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God And Devil World - Chapter 145


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Chapter 145: Gui Tianshou

Kong Tao saw Yue Zhong fearlessly teach those two Japanese men a lesson. He shouted in cold sweat from behind: “Yue Zhong, don’t act rashly. Although these Japanese men are foreigners, they are still specialty region members. There could be huge trouble from you hitting them.”

First class foreigners, Second class officials, third class minorities, fourth class Han. Foreign friends are always placed first. The whole police department will search if a foreigner loses a bicycle until it is found. If there is a natural disaster, first the assets of international friends are protected, and then the Chinese are taken care of. Dealing with foreigners is not a trivial matter. This is a strange phenomenon in modern China, better to foreigners than to our own countrymen.

[TL: Han is the largest majority race in China. They are about 92% of the population in China.]

Yue Zhong didn’t take the slightest notice to the anxious Kong Tao. He strode into the house. He saw a bald naked pot-bellied middle-aged Japanese man on top of a woman in the bed.

The room was full of the sounds of the man gasping and the woman moaning.

Yue Zhong pointed at the man and coldly said: “Bring him to me!”

A team member shot forward and grabbed the man, firmly pulled him off of the woman, and flung him to the ground.

Gui Tanshou’s mood was interrupted, and he became immediately furious. He slapped Yue Zhong’s team member, Wang Dali, after standing up: “Idiot! Who are you? I am the president of the Ni Ya corporation, Gui Tianshou. I am a specialty investor. I’ve helped my customers Chinese rise from poverty and become rich. I am specialty region citizen.”

Gui Tianshou brought a large amount of funds when he entered Long Hai City and received a grand treatment. The government officials served upon this uncle. He had a good personal relationship with high level government officials, giving him a bossing domineering arrogance.

Wang Dali grabbed Gui Tianshou’s hand, and he returned a slap across Gui Tianshou’s face. Gui Tianshou’s face started to swell, and his mouth continuously dripped blood: “Pei! Little Japanese devil! This is China’s land. Hold back your rage.”

Gui Tianshou ate Wang Dali’s slap in the face. He was seeing stars, and fury welled up in his heart. But he is a President after all is said and done. He quickly calmed down. He carefully looked over Yue Zhong and the rest, recovered his calmness, and said: “Who are you? This is my private residence. Please leave immediately. Otherwise I will call the police.”

Gui Tianshou was arrogant because he had the government to rely on. But he knew better than to not eat the current loss. Everyone in Yue Zhong’s party carried a valiant air. They obviously were guys who couldn’t be threatened by him. It wouldn’t pay to get killed.

Yue Zong pointed at the woman on the bed and coldly said: “What is going on here?”

“That one?”Gui Tianshou disdainfully looked at the woman on the bed. He said to Yue Zhong: “I paid her four bags of instant noodles. She voluntarily let me play for a day. You can ask her if you don’t believe. Zhen Ni, am I speaking the truth?”

The woman dropped her head. Her long black hair completely covered her head, and she said in a low voice: “Yes!!”

Gui Tianshou raised an eyebrow and stared at Yue Zhong. His eyes flashed a ruthless light: “Sir, if you wish to preside over justice then please leave! This is a normal flesh transaction between us.”

Gui Tianshou planned to first coax Yue Zhong into leaving, then he would investigate Yue Zhong’s background. If Yue Zhong’s power was much larger than his, then that would be it. If Yue Zhong wasn’t his match, then he would do his best to make sure Yue Zhong was unable to live, and unable to beg for death.

Wang Dali spit at the woman on the bed: “Pei! Cheap woman!”

The girl wearing western fashions trembled. Tears stole from her eyes, and she wept in a low voice. She was a highly educated good looking foreign investment white collar worker before Z-Age. Yet after Z-Age she sold herself for four packets of instant noodles.

Yue Zhong waved his hand. He brought the woman over who recently fled: “How do you explain this woman? Was it a flesh transaction?”

That woman used an anxious voice to explain: “No! I didn’t make a transaction with him. He said he wanted to recruit a female servant. Each day I would get three steamed buns and three bowls of gruel. I came over here to work. I never thought that as soon as I walk in the door they would want to rape me. I’m really not a prostitute.”

Yue Zhong looked at Gui Tianshou and coldly said: “How do you explain this? I personally saw your two subordinates grab this woman. Your subordinate also had thoughts to act against my friends.”

Gui Tianshou’s brain powered on. He rapidly considered, then deeply sighed: “I don’t have anything to say. Take me to the police. I believe that the noble government will certainly treat me just and righteous.”

Gui Tianshou remembered the severity of Yue Zhong and his men. He immediately thought of his scheme. He and the government had an understanding, so long as he didn’t touch the women of the High officials in the specialty region, he would quickly be released from the government’s hands.

Yue Zhong maintained his composure and said: “These words, you admit your own actions.

Gui Tianshou craftily quipped: “I have been framed. Please let the police come inspect this matter. If there is evidence to show I did those things, I will certainly be held responsible.”

Kong Tao also advised from the side: “Yes! Give this matter over to the police Yue Zhong. You must believe the party and the government.”

Yue Zhong didn’t look at anyone else. He turned and said to Ji Qingwu, and asked her: “Ji Qingwu, do you feel we should give him to the police?”

Ji Qingwu was silent a moment. Her heroic little face revealed a struggling expression. She looked to Chen Yao and finally said: “Yue Zhong, give them over to the police!”

“Idiot!”Standing beside yue Zhong, the little lolita Yao Yao cast a glance at Ji Qingwu, and she muttered.

Yue Zhong revealed a meaningful smile and said: “Good! I’ll believe you once.”

The surrounding policemen quickly rushed over after hearing the foreigner was having problems.

A twenty six or seven year old policeman came to the house. He saw the bloody and swollen faces of the three Japanese men. His brows wrinkled as he said: “What happened?”

San Jingxiong suddenly yelled out to the policeman: “Officer! they publicly attacked us! Quickly arrest them! My hand was broken by them!”

Things happened suddenly. Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu’s faces both changed. They never expected these scandalous evil Japanese men would file a complaint first, and they unexpectedly bit back.

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