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God And Devil World - Chapter 137


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Chapter 137: Mob

Xue Kaishan ferociously said: “Our Poplar Tree Village can gather over a hundred brothers. They aren’t even a couple dozen. They want to devour us, it won’t be that easy!”

Hearing these words, Xue Kaishan’s brothers didn’t any anything else. They immediately descended the tower and gathered manpower. Xue Kaishan is domineering in Poplar Tree Village. His brothers had done many wicked things. Xue Kaishan used these methods and his own personal power to maintain this group.

“Is this Poplar Tree Village?”Yue Zhong walked out of the motorcade and looked at Poplar Tree Village from far away.

He saw two tall watchtowers erected in the village made out of cement, sandbags, wood, and other various materials. Brother after brother of Xue Kaishan held guns and climbed into that simple and crude cover. Hearts trembling in fear, they watched the baleful aura of Yue Zhong’s subordinates as they left their vehicles.

Wang Shuang and Da Gouzi’s small groups went on missions to search for goods and materials every day, and they received strict training, so all of the men carried a spirit of self confidence. They already had a fighter spirit and self confidence.

“Go make them surrender!”Yue Zhong roared.

Da Gouze stepped forward, he held a large bullhorn and shouted from far away: “People of Poplar Tree Village. You are already surrounded. Drop your weapons and immediately surrender, it is your only road. Otherwise you will regret it later! Surrender right now. Our Captain Yue promises everyone will be spared apart from Xue Kaishan!”

The thoughts of Xue Kaishan’s subordinates floated after hearing Yue Zhong’s terms of surrender. The original weak will to fight started collapsing. They were originally only a mob. The large majority lost the will to resist after seeing the two IFVs. After all, regular infantry forces against armored vehicle forces is basically death. But they didn’t dare immediately surrender under Xue Kaishan’s despotic power.

Yue Zhong saw Poplar Tree Village didn’t respond, and he immediately commanded: “Mortar team open fire!”

They had already prepared the mortar team to start shooting earlier. Mortar after mortar exploded everywhere in the entrance of Poplar Tree Village.

Following a gorgeous blooming sparkle, shrapnel flew out, and smoke sprang up everywhere. The twelve men taking cover at the crude village entrance were killed or wounded.

The shells dismembered a portion of their bodies. The men pierced by shrapnel were on the ground letting out painful screams. It was a great blow to the morale of the armed forces in Poplar Tree Village.

The brothers of Xue Kaishan were ordinary people in the past. They grew up in a peaceful generation. They had no combat experience. The sound of the mortar explosion completely removed their last trace of will to resist.

“I surrender! Don’t kill me!!”One of Xue Kaishan’s men threw down his weapon, and he hurriedly rushed to Yue Zhong.

“I surrender! Don’t kill me!!”

The one man fleeing set off a chain reaction. The gathered men of Xue Kaishan dispersed. They dropped their weapons and fled to Yue Zhong.

Xue Kaishan watched the first subordinate that ran, and his eyes flashed with killing intent. He raised a rifle at him and took aim. He ruthlessly shot the brother that betrayed him first. He never thought is operation would be completely dismantled by one round of mortar fire.

Xue Kaishan quickly put down his gun, and his eyes gleamed. H grabbed some dirt from the ground and rubbed his face, then he raised both hands and ran towards Yue Zhong.

The master fleeing, the remaining men didn’t have any fighting confidence. Everything collapsed. They threw their guns or quietly snuck out the back of the village. Some fled towards Yue Zhong.

“Truly a mob.”Yue Zhong saw the Poplar Tree Village immediately collapse with a couple mortars and quietly thought. He didn’t think it would be so simple to destroy the fighting spirit of Xue Kaishan’s men.

Xue Kaishan was detained along with his brothers by Yue Zhong’s men. He crouched to the side with his head in his hands.

Xue Kaishan. None of his brothers dared point him out as Xue Kaishan.

Yue Zhong walked before the gathered captives.

A team member walked over and courteously said to Yue Zhong: “Captain Yue!”

“Careful Captain Yue! He is Xue Kaishan!!”Zhang Hong standing besid Yue Zhong saw Xue Kaishan squatting on the ground and immediately let out a shriek. She was tortured half dead by Xue Kaishan. Even though Xue Kaishan was covered in dirt she could recognise him.

Xue Kaishan immediately shot out from the ground and charged at Yue Zhong as soon s Zhang Hong yelled.

Xue Kaishan didn’t wish to give up the inheritance of Poplar Tree Village. He chose the implement a beheading plan.

The men holding guns and observing to the side didn’t hesitate in the slightest. They pulled the trigger as soon as Xue Kaishan moved, Concentrated bullet fire completely covered the area Xue Kaishan was at. Three captives next to Xue Kaishan were shot into sieves. Their bodies were filled with bloody holes, and they powerlessly fell to the ground becoming corpses. The bullets that hit Xue Kaishan were all sent flying, unable to injure a single hair on Xue Kaishan.

Xue Kaishan braved a hail of bullets. He charged towards Yue Zhong like an arrow. His speed was extremely fast, comparable to an S1, appearing before Yue Zhong in an instant.

All of the team members ceased fire, scared of injuring Yue Zhong.

It happened suddenly, Only Chen Shitou at Yue Zhong’s side reacted in time. A heavy fist like a mountain shot out at Xue Kaishan. Chen Shitou’s ancestors passed on some martial arts to him. Although it didn’t make him able to fly above the earth, but he was more than a match for ordinary special forces soldiers.

“Get lost!”Xue Kaishan snarled. A light flashed from the silver colored necklace on his neck. A small hurricane erupted from his body. It blew away Chen Shitou and the advancing Liu Yan and Da Gouzi about six or seven meters away, leaving only him and Yue Zhong.

Seeing Yue Zhong was almost within reach, Xue Kaishan’s eyes flashed with delight. He stretched out a hand towards Yue Zhong’s neck.

“Trash! You rely on that type of ability thinking you can harm me?”Yue Zhong looked at Xue Kaishan, eyes ice cold. Xue Kaishan’s speed looked like he could be compared with elite special forces, but that wasn’t enough in Yue Zhong’s eyes. Right before Xue Kaishan grabbed his neck, he took a step left, easily avoiding Xue Kaishan’s attack. He pulled out a Replica Tang Sword and chopped at Xue Kaishan’s waist.

The Replica Tang Sword hit Xue Kaishan’s waist in an instant. Yue Zhong felt a bizzare toughness emerge from the place he struck. It was like a thin pliable membrane blocked.

Eating Yue Zhong’s sword, Xue Kaishan was sent flying. His eyes filled with fear. He had never been attacked so easily after gaining his abilities.

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