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God And Devil World - Chapter 138


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Chapter 138: Beheading Xue Kaishan

Yue Zhong shot forward. His highly leveled speed easily caught up to Xue Kaishan.

Xue Kaishan was startled, and he clawed at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s image flashed, easily avoiding Xue Kaishan’s slash. He started the skill Devil Flame. A round scarlet red devil flame emerged from his hand. He softly slapped at Xue Kaishan’s waist. The scarlet red devil flame burst out, creating a large hole in the thin defensive layer. The frantic blaze burned a large hole in Xue Kaishan’s waist.

Xue Kaishan let out a shrill cry. His hands didn’t have any way to act against Yue Zhong. He couldn’t even brush against Yue Zhong’s clothes.

Yue Zhong’s image flashed and circled around behind Xue Kaishan. A hand clapped onto Xue Kaishan’s spine. A wild flame erupted that completely burned through Xue Kaishan’s defense membrane, torching a large hole in Xue Kaishan.

White Bones moved forward like an arrow from the side. A large axe hacked away at Xue Kaishan’s head. His head abruptly twisted to the side, and he became a corpse, powerlessly falling to the ground.

“Too extreme!!”Chen Shitou watched Yue Zhong easily behead the bullet proof and mysterious ability user Xue Kaishan. His eyes flashed with fear. He practiced martial arts, but he couldn’t even connect a blow on Xue Kaishan. Furthermore Yue Zhong took out Xue Kaishan like he was slaughtering a chicken.

Yue Zhong walked over to Xue Kaishan. He carefully inspected, confirming Xue Kaishan’s status: “He is an evolver!”

There was all kinds of God and Devil World equipment on Xue Kaishan’s body. Yue Zhong had the majority of equipment already, only that silver colored necklace on his chest drew the interest of Yue Zhong. He extended a hand and grabbed the necklace from Xue Kaichan’s body.

“Rank 3 rare treasure Hurricane Necklace: 5 Agility when equipped. The necklace grants the skill Hurricane Wind. It can release a portion of hurricane wind and send nearby enemies flying. The hurricane’s power is determined by the user’s level of Spirit.”

“Good item!”Yue Zhong saw the Hurricane necklace, and his eyes brightened. This necklace has a 5 Agility increase and a skill on top. It is an extremely useful treasure.

Xue Kai Shan was also wearing Rank 1 shoes, Rank 1 defensive clothing, and some other trash equipment to Yue Zhong. Wearing multiples of the same kind of equipment didn’t give any overlapping effect.

Those captives watched the battle god Xue Kaishan die before their eyes. They all kneeled on the ground and shivered in fear, looking at Yue Zhong full of fear and terror.

The resistance of Poplar Tree Village completely collapsed as soon as Xue Kaishan died. Yue Zhong’s armed forces smoothly advanced into Poplar Tree Village. They preserved stability and received the population and supplies of the village.

Each man that raped and robbed people was pulled to the side and executed by firing squad. Under that type of strict military law, the villagers in Poplar Tree Village all behaved sitting on the ground, hands on their heads, or they hid in their houses not daring to come out.

[TL: Pretty sure the author is talking about Yue Zhong’s men would be executed if they did those things while clearing the village. That is why the villagers behaved.]

“Xue Kaishan is truly an idiot.”Yue Zhong’s brows wrinkled and thought after he walked into Poplar Tree Village and saw the sight.

Yue Zhong saw malnourished survivors after walking into the village. The survivors all smelled, and their eyes didn’t have a trace of spirit. Feces and urine could be seen all over the streets. Everyone could smell the sick fumes as they walked down the street.

Obviously Xue Kaishan didn’t give the slightest thought about governing Poplar Tree Village. He wouldn’t have even been worth dogshit if he didn’t have that strange ability. A person with unmatched strength is not necessarily a qualified ruler.

Yue Zhong’s team members used guns and searched out the survivors from each corner of the village. Each survivor was given a piece of cornbread and then were taken out of the village. Stone Horse Village had a complete set of facilities. It could easily house thousands of people, but they were currently short on population.

Yue Zhong’s team members watched the survivors in the unbearably difficult situation devour the small pieces of cornbread, and their eyes let loose a wave of compassion and superiority. They could currently eat their fill of rice each day, and they often ate fish, snake, and vegetables. They didn’t know how many times better off they were than those survivors.

Da Gouzi welcome and flattered Yue Zhong as soon as he entered Xue Kaishan’s building: “Captain Yue look!”

“So many women! How can there be so many women here?”Yue Zhong looked in the direction Da Gouzi pointed, only seeing a large amount of all kinds of women densely packed standing there. The quantity probably exceeded over one hundred and fifty. That many woman squeezed in a small courtyard was somewhat spectacular.

Da Gouzi explained to Yue Zhong: “These are all the women collected by Xue Kaishan. He grabbed all of decent looking women no matter how young or old to serve himself after he killed the policemen. This seven story building and the two small buildings to the side were for his women.

Yue Zhong saw saw Xue Kaishan’s spectacular crowd and slightly sighed: “He truly has everyone!”

Da Gouzi gave a strange smile to Yue Zhong that every man understands. Two team members brought four women over: “Captain Yue, I’ve selected several for you. They are all virgins Xue Kaishan hasn’t touched yet. They are all tender and full of life, you will certainly like them.”

Among the four there was a twenty three or four year old woman wearing a nurse outfit. She was delicate and exquisite, and she had a pair of beautiful eyes. One was wearing black socks and an office suit with skirt. She was refined with shoulder length hair. A white collar woman with white skin and a pretty face. Another wore jeans and a t-shirt. She had an extremely mature figure, dyed blonde hair, and pierced ears. She looked a little punk. The last had her black hair in a ponytail. Her body was very mature and she had a quiet and gentle character.

These four women were the prettiest and the best tempered women in Xue Kaishan’s group. The punk looking girl and the black haired gentle girl both looked extremely similar.

Original world order started to collapse after Z-Age. The large majority of official team members from Always Bright Village had two or more women. Yue Zhong also had Lu Wen and Guo Yu, the two young and older beauties. Da Gouzi had always cautiously observed Yue Zhong. After seeing Yue Zhong wasn’t a saint that didn’t like women, he went ahead and picked out some pretty women to give him.

“Not bad! Arrange them to be my maids.”Yue Zhong looked at the four beautiful women and plainly said. As long as he said it, Da Gouzi would take care of everything. He didn’t need to waste any brain power.

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