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God And Devil World - Chapter 142


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Chapter 142: Lobbyist

Yuan Ying carried an air of superiority as she spoke to Chen Yao: “Like this ah. It is rare that you all make a visit. Come I will treat you to a good meal.”

Chen Yao was prettier with a better temperament. She also received Yue Zhong’s attention before they separated. Yuan Ying was always jealous of her. She was extremely happy about her choice at that time. Especially after hearing Chen Yao and the others were in dire straights.

“What spirit, but you held onto Yue Zhong’s leg. You are nothing without Yue Zhong!”Wang Fang looked at Yuan Ying with her air of superiority. Her heart filled with envy as she thought. But she was careful, and she didn’t let those words come out. She was an outsider here after all. A disturbance wouldn’t be good for her.

Chen Yao slightly smiled at Yuan Ying: “Many thanks to you!”

Chen Yao was on a mission to persuade Yue Zhong. She didn’t want to say anything that would offend someone within Yue Zhong’s power.

“Follow me!”Yuan Ying smiled. She lead the women to the dining room.

There was fish with vegetables, salt and pepper shrimp, spicy snails, braised carp, and sauteed vegetables. The four meat dishes with vegetables were arranged on the table. There were two big bottles of coke and sprite to the side.

Cai Xai and Wang Fang’s eyes brightened up upon seeing the dishes. They grabbed chopsticks and wolfed down the fresh food in large bites. They hadn’t eaten fresh meat not to mention fresh fish.

Yuan Ying watched Cai Xaio and Wang Fang wolf down the food. She looked pleased with herself and full of happiness in her heart. This meal cost her a half month of provisions. But she could only see the envy and admiration in the eyes of Cai Xiao and Wang Fang. Her vanity was greatly satisfied.

Eating that delicious food, Wang Fang and the others felt traces of regret in the depths of their heart. They chose to trust in the government when Yue Zhong let them make the choice. They went to Long Hai City, and the outcome is they can only hide scared in the building. Yuan Ying stayed here and became a section leader of Stone Horse Village. Her days were not only much better than theirs, but she was even more independent and respected.

A team member walked in when the food was almost all used up. He said to Li Manni: “Section chief Li, Captain Yue already returned. He wants you to bring Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu to meet him.”

“I understand!”Li Manni slightly nodded and stood up. She said to Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu: “Let’s go!”

Chen Yao an Ji Qingwu stood up and followed Li Manni out of the dining room.

Wang Fang saw Yue Zhong call for the girls. She became extremely envious and thought: “Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu really have a different place in his heart compared to us.”

Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu were brought to the reception hall of the most luxurious villa in Stone Horse Village by Li Manni.

Chen Yao calmly sized up Yue Zhong after she entered the reception hall. Strange feelings gave birth in her heart.

Yue Zhong hadn’t yet matured when they were in Lei Jiang City, and his body held traces of an ordinary person then. At most he was an ordinary college student that obtained evolver power. Yue Zhong’s appearance hadn’t changed that much, but his whole attitude was completely different. Chen Yao facing Yue Zhong felt like when she faced her uncle Chen Jianfeng, who was in charge of thousands of survivors in Long Hai City survivor base.

Yue Zhong showed Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu the sofa, and he sat facing opposite of them. He drank a nutritional drink and unhurriedly asked: “Chen Yao, what have you come for this time?”

Chen Yao arranged her thoughts and said: “Yue Zhong. I have come today to convince you to bring people into Long Hai City survivor base. The government will no longer investigate the things you did in the past so long as you willingly bring your people into Long Hai City survivor base. Furthermore they will also establish a fourth special police squadron. They will let you be the fourth squadron’s captain, a high ranking administrator.”

“Frankly you want to incorporate our military equipment.”Yue Zhong heard what was said and slightly shook his head. He lightly laughed and said straight-forward: “I am Stone Horse Village’s absolute ruler. There are over a thousand citizens under my banner and hundreds of elite soldiers. On what basis would I incorporate into Long Hai City survivor base and live a life beneath another’s face?”

Chen Yao used Long Hai City survivor base’s orthodox nature to continue persuading Yue Zhong: “But you are acting against the law! Yue Zhong, rescuing survivors is worthy of praises and honor. But if you gather troops, it disobeys the government. That nature needs to change. Indeed your military power doesn’t look weak. But if in the future the government defeats the zombies and recaptures the country, they could casually sent a unit to steamroll over your army. You need to throw in with the government now. You can succeed in the future relying on your ability and bring honor to your family.”

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Yao an coldly said: “Let me throw in with Long Hai City Survivor base. Don’t joke around. You must have already seen the situation inside the base? It is lifeless. Future and hope cannot be seen. The government cannot bear the swelling number of riffraff. This place, you want me to throw in with them? Are you sure you’re thinking straight?”

Yue Zhong would have chosen to bring the Always Bright Village survivors into Long Hai City Survivor base if he saw an extremely orderly government like the one before Z-Age. He would have taken his subordinates and friends and departed. But he only saw chaos and was framed. He already completely lost trust in Long Hai City survivor base, and he gave up the idea of relying on them.

Chen Yao waited on Yue Zhong and spoke: “That is because there are people in the government obsessed with obtaining power and profit. The military’s outward devotion and inward opposition towards the government creates this type of situation. Yue Zhong, you could certainly build a good survivor base if you joined up and allied with my uncle Chen Jianfeng.”

Yue Zhong refused without any doubt: “I refuse!”

Chen Yao’s eyes flash a profound loss of hope. She spoke once again after striving hard to organize her thoughts: “Since you don’t wish to join the base, that is fine. I have come here for another mission as well. It is for you to bring men and ally with us to recapture the granary on the outskirts of Shanglin County. We will split the reward after capturing it. We receive seventy percent, you receive thirty.”

Chen Jianfeng wasn’t as naive as Chen Yao. He calculated earlier that Yue Zhong wouldn’t join in with him. This is why he prepared two strategies for Chen Yao.

Yue Zhong thought a moment and finally said: “Fifty fifty!”

Chen Yao gritted her teeth and surrendered a little: “Sixty forty!”

Yue Zhong insisted this distribution: “Fifty fifty!”

The granary on the outskirts of Shanglin County is a large scale state-owned storehouse. If they could capture the half of the goods, they could feed thousands of people for years without a problem.

Chen Yao agreed: “Fine! Fifty fifty!”

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