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God And Devil World - Chapter 150


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Chapter 150: Lei Sheng

Editor: faraonj

Lei Sheng looked at Yue Zhong, and he withdrew the arrogant appearance: “I didn’t know Captain Yue Zhong was here today. I have committed an offence, please forgive.”

Yue Zhong simply responded: “Yes!”

Seeing Lei Sheng’s appearance, the women in the Celestial World all showed fear in their eyes. Lei Sheng is cruel and domineering. At this time he was being pressured by Yue Zhong. Their hearts filled with fear. The big breasted Liu Hong looked at Yue Zhong, and her eyes strangely glimmered. She was willing to let Yue Zhong do whatever Yue Zhong wanted. Even Fang Chu gazed in splendor at Yue Zhong.

Lei Sheng stared at Fang Chu in Yue Zhong’s arms. His eyes flashed with greed, and he frankly asked: “Captain Yue, that Fang Chu is the woman I’m looking for. Could you part with her? I will give you three beautiful women. Those three women aren’t much different than Fang Chu, you will certainly like them.”

Gu Feifei’s eyes flashed with rage after hearing Lei Sheng talk about women like commodities. But she didn’t erupt on the spot. Lei family holds onto the military, and they are the strongest clan in Long Hai City.

Flame King Gu family is a big clan in Long Hai City. Their power is enormous, but they are dwarfs compared to the Lei family. Gu Feifei often had a wayward temper, but she could see the bigger picture. She naturally wouldn’t start a conflict without using her brain.

Fang Chu’s face became pale white after hearing Lei Sheng’s words. Lei Sheng held an evil reputation in Celestial World. He not only liked to be disrespectful to women, he also liked to give the woman he was tired of playing with to his pig friends. Finally he would give them to his military subordinates. The women in Lei Sheng’s hands fall into a miserable fate worse than prostitutes.

Fang Chu was also hotly pursued by princes before Z-Age. Two heavy pursuers among them were Lei Sheng and Ning Zixuan. She refused their advances just like before Z-Age. She knew what the outcome would be if she fell into Lei Sheng’s hands. Her actions became ice-cold, and her whole body shivered.

Yue Zhong heard Lei Sheng’s request, and he released Fang Chu from his arms. If Lei Sheng was overbearing, he couldn’t have agreed to Lei Sheng’s request. Lei Shen already admitted defeat and gave him face at this time. Furthermore he promised to exchange with other beautiful women. He didn’t have any relation to Fang Chu, and he didn’t have any special feelings. He didn’t want to get involved in this matter.

Yue Zhong’s large hands released Fang Chu’s delicate waist, and Fang Chu immediately felt a chill from the top of her head to her heels. Just now she didn’t really like Yue Zhong grabbing her, but now she wished Yue Zhong could firmly bring her into his embrace. He made her feel a sense of security. Yue Zhong releasing her signified he no longer had the intention of protecting her.

Fang Chu’s vision transferred to Gu Yanyi. The Gu Yanyi was the only person here besides Yue Zhong that could suppress Lei Sheng.

Noticing Fang Chu’s anticipating look, Gu Yanyi’s vision slightly shifted. He didn’t dare look her in the eye, and he stared into his liquor cup. The Lei family’s power was too large in the base. Gu Yunyi didn’t wish to impulsively make the Lei family his enemy. He was very clear on how to chose among the cream of the elite families.

Fang Chu saw Gu Yanyi shift his vision, and her heart lost all hope. She gritted her teeth and kneeled before Yue Zhong. She used a pitiful expression to beg Yue Zhong: “Captain Yue! I’m beggin you to take me. Don’t give me to anyone else. My body is still clean. I haven’t been touched by other men. So long as you chose to accept me, I will be a slave girl and wait on you. I won’t defy your wishes. I will do whatever you want me to do.”

Lei Sheng watched his dream girl before Z-Age kneel before Yue Zhong and beg for shelter. A demonic fire soared up in his heart. He came here today because he knew Fang Chu had fallen into the Celestial World. This is why he came here personally. Lei Sheng wanted to personally make her regret that time. He wanted her to know how ignorant and stupid she was for not picking him back then.

Lei Sheng’s eyes were blood red: “Six!! Captain Yue! I will give you six of the most beautiful virgins for Fang Chu. So long as you give her to me, you will become a good friend of mine. You may casually play with my women!”

Apart from the special Fang Chu, other women were playthings that could be discarded in Lei Sheng’s eyes, nothing more. He didn’t think of Fang Chu like one of those pretty dolls that was just a beautiful girl and nothing more.

Yue Zhong looked at the pitiful and delicate Fang Chu that looked like she had just come out of a painting. He extended his hand and touched her smooth face. He duly said to Lei Sheng: “Lei Sheng, you also heard. She voluntarily became one of my people. She is already one of mine. I don’t have a habit of exchanging my people for others. Please return!”

Lei Sheng’s eyes were blood red, and fury surged in his heart. Lei Shen originally had an explosive temper. He already gave Yue Zhong face today. Yue Zhong unexpectedly didn’t provide his request, and it made him furious without end. He couldn’t help but take a step forward in rage. The four elite soldiers behind him also stepped forward with a strong fighting intentions.

In the blink of an eye, the four direct team members sitting on the sofa of Yue Zhong stood up. A formidable killing intent soared from their bodies. Each one of them had killed dozens of zombies and even several people. Each one of them were tigers and wolves.

“Such strong warriors!”Gu Yanyi saw Yue Zhong’s subordinates uniformly shoot straight up, and he couldn’t help but praise in his mind.

Lei Sheng sobered up after seeing Yue Zhong’s four subordinates stand up from the sofa. His intel states that the man sitting of the sofa is an evolver strong enough to kill a hundred zombies. They wouldn’t be his match if all the people here united. Even if Yue Zhong didn’t act, they probably wouldn’t be victorious over his four direct subordinates.

Lei Sheng deeply sucked in a breath. With great difficulty he resisted his anger, and he managed to squeeze out a smile: “Truly regrettable. Today I have disturbed Captain Yue’s mood. Another day I must host a feast for you to apologize. I hope you can pay a visit.”

Finished speaking, Lei Sheng turned out and left.

Lei Shen was no long able to suppress his rage as soon as his party got to a covered place. He grabbed the delicate and charming woman at his side, and he ruthlessly slapped her across the face.

“I’m giving her to you!”Lei Sheng pushed the swollen faced woman with tears in her eyes over to his four soldiers.

[Chapter 149]|[Table of Contents]


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