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God And Devil World - Chapter 180


Some names for less confusion among non-Chinese readers:

薛一刀 Xu Yi Dao. 薛 = Xu= surname. 一刀 = One Blade. So I nickname him One Blade Xu.

王天Wang Tian. 王=Wang = Surname. 天= Sky. So I nickname him Sky Wang.


Another coquettish-looking woman decked in jewellery joined in to heckle at Yue Zhong. She threw cold look towards Yue Zhong, and spoke the man who Yue Zhong was chatting with, ’’Young master Gu, are two hillbillies friends of yours? They seemed to have no common sense. This is battalion commander Lei's banquet. How could you let these two commoners come in dressed like this? Isn't that being too disrespectful to the commander Lei?’’

Flame King Gu's team is a relatively strong faction in LongHai Survivor Camp. But in LongHai Survivor Camp, there are too many factions fighting for power, and there is always someone more powerful. Although Flame King Gu is an evolver, in the eyes of the bigger factions, he is considered insignificant.

Here, the military controlled weapons and bullets with an iron fist. If Flame King Gu dares to use his skills to attack any man from the Special Administrative Region, a type 40 rocket is more than enough to send him to heaven.

The two pretty women are the women of the Green Wolves Clan's leader and the Big Knife Clan's leader. These two Clans were created by Lei Cheng to do all the dirty deeds that Lei Cheng cannot publicly do. These two clans often clashed with Flame King Gu's faction.

The voluptuous lady wearing a red dress is the woman of the Green Wolves Clan's leader, Wang Tian (Sky Wang). Her name is Zhang Yan.

The other lady decked in jewellery is the woman of the Big Knife Clan's leader, Xu Yi Dao (One Blade Xu). Her name is An Yan Hua.

Listening to the two ladies' chatter, Yue Zhong raised his eyebrows, and coldly stared at Green Wolves Clan's leader, Wang Tian (Sky Wang).

Wang Tian (Sky Wang) noticed the cold look on Yue Zhong's face, and immediately slapped Zhang Yan on her face and scolded her: ’’Bitch! You better watch what you say! The one in front of you is Captain Yue! Quickly kneel down and apologise to Captain Yue!’’

Green Wolves Clan's leader, Wang Tian (Sky Wang) had also participated in the fight against the Mutant Rats Tide. He had personally witnessed Yue Zhong's might with his own eyes. As a subordinate of Lei Cheng, he is also aware that this man had the strength and power to fight on par with Lei Cheng's forces. At the same time, this man is also the man that his boss, Lei Cheng, wants to rope in. Furthermore, he knew that Yue Zhong was responsible for the overnight destruction of Ice King Group. He had no desired whatever to become the second Ice King.

To Wang Tian (Sky Wang), Zhang Yan is only one of his toys. He did not place particular importance on her. After all, he had many more toys.

Zhang Yan's face swell from the force of the slap, and she immediately turn pale. She cried and kneeled in front of Yue Zhong and beg for forgiveness. ’’Sorry, Captain Yue! I have eyes, but failed to see you, and even offended you.’’

Although Sky Wang will not do anything to her during the banquet, Zhang Yan knows Sky Wang's character. He is a man who would not hesitate to kill or torture his women if these women displeased him. Zhang Yan dare not to disobey Sky Wang's words, for fear or recuperations after the banquet.

Sky Wang also apologises, ’’Sorry, Captain Yue! I am Green Wolves Clan's leader, Wang Tian (Sky Wang). It is my fault for not being strict enough!! Please forgive my mistake.’’

Yue Zhong then stared at Big Knife Clan's leader, Xu Yi Dao (One Blade Xu) coldly.

Xu Yi Dao (One Blade Xu) felt a chill creeping up his spine. But he had long accustomed to being a leader in his clan, and is not willing to follow Sky Wang and beg for forgiveness. He just silently stood there, and did not let his woman An Yan Hua apologise to Yue Zhong.

An Yan Hua saw that Zhang Yan was kneeling before Yue Zhong, and knew that today, she had offended someone she should not have. She also turned pale and walked towards One Blade Xu, and hope that her man can protect her.

Yue Zhong saw that One Blade Xu had kept silent, and he step forwards and hit One Blade Xu. The force of his blow was such that One Blade Xu's mouth was covered with blood and his head was swimming with stars. ’’You better teach your woman what they should not say!’’ Yue Zhong coldly said.

’’You are asking for death!’’ Ever since One Blade Xu had followed Lei Cheng and became the leader of the Big Knife Clan, everything goes

smoothly for him. He had never been this humiliated before. His eyes turned red with fury, and he launched a blow at Yue Zhong in retaliation, without considering the difference in strength.

Before the apocalypse, he was a Muay Thia Kick Boxing instructor in a martial arts school. His fists are heavy and quick. Normal humans find it hard to withstand his fists. He had joined Lei Cheng early, and, as a result, he was given the leadership of the Big Knife Clan.


One Blade Xu's fist may be useful against low-level evolvers. But against someone who has seven times the speed of a regular human, the fist is slow as a turtle.

Yue Zhong stepped aside and easily dodged the punch. He kicked One Blade Xu's legs, and forced One Blade Xu to fall onto the floor. Then he stomped his foot heavily on One Blade Xu's back.

One Blade Xu spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and was pinned down like a dog under Yue Zhong's foot.

Although Sky Wang and One Blade Xu are both Lei Cheng's subordinates, they get along like oil get along with water. Both of them secretly plot against each other in their struggle for power. Looking at his rival who was pinned dog and unable to get up, he felt conflicted. On one hand, he gloated at his arch-rival's misfortune. On the other hand, he could not help feeling afraid.

Seeing that One Blade was pinned below Yue Zhong's foot, An Yan Hua immediately kneel and beg for forgiveness: ’’Captain Yue, it is me that had a foul mouth! It is me that talked rubbished! Please spare One Blade Xu! I am begging you! I am sorry. I am so sorry!’’

After the apocalypse, human lives are as cheap as ants. An Yan Hua may be pretty, but if not for the fact that One Blade Xu had protected her, she could not have such a good life. One Blade Xu had treated her quite well, and is not like Sky Wang who discarded woman like objects after using them. She also had some feelings for One Blade Xu. Therefore, upon seeing One Blade Xu in trouble, she unhesitatingly swallowed her pride and begged for forgiveness.

This event had attracted the attention of the security guards, and seven men dressed in security suits quickly made their way to the scene and surrounded Yue Zhong and One Blade Xu.

’’What happen?’’ A burly, well built and dark-skin man stepped forward from among the guards and asked.

Sky Wang also stepped out and smiled at that security guard. ’’Captain Fu, this is just a minor misunderstanding. Stone Horse Village leader, Captain Yue, and Big Knife Clan's leader, One Blade Xu, had a minor misunderstanding. There is no trouble.’’

Sky Wang quickly pointed out Yue Zhong's status. Lei Cheng wishes to have Yue Zhong serve him and control Yue Zhong's power. His ambition is not a closed secret. Sky Wang do not wish to create any conflicts between Yue Zhong and any direct subordinates of Lei Cheng. If not, Lei Cheng would not forgive him

This guard is one of Lei Cheng's strongest evolvers, Fu Ming.

After hearing Yue Zhong's name, Fu Ming looked at Yue Zhong, as if asking Yue Zhong to confirm the words.

Yue Zhong then lift his leg and smiled towards Fu Ming and said: ’’This is really a minor misunderstanding!’’

One Blade Xu also slowly get up. With eyes full of poisonous hate for Yue Zhong, he swallowed his anger and killing intent and said: ’’This is a misunderstanding.’’

[To be continued....]


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