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God And Devil World - Chapter 178


Chen Shi Tou announced: ’’Some of you might have guessed - We are allocating machetes and shields to you because we want you to fight against the zombies. If you do not have the guts to do so, put down your weapon and your shield and walk out of here. From this moment onwards, you have nothing more to do with us. But if you are willing to fight against the zombies, I will guarantee that each of you will have enough to eat every, and you also have a chance to earn meat to eat.’’

After listening to Chen Shi Tou, many men among the 400 survivors turned pale. The machetes and shields in their hands dropped to the floor as they shook uncontrollably.

Fighting with zombies is not that easy. These zombies look horrible, and there is a high chance of being infected with the zombie virus. One hit is all it takes to turn you into a zombie.

One survivor threw down his machete and shield and walked out. Even if he could have more food to eat, he also refused to fight against the zombies. This is especially true if he is armed with just a machete and a shield to fight.

As if the first man leaving the camp had opened the floodgates to leave, one by one, more and more men chose to leave the camp. After a short while, over 200 men have chosen to leave. Only 100+ survivors remain.

The most important aspects of this team were courage and guts. Without courage and guts, it is impossible for these men to fight. If Yue Zhong has more time, he will not allow a single man to leave this camp. He will make sure that all of these men will be brave and willing to fight the zombies.

But at this moment, time is what Chen Shi Tou lacked the most. Slowly but surely, these zombies are coming. Right now, he can only let those without guts to fight to leave his camp.

Those who left are all survivors that joined LongHai Survivor Camp relatively recently. They had not experienced hunger for a long, and still believes that the authorities will not ditch them and will provide help to them.

But the men who stayed are all pioneers who had stayed in LongHai Survivor Camp for a long time. They were already so hungry and oppressed until they could not withstand the hunger. As long as there were food for them to eat, they were ready to do anything.

If forced into a corner, a human will show extraordinary strength as he retaliates. However, if given a choice, almost all man will not chose to fight with their lives on the line. Now that these men had experienced hunger and were cornered by the authorities, these men were willing to fight. To kill zombies in exchange for food? Not a problem! Dying in combat is so better than dying of hunger!

Chen Shi Tou looked at the 100+ remaining men, and said: ’’Excellent! Now swing your blade downwards 100 times!’’

All the 100+ remaining men began practicing swinging their machetes.

Chen Shi Tou was assigned as the trainer for these 100+ men. He was the best hunter in Chen Family Village, and have experience numerous battles with Yue Zhong with his Tang Imitation Sword. This gave him some knowledge of using a sabre. Although his skills are not as good as a master of a sabre, but he had no problems teaching new recruits the correct way to swing their machetes for maximum impact.

After the last survivor who refused to fight the zombies had left the camp, Wang Shengwalked towards a man who was recording down the details of these survivors, and asked: ’’Did you record down their name and particulars?’’

’’Yes, Sir! We had recorded all these information already!’’

Wang Shuang had a cold look in his eyes as he said ’’Very good! These cowards! When we recruit more men, make sure we don't recruit these rubbish.’’

Wang Shuang was one of the men who had followed Yue Zhong since the apocalypse. His combat ability and qualifications was considered mediocre. But after experiencing the hash and cruel world after the apocalypse, his mind-set and personality slowly changed, and he had managed to evolve to level 9.


== Meanwhile, in the skies ==

Yue Zhong was seated on Little Greenie's back and soaring freely in the sky.

Being able to fly is a dream for many man. But the feeling of flying on the back of a great eagle is far from the ideal landscape of freedom that was painted by false expectations and imagination.

In reality, Little Greenie is very fast. In the sky, hundreds of meters away from the nearest land, the wind resistance was like hundreds of blade of knives cutting into Yue Zhong, and threatened to push him off Little Greenie's back and fall to his doom. Even with Yue Zhong's strengthened body, he also felt very pressurised by the wind resistance.

Yue Zhong lie down on his front to minimise the wind resistance, and gently patted Little Greenie and said: ’’Fly slowly, please.’’

Little Greenie understood Yue Zhong words, and slowed down, and leisurely flew towards the direction where Shang Lin County lain in.

After about 2 hours, Yue Zhong was able to see the army of zombies.

From Shan Lin County, the army of zombies was as thick as ants, and there seemed to be no end to the number of zombies. From the sky, it look like a massive black-coloured tidal wave that was slowly moving forwards, destroying everything in its path.

In the land where the tide of zombie had moved over, it was eerily empty. There was no sound of insects, no mutant beasts, nothing at all. All that remains were bones of various beasts, and blood-stained ground.

In front of the massive, colossus army of zombies, all the mutant beasts in front of the army could be seen fleeing in all directions.

From the zombie horde, hundreds of speed-enhanced S1 and S2 zombies broke apart from the zombie tide, and hunted down all the fleeing mutant beasts. Then they ate these creatures.

Not all Mutant Beasts choose to run although. Some chose to fight. After all, the normal zombies that made up the bulk of the army were only level 1 and were much weaker than them.

A Mutant Bull was charging among the zombie horde, and sent several zombies flying with its stampede. After sending about 10 zombies flying, its horns impeded itself on to the massive body of an L2 zombie.

The massive L2 smashed its fists on the head of the Mutant bull. The impact of the force smashed a dent in the thick skull of the bull and crushed its brain, killing it immediately.

Once the mutant bull is dead, the normal zombie swarmed upon on the Mutant Bull's body as if they were files attracted a corpse, and began to eat it. In a short while, only the bones and the blood spilled on the floor were all that remained of the Mutant Bull.

A Mutant Cat Beast with a body like a leopard was constantly hunting down as many normal zombies as possible that had wandered into its territory. Each bite or claws would kill a zombie and it would retreat immediately after each hit. The normal zombies had no way to stop the hit and run tactics employed by the Mutant Cat. They were far too slow to keep up with its speed.

Suddenly, seven S2 zombies rushed out from the zombie crowd, and with their terrifying claws, made short work of the Mutant Cat. In no time at all, the mutant cat joined the Mutant bull as nothing but a pile of skeleton and pool of blood.

As the zombie horde passed by the river, a water python emerged from the waters. It begin to swallow the zombies and help itself to a feast.

The normal zombies could not even scratch its scales as it wrecked carnage on the zombies. To the water python, the zombies are like snacks to be enjoyed at its leisure.

From the zombie horde, sixty S2 zombies each held a H1 zombie [1] high above the rest of the zombies. The sixty H1 zombies opened their mouths and sixty balls of fire blew apart the head of the water python. It collapsed lifelessly onto the ground.

Although the water python scales may be immune to the attacks of normal zombies, the scales could not withstand the might of H1 fireball.

A massive horde of zombies rushed up, and devoured the Water Python. In a few minutes, all that remained are some bones and some scales.

’’This is bad! If we engage these zombies in a battle, we need to destroy all the H1 zombie at the earliest opportunity.’’ Yue Zhong was worried about his subordinates after witnessing the death of the water python.

Even a massive and powerful water python mutant beast whose scales are immune to most physical attacks also ended up being nothing more than food for the zombies. His subordinates who were dressed in Water Python Snakeskin armour would also be unable to withstand a single hit from the H1 zombies.

Yue Zhong patted Little Greenie and requested for Little Greenie to fly lower. Little Greenie flapped its wing and immediately flew down towards the H1 zombies.

From the sky, a fireball spell and a cone of ice runes suddenly appeared. In the next moment, a fireball and a cone of ice was launched and hit 2 of the H1 on their heads, and killed the two H1 in one hit.

[To be continued...]


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