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God And Devil World - Chapter 177



100,000 zombies and several thousand zombies are completely different concepts. And these 100,000 zombies are organized.

The Z1 Commander Zombie in Big Cliff Village that organized several thousands of zombies had already given Yue Zhong a lot of pressure. A 100,000 strong zombie army with organization and hierarchy would be even more formidable.

Lu Wen pouted and asked: ’’Then, why can Ji Qing Wu go with you?’’

Yue Zhong pinched Lu Wen's cheeks and replied: ’’You also know about Ji Qing Wu's strength. She can protect herself in a zombie horde. Even if she met with any danger, she is able to escape it by virtue of her skills. That's why I allowed her to come with me.’’

Ji Qing Wu was skilled in using the sword. After joining Yue Zhong's team, she often took the initiative to bring men to search for more food supplies, and constantly gained experience and evolved. Right now, she is the 3rd strongest in Yue Zhong's team.

’’Let's sleep.’’ Yue Zhong bent down and kissed Lu Wen and Guo Yu on their forehead and immediately closed his eyes. Although he had 3 beauties in his arms, he did not have the mood to engage in se*. He needs to conserve his stamina and energy for the events that will soon happen.

Guo Yu who was sleeping beside Yue Zhong keep looking at Yue Zhong's face: ’’Power. If I have sufficient power to fight in battles besides him, how great would it be.’’

The next morning, two IFVs, five military jeeps with artillery guns, a machine gun car installed with a type 14.7 mm dual-mounted machine gun, seven trucks, ten Hummers, a large tanker and six converted buses drove towards Longhai Survivor Camp.

From the sky, Little Greenie was using its sharps eyes to keep a lookout for potential hazards.

This time, Yue Zhong took more than half of his elite forces and half of his ammunition supply to LongHai Survivor Camp. An army that is greater than 100,000 zombies is no joking matter. If there are insufficient preparations, most his elite forces will end up dead.

Of course, Yue Zhong is not so stupid as to offer his forces for free. He requested for the control of the North Gate in LongHai Survival Camp. All his men smoothly made their way into the LongHai Survival Camp.

But in Phoenix Street area, the LongHai Survivor Camp had deployed 5 IFVs in that area. As well, sandbags and barbed wires were formed to make a make-shift barricade. There were many soldiers standing guard over that street. The area outside of Phoenix Street has been rezoned to make way for Yue Zhong's troops.

The LongHai Survivor Camp may be using Yue Zhong's forces, but at the same time, they also need to protect themselves against Yue Zhong's forces. If not for the fact that there were massive numbers of zombie walking towards the Camp, the authorities in charge will never agree to let Yue Zhong bring soldiers into the LongHai Survivor Camp.

As soon as Yue Zhong disembarked from the vehicle, he immediately looked for Chen Shi Tou and asked. ’’What is the situation now? Quickly tell me whatever intelligence you have on the movement of the zombies!’’

Chen Shi Tou eyes were bloodshot. For the last few days, he had not slept well. As soon Yue Zhong asked, he immediately replied. ’’The zombies are moving towards us, but their speed is very slow. If they continue to approach us at this pace, I estimated that they will reach here in about 10 days.’’

Listening to Chen Shi Tou's words, Yue Zhong could not help raising his eyebrows.

Shang Lin County is about 100 km away from LongHai Survivor Camp. Although these zombie's movement speed is very slow, they are able to move continuously non-stop around the clock. They do not need to rest, nor do they feel tired. Yue Zhong could not help being sceptical that the zombies need 10 days to reach LongHai Survivor Camp.

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Shi Tou and asked, ’’How many able-bodied survivors have you recruited?’’

Chen Shi Tou replied, ’’400 men’’

After getting news of the movement of the zombies from Shang Lin County, Chen Shi Tou immediately started a mass recruitment for all able-bodied man. After some training, they would be able to fight against the zombie.

After the apocalypse, man and woman are both valuable resources [C1]. The women represent mankind's future. The men represent mankind's present.

Women can do what men cannot do: they can give birth and increase the population of humans. Without women, humanity has no future. Men could not increase their population and humans will die out.

Men are naturally stronger and more aggressive than women. Hence, this usually makes men more suitable for fighting than most women. At present, men are needed to fight, and Chen Shi Tou naturally recruited the stronger and able-bodied men.

Yue Zhong replied: ’’Make arrangement for these men to eat, then begin training as soon as possible. If you need more equipment, request it from Wang Shuang.’’

When trained, 400 men is a powerful weapon against zombies.

Chen Shi Tou replied: ’’Understood! Tonight there is a gathering in the Special Administrative Region. Various factions and powers in LongHai survivor camp will attend this gathering. Lei Cheng had sent an invitation, and hope you can attend. They said the purpose of this gathering is to discuss the zombie invasion.’’

’’Noted! Please let someone inform them that I will be on time.’’

Yue Zhong walked towards Little Greenie and mounted it.

Although Little Greenie can not be compared to its parents, it is also a massive Mutant Beast with a wingspan of 15 m. It is not a problem for it to carry a man.

Yue Zhong patted Little Greenie on its back, and Little Greenie immediately flapped its wings and soar up towards the sky, and head in the direction of Shang Ling County.

Chen Shi Tou could not help looking at Yue Zhong with envy. He also wanted to have such a magnificent beast. Then he turned around and walked towards the 400 men he had recruited.

400 survivors were gathered in an empty field. Each of them had a bowl of porridge in one hand, and a bun in the other hand, and was eating their meal.

Chen Shi Tou walked in the front of these men, and coldly shouted: ’’You have 30 seconds to finish your meal, and then assemble here immediately!’’

After Chen Shi Tou's announcement, the 400 survivors immediately wolfed down their bun, and washed down the bun with the porridge, and assembled.

After raiding Shang Lin granary, the lives of all survivors did not improve by much. The relief gruel was a bit thicker, but that all.

Raiding Shang Lin granary had provided very rich returns for LongHai survivor camp, they have accumulated a lot of food, and even ¼of their gains from Shang Lin granary is enough for 10,000 people to eat for 2 years. But after the apocalypse, all the seeds could not germinate. To ensure that humanity can survive for a longer term, LongHai Survivor Camp did not distribute the food for all the survivors. And there are some people in positions of power who felt that if the survivors are well fed, it will become much harder to control them.

It is no wonder that most of the survivors in LongHai Survivor Camp are hungry and dressed in rags. Having good food to eat (the bun and porridge are so much better than gruel) is a blessing for these survivors, and they will not easily let go of this marvellous opportunity.

Chen Shi Tou waved his hands, and several men carried in carts full of machetes and steel shields. There was a small mountain of these products.

There are 400 machetes, and 400 shields. These items were all created from Big Cliff Village. From the first day that Yue Zhong had conquered Big Cliff Village, the steel factory has been churning out all sorts of weapons and armours, and have not stopped production.

Chen Shi Tou shouted: ’’Each of you come and get one machete and one shield!’’

All the survivor was surprised to see these items, but all of them stepped up to get their machetes and shields.

[to be continued...]


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