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God And Devil World - Chapter 147


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Chapter 147: Debauchery

Editor: faraonj

Who knows how long one would have to suffer to rise up in the Chinese system if there are people up above. Given that it is Z-Age, Chen Jianfeng is giving Yue Zhong a vice level position. He has to withstand the heavy pressures of the job. After all, in the government the majority of the time, Chen Jianfeng makes the decisions, but there are other leaders. Not everything is decided by one man.

Yue Zhong duly laughed and directly refused: “Mayor Chen, I take to heart your good intentions, but I have no interest. We have come to talk about capturing the granary.”

Chen Jianfeng’s eyes flashed a moment and directly said: “Good! We need to make some preparations on this side. The operation will take place after three days at 10 a.m. Our two sides will send three hundred people and two IFVs. We will go to Shanglin county together and capture the granary.”

Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkled, and he said: “I have no problem with the time. But I don’t agree with the quantity of solders. Our side can only send fifty people and one IFV at most.”

Long Hai City has a large amount of people. They can casually send three hundred people. If Yue Zhong sends three hundred people, then the whole armed force of Stone Horse Village would be cleared out.

Chen Jianfeng’s eyes glimmered a moment. He responded to Yue Zhong’s suggestion: “Good! Each side will send fifty people and one IFV, but our two sides must both send elite units. The number of mutated rats there are extremely large according to intelligence reports, and they have extraordinary combat ability.”

Yue Zhong tapped a finger on the armrest several times. He thought a moment and said: “No problem!”

The provisions at Shanglin county are not only important to the base, but they are extremely important to Yue Zhong. He won’t be panicked if they have provisions in hand. He can stabilize the people’s hearts so long as there is enough food, and they can accept a large amount of survivors.

Long Hai City base has a steady stream of survivors that caused a headache. It was all because they didn’t have food. If they had enough food, those survivors would be the best source of manpower.

The two went over a few details. Yue Zhong finally left after confirming the crucial points of the mission.

Yue Zhong had just left, and immediately a burly man that carried a military presence with dark skin, calloused hands, and clear flashing eyes walked over to Chen Jianfeng.

Chen Jianfeng asked that man: “Wei Fei! How is he? Are you sure you could kill him?

Wei Fei is Chen Jianfeng’s captain of the special police squadron. He was a retired special forces soldier before Z-Age. He executed several missions, and over twenty people had died at his hands. After Z-Age, he discovered he could use God and Devil World weapons to kill zombies and level up. Wei Fei grabbed God and Devil World weapons and attacked zombies on the front lines. He had already leveled up to 18. Furthermore, he was wearing the best equipment Long Hai City could gather. His fighting ability is extraordinary.

Wei Fei said full of self confidence: “That person is very dangerous! I’m afraid he has the same strength as me. But if him and I get in a life or death match, the one who lives will certainly be me!”

Combat skills and combat experience are extremely important. Wei Fei is a special forces soldier, and his killing techniques are extremely proficient. Before he became an evolver, he single handedly killed a level 6 evolver, and he assassinated a level 10 evolver. Various real merits created his enormous self confidence.

Chen Jianfeng said extremely pleased: “That is good!”

Chen Jianfeng could rest much easier so long as someone could control Yue Zhong. This is one of the main reasons he invited Yue Zhong to come. He wanted to evaluate Yue Zhong’s strength and personally see what kind of person he is.

Kong Tao gave a big welcoming smile as soon as Yue Zhong returned to his subordinates: “Yue Zhong! Today we will go to the Celestial World and relax a bit. You are my guest!”

Kong Tao controlled the public relations fees, and he specialised in receiving guests like Yue Zhong. But he rarely had an opportunity to spend the funds for a powerful chief like Yue Zhong’s arrival. Yue Zhong came today, so Kong Tao took the opportunity to borrow from the public relations fund to seek some pleasure. The other aspect was to make good friends with a powerful boss like Yue Zhong. It could give him an exit path in the future.

“Celestial World?”Yue Zhong understood what kind of place this was as soon as he heard the words. He slightly thought a moment then nodded in agreement: “Good!”

Kong Tao happily lead Yue Zhong towards the specialty region’s high class brothel.

Everyone’s clothes were fresh, clean and neat inside the specialty region, just like before Z-Age. Yue Zhong could even see several dames wearing pretty clothes and taking dogs out for a stroll.

Yue Zhong saw the dames carrying the dogs and cats on the green lawns idly taking a walk, and he shook his head at the management of Long Hai City: “On one side there are ordinary survivors without enough food to eat. The other side there are people walking around with pets. If the government lost suppressive power, an angry flame would certainly burn this whole base down.”

Yue Zhong’s party entered into a luxurious magnificent nightclub under Kong Tao’s guide.

A thirty plus year old woman with white skin, with a glamorous appearance, and wearing a business uniform walked over. She chuckled at Kong Tao: “Chief Kong Tao, You really are an infrequent visitor, please come here.”

Kong Tao said in high spirits: “Zhang Ning! Call over your prettiest woman. Have her nicely serve the brother at my side.”

Zhang Ning looked at Yue Zhong curiously and asked: “Who is this?”

Kong Tao said to Zhang Ning: “This is Yue Zhong. You only need to know he is Mayor Cheng’s special guest. Let’s go!”

“Good! Qian Yi, bring Chief Kong Tao and his friend into the Sky room.”Zhang Ning called to an extremely innocent looking assistant.

“Please follow me!”

Yue Zhong’s party walked into the Celestial World under the female assistant’s guidance.

Along the way, Yue zhong saw into the hall. Lights flickered and music resounded. A large amount of young men and women were dancing and grinding their bodies.

There were various bottles and glass tables arranged in a corner. There was even one couple having an affair in front of everyone. There were shrieking sounds and laughing sounds ringing everywhere. It was an incomparably depraved and decadent scene.

The residents of the specialty region were extremely worried about the future after Z-Age. Because of this many people chose to indulge themselves since the future is scary and unsteady.

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