men, and engaged the men in lively conversations. Soon, the sound of laughter and chatter from these group of beautiful women liven up the heavy atmosphere.

Ning Zi Xuan was immaculately dressed, and well-groomed. From his looks, no one could tell his personality would change that much when he was drunk [See Chapter 148-150].

Gu Fei Fei was dressed in a purple night gown. Her face has some light makeup, and made her look a bit more matured. With her thick, se*y lips, it give her a wild, matured charm.

Seeing Yue Zhong walking over towards her, Gu Fei Fei's face seemed to break into a strange smile as she said: ’’Yue Zhong, you had really created a big storm.’’

Gu Fei Fei has seen how Yue Zhong had taught One Blade Xu a lesson. One Blade Xu and Sky Wang were very proud men and did not even put her dad Flame King Gu in their eyes. But they submitted to Yue Zhong so easily. She could not help to but take a dig at Yue Zhong.

’’You flattered me.’’ Yue Zhong just shrugged and did not seemed to care as he sat on the sofa, and helped himself to an apple.

Gu Fei Fei looked at Ji Qing Wu who was standing next to Yue Zhong. She seemed unhappy as she asked: ’’Where is Fang Chu? Why isn't she here with you? It has been but a few days, and you already changed your woman? You changed your woman like you change clothes.’’

Gu Yan Yi heard his sister's sharp remarks and immediately said in a strict voice: ’’Fei Fei, mind your manners!’’

Gu Yan Yi is not a man who did not understand the current situation. Yue Zhong is now a man who holds the envy and fear of the men in LongHai Survivor Camp. He has 3000 survivors, weapons that are not inferior to the military, and many evolvers under his command. Although their father, Flame King Gu, is a man with some power in LongHai Survivor Camp, his might could not be compared with Yue Zhong's strength.

Gu Fei Fei may be rebellious, but she is not stupid. As soon as the words left her mouth, she already felt a tinge of regret. But she could take back the words that she had already said. Therefore, she immediately apologised to Yue Zhong.

The scene of Yue Zhong teaching One Blade Xu had left a mark of fear in Gu Fei Fei's heart as she re-evaluated her attitude towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong just smiled, and did not intend to pursue the matter. ’’It's all right!’’

From their first meeting, Yue Zhong knew that Gu Fei Fei's character is a bit rebellious. He had purposely picked a fight with One Blade Xu to show off his might so that others dare not offend him.

After the apocalypse, all order had collapsed, and a new law was formed from the chaos - the law of the jungle. Or the survival of the fittest. The weak will be bullied time and time again by the strong. To survive in this world, you need to show your strength.

In the LongHai survival camp, there were many factions fighting for power. If Yue Zhong had not displayed his feat of strength, many people would think he is weak and try to take his advantage. Many people will try to challenge him time and time again as they probed his strength in a struggle for power.

Even if Yue Zhong is relatively strong, but there were many factions. Like a pack of hungry wolves, they would work together and tear him apart if he shown the slightest trace of weakness.

By displaying his powers, no one dares to challenge him anymore.

Gu Fei Fei was just impulsive, and Yue Zhong would not turn the cheek on her just for her slip of the tongue.

Gu Yan Yi looked at Yue Zhong and asked ’’Yue Zhong, do you think we can defend LongHai Survivor Camp?’’

Hearing Gu Yan Yi's words, Ning Zi Xuan and the rest of the men in the surrounding area all looked towards Yue Zhong. It is an open secret that a massive number of zombies from Shan Lin County are headed towards LongHai Survivor Camp. The issue in most people's heart is whether LongHai Survivor Camp can be defended from the zombie attack.

If it is impossible to defend, then all of them need to make preparations. Otherwise, they would die in the zombie attack.

Among all the men in the villa, only Yue Zhong had brought soldiers to fight against the zombies and freed two villages. He words are the most trustworthy among all the men here.

Yue Zhong considered for a while before replying. ’’There is only a 20% chance of us successfully defending the base. This assessment of 20% is only if each and every one of you are willing to join and fight together as one. If we do not unite, then we don't have even have 10% chance of successfully defending this base.’’

Ning Zi Xuan interrupted: ’’It is not possible, right? Yue Zhong, last time Lei Cheng just brought one camp of men and he manage to clear Qing Yan County (Qing Yan County is where the LongHai Survivor Camp is located in). But now that he had more than one camp of soldiers. And the LongHai Survivor Camp also have so many men. How come you feel that it is not possible to defend LongHai Survivor Camp.’’

Shortly after the apocalypse, Lei Cheng had just used two platoons of soldiers and managed to clear the Qing Yan County, and set up the LongHai Survivor Camp. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that most of the people here believed that LongHai Survivor Camp can be defended.

Yue Zhong explained: ’’The zombies are continuously evolving. I think all of you know this. This time, there are over 100,000 zombies. The number of zombies that have evolved twice would be in the mid-hundreds range. The number of zombies that have evolved just once would be in the range of several thousand. Among the zombies, there are commander zombies with high intelligence that organise these zombies into a powerful army. With a commander, all the zombies are at least ten times more formidable then previous.’’

’’As for us, we have expanded most of the ammunition. Looking at the big picture, I think that it would be very difficult to defend LongHai Survivor camp. ’’

After listening to Yue Zhong's words, all the men were stunned in silence. If Yue Zhong's words can be trusted, then the Survivor Camp would be in great danger.

While most of the men were mulling over Yue Zhong's words, Lei Cheng and his son, Lei Sheng, walked into the banquet hall with several military evolvers.

Once Lei Cheng walked to the stage, all the lights in the room were turned off, except for a ray of light shining at him.

’’Thank you for coming to this banquet’’ Lei Cheng was wearing a military uniform. Looking at the smiling man who seemed to be full of heroic spirit, no one was able to tell from his appearance that he is a narrow-minded and petty man, and excel in backstabbing others.

[To be continued...]


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