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God And Devil World - Chapter 149


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Chapter 149: Switching from Arrogance to Deference

Editor: faraonj

Kong Tao stood up and gave an introduction: “Young Gu, let me introduce. This is the boss of Stone Horse Village, Yue Zhong. This person is the son of the Flame King Gu. Young Gu is Gu Yanyi, and this is Gu Feifei. This is the son of Vice-Secretary Ma, Ma Bu. This is the son of the Chief Gu of the Public Security bureau, Gu Li, and this is the son of the Deputy-Chief Zhang Hui of the Public Security Bureau, Zhang Yang. This is the son of Secretary Ning, Ning Zixuan. Yue Zhong, please release Young Ning. This is a misunderstanding!”

Yue Zhong waved his hand. Kong Tianyu finally released Ning Zixuan.

“I will kill you! I will kill your whole family!”Drunk people don’t listen to reason. As soon as Ning Zixuan was released from Kong Tianyu, his eyes turned blood red. He immediately rushed like a tiger towards Kong Tianyu.

Yue Zhong duly said: “Make him calm down!”

Kong Tianyu ruthlessly smiled and kicked Ning Zixuan in the leg. Ning Zixuan immediately fell flat on his face, and two of his teeth got knocked out.

Kong Tainyu slightly stooped, and he ruthlessly chopped a knife hand at Ning Zixuan’s neck. Ning Zixuan immediately passed out.

After seeing Yue Zhong’s party and knowing their status, as well as their valiant nature, these Long Hai City base people couldn’t help but raise their eyelids.

Gu Yanyi and the several Long Hai City base sons sat on a sofa opposite Yue Zhong. A se*ily dressed woman immediately came to their side.

Gu Yanyi revealed an extremely charming smile to Yue Zhong: “So you are Yue Zhong. Seeing for oneself is a hundred times better than hearing from others. I originally believed the person who captured Stone Horse Village must be a rough and crude, burly middle-aged man. I never thought you would be so young and refined.

Hearing Gu Yanyi’s words, the several sons of the officials looked at Yue Zhong differently. They held a trace of reverence.

Ordinary officials and survivors didn’t know Zhong captured Stone Horse Village. But this information was well known among the high officials and their sons and daughters. They also knew that Yue Zhong captured a PLA army base after capturing Stone Horse Village, and he obtained a battalion worth of equipment. The combat power of Stone Horse Village was already not any weaker than Long Hai City survivor base.

Yue Zhong could be on equal footing to the Chiefs of Long Hai City survivor base. He was only missing the righteous status. Without a righteous status, although Stone Horse Village broadcasted a signal to surrounding survivors to come to come, they couldn’t attract nearly as many survivors as Long Hai City.

Like this, these sons of high level officials didn’t wish to offend Yue Zhong. They could use their authority and status to bully ordinary people, but they couldn’t provoke enemies stronger than them.

Yue Zhong courteously replied: “Oh you flatter!”

Although Yue Zhong didn’t fear these sons of the high level officials, he yet wouldn’t refuse their good intentions. He couldn’t be sure at which time he could use their positions. Making some friends is probably not a mistake, even if they are friends with intersecting interests.

Gu Yanyi was different than the previous idiot sons Yue Zhong had met. He was proficient in several spheres of knowledge. His witty conversation made the atmosphere very active.

Yue Zhong couldn’t help but admit that Gu Yanyi is one of the most remarkable men he had ever met. Apart from combat and leadership ability, it was extremely clear to Yue Zhong that his conversation skills, knowledge and etiquette couldn’t be compared with Gu Yanyi.

There are many sissy boys in aristocratic families, but the cream of aristocratic families were much more outstanding than ordinary people. They have the most abundant resources, and they grow up under the influence of their successful fathers. If they work hard, naturally they will be much more outstanding than ordinary people.

All of the women doing business in the Celestial World were sophisticated. They were all polite to Yue Zhong after seeing the renowned Young Gu. They understood Yue Zhong’s position is much higher than they believed. They became even more flattering. Liu Hong at Yue Zhong’s side became even more charming, and she used all kinds of methods to tempt Yue Zhong.

Only the cold tempered beautiful Fang Chu still maintained some distance with Yue Zhong, and she didn’t have any intimate thoughts with him.

Suddenly the door was once again kicked open. A large group of people entered.

One young man wore military clothes, and he had dyed blonde hair. He had the rank a Captain in the army. He was holding on to two women wearing skimpy clothing, and he laughed saying: “I said who who made Fang Chu leave. It looks like Young Gu. Young Gu, there are so many women here. How about giving Fang Chu to me. I’ll take care of your Celestial World bill today! Give her to me, I’ll take her back to my suite.”

Two men wearing military clothes immediately walked over to Fang Chu. They extended their hands and grabbed towards Fang Chu without a word.

Yue Zhong pulled Fang Chu into himself. He took a drink from his cup and simply said: “Teach them a little lesson!”

Kong Tianyu and another direct subordinate, Wang Jie, immediately sprung up from the sofa. They ruthlessly punched at the two military men.

Kong Tianyu and Wang Jie were the best evolvers that constantly followed Yue Zhong into battle. Wang Jie is a level 8, and Kong Tianyu is a level 9. Their strength far exceeded a normal person. The mutated river snake armor could also stop a large portion of attacks.

The two soldiers were elites in the military. They quickly reacted to Kong Tianyu and Wang Jie’s attack. Only in three rounds of blows, the two elite soldiers were kneeling on the ground.

Yue Zhong asked Gu Yanying: “Who is this person? How can he be so arrogant?”

Gu Yanyi quickly informed Yue Zhong of the arrogant man’s status: “He is Lei Sheng, the son of the battalion leader Lei Cheng! To the his left is Yuan Gang, the son of commander Yuan Yi. To his right is Cheng Guang, the son of commander Cheng Wei

Lei Shen saw his two subordinated knocked to the ground by Yue Zhong’s men. His face was volatile staring at Yue Zhong, but then it suddenly changed. He alarmingly said: “You are Yue Zhong?”

Lei Cheng viewed Yue Zhong as a potential enemy. He sent spies to take a picture of Yue Zhong from far away. Lei Sheng saw Yue Zhong’s photo in the past. But the photo the spy took was a little blurry. Lei Sheng deduced Yue Zhong’s identity from his body shape and Gu Yanyi’s attitude towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong plainly said: “I am Yue Zhong.”

Lei Sheng smiled at Yue Zhong: “So it is Captain Yue Zhong. Give me some face and release my bodyguards.”

Yue Zhong waved a hand. Kong Tianyu and Wang Jie released the two soldiers: “Release them!”

The two soldiers turned and immediately looked ashamed. They drifted back behind Lei Shen like smoke, and they hatefully stared at Kong Tianyu and Wang Jie.

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