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God And Devil World - Chapter 140


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Chapter 140: Rebel Girl Zhang Jingqiao

Receiving that kind of special service from Zhang Jinqiao, Yue Zhong’s blood started to rise.

Zhang Jingqaio sunk her head under water for twenty seconds and came back up, gasping for air. A large amount of water droplets flowed down from her beautiful face to her chest.

Zhang Jingqiao opened her eyes and gave a coquettish glance to Yue Zhong. She extended a hand grabbing little Yue Zhong, ** sat down.

A trace of bright red started ripple up in the bath. Her brows wrinkled, and after a moment she rolled off.

“Slave boldly offends, please punish master!”Zhang Jingqiao skillfully extended ** little ** and lightly licked Yue Zhong’s ear. She blew into his ear and teased.

Yue Zhong wrapped the tempting little fox up in his arms. He wantonly enjoyed her body full of charm and youth.

Despite it being this little fox’s first time, her mouth continuously shouted out astonishing noises that could cause someone to blush, feeling excited like an extremely easy slut.

Yue Zhong was also extremely excited, finally resting after she begged to stop.

Zhang Jingqiao was in Yue Zhong’s embrace resting after se*. She exhaustedly said: “Master, you are truly strong.”

Yue Zhong softly laughed. He began to massage her delicate and soft body. Her body was covered in beads of sweat. It was warm and slippery like lukewarm jade. Yue Zhong never thought he would eat up one of his maids before the young Guo Yu.

Yue Zhong massaged Zhang Jingqiao’s beautiful pair of white rabbits. Feeling the elastic and warm soft sensation he slowly asked: “Why did you come seduce me?”

Yue Zhong wasn’t so handsome as to make a beautiful woman like Zhang Jingqiao fall in love at first sight.

Zhang Jingqiao turned and directly looked into Yue Zhong’s eyes: “Because master is strong enough. I want to drink milk and eat bread. I want to wear makeup, se*y lingere, be taken care of, and have attention. These things only master can give me. The most important thing is after becoming your woman, you gave me a feeling of safety.”

Yue Zhong watched Zhang Jingqiao speak the truth. He lightly laughed and embraced her saying: “You are realistic. No problem. You can eat with us at the table from now on. I will also make you a preliminary team member. Do you want to study or start working? I can help arrange it for you.”

In the past Zhang Jingqiao and the other women were maids for Yue Zhong, Guo Yu an Lu Wen. Naturally they didn’t have the qualifications to eat at the same table. The four women were incorporated as outside personnel. They could eat their fill and have some non staple foods. But naturally it couldn’t compare with Yue Zhong’s food.

Zhang Jingqiao sweetly smiled. She used her sweet cherry lips to kiss Yue Zhong: “Thank you master!”

Zhang Jingqiao hugged Yue Zhong. She used her delicate and soft ** to rub against Yue Zhongs arms and said: “I don’t want to study or work. I want to stay at master’s side and serve master. May I?”

Zhang Jingqiao was a rebellious girl before Z-Age. She had no mind to study. She didn’t want to study even more after Z-Age.

Yue Zhong didn’t care and said: “You may!”

It wasn’t a problem to provide for a beautiful woman like Zhang Jingqiao with Stone Horse Village’s current supplies. Yue Zhong didn’t care if she wanted to be an ignorant and incompetent vase.

Yue Zhong looked at Zhang Jingqiao and plainly said: “But, since you are following me, you are my person. If you run off to another man, don’t blame my ruthlessness.”

Zang Jingqiao showed too much debauchery just now. Yue Zhong liked her strong passion, but he didn’t want her to have an affair.

Zhang Jingqiao smiled and flattered Yue Zhong: “Don’t worry master. Slave certainly won’t do that kind of thing.”

Zhang Jingqiao has some brains even though she is someone rebellious. She isn’t an idiot. All order collapsed after Z-Age. People would break up or get divorced before Z-Age once an affair was discovered. After Z-Age, if she hand an affair, she could end up in a living death.

Xue Kaishan destroyed their will to resist. He once made them go look at the women who had been tortured. Zhang Jingqiao already saw a beautiful woman tortured to death. She had always been bold and unruly, but she was scared into behaving.

Zhang Jingqiao leaned into Yue Zhong like a docile kitten. She softly said: “Master, what do you think of my older sister?”

Yue Zhong thought of the girl in the ponytail with a calm temperament. The polite and bookish girl name Zhang Jingwei, then he said: “Not bad! She looks like a gentle and quiet woman.”

Zhang Jingqiao revealed a strange smile and said: “Master, also bring her into the house, how about it? Us two will attend on you together. A sister’s threesome, wouldn’t it happy.”

Yue Zhong was slightly dumbfounded. He looked at Zhang Jingqiao in his embrace. He never thought this rebel girl would unexpectedly throw her own sister into his embrace. She actually said the words sister’s threesome.

“But she is your sister.”Yue Zhong hesitated a moment and said. He couldn’t help but think, the somewhat sinister ting Zhang Jingqiao proposed, ** something in the depths of his heart.

“I am thinking of my sister. She will be one of yours sooner or later. Later is not as good as sooner. Furthermore, my sister isn’t like me. She was a famous top student in school, the well known flower of the whole school. She was a dream girl of several wimpy kids.”Zhang Jingqiao continued to stimulate Yue Zhong.

Zhang Jingqiao had her own thoughts. As soon as she saw the outstanding and beautiful princess Guo Yu with her hot body, she knew that she couldn’t win over Guo Yu. She planned to pull her sister into Yue Zhong’s embrace. They could to fight for Yue Zhong’s attention. Their lives can become better if Yue Zhong dotes on them.

Yue Zhong lightly slapped Zhang Jingqiao’s little butt: “Let it go!”

Yue Zhong is the dictator of Stone Horse Village. So long as he wished, sleeping together with dozens of women wouldn’t be difficult. But he didn’t have that type of inclination. Everything comes naturally. After all he still faced the big enemy Long Hai City survivor base. He didn’t have any idea to wantonly seek pleasure.

Zhang Jingqiao’s lips quivered after seeing Yue Zhong be noncommittal, and she didn’t say anything else. She just quietly leaned into Yue Zhong’s embrace, enjoying the rare peace. Zhang Jingqiao didn’t sleep easy a single day in Xue Kaishan’s hands.

The next day early morning, Yue Zhong brought Zhang Jingqiao, Guo Yu, and Lu Wen to the table.

An extremely sumptuous feast was on the table. There was soy milk, donuts, milk, bread, eggs, and ham.

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