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God And Devil World - Chapter 135


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Chapter 135: Poplar Tree Village

White Bones also slashed his axe, violently rushing into the S1 group. In one swoop the large axe beheaded several S1s.

Yue Zhong and White Bones took everything dropped into a bag and quickly retreated after taking care of the S type zombies.

The dense group of zombies still trended towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong grabbed out a rifle after retreating to position. He calmly aimed at the zombies and constantly headshot zombie after zombie.

“So strong!! Truly too awesome!!”

This is the first time the Chen Family Villagers had seen Yue Zhong fight. The eyes of each one filled with fright. They had already heard of Yue Zhong’s bravery, but this is the first time seeing Yue Zhong display his skill.

Chen Shitou looked at Yue Zhong and his eyes gleamed. He slowly thought: “So extreme! Even without a gun I am not his match.”

Chen Shitou is the strongest hunter in Chen Family Village, and he is the strongest man. He has never submitted to anyone in his whole life. The first time seeing Yue Zhong’s skill is genuinely convincing.

Yue Zhong immediately withdrew the rifle after dropping six zombies and commanded: “Cover with machine gun fire!”

The small group directly subordinate to Yue Zhong operated two heavy machine guns and spread fire at the zombie group.

Covered under heavy machine gun fire, the zombies were like wheat blown over by a large wind.

“Cease fire! Close combat unit, the seventh small unit, and the eight small unit follow me!”Yue Zhong watched the zombies get covered in firepower and finally shouted a command. Then White Bones and Greenie rushed together towards the remaining zombies.

“Everyone charge with me!”Chen Shitou is of an aggressive and violent breed. At one time he single handedly killed four zombies at Chen Family Village. He didn’t have any fear towards those slow moving zombies.

The team members under Chen Shitou’s leadership filled with courage. They let out a battle cry, and they charged holding their swords and shields towards the zombies. They destroyed the slow moving ordinary zombies like slaughtering chickens and dogs.

“Men charge with me!”Zhao Xing didn’t dare appear weak. He roared to his personnel and took the lead holding sword and shield.

Chen Ning watched Zhao Xing, and his eyes flashed a complicated look. He brought his people and followed Zhao Xing in the charge, chopping those zombies.

The Chen Family Villagers originally had zombie hunting experience. They had an ability to deal with the mental pressure from the zombies that was far greater than other personnel. The zombies had already undergone a round of heavy firepower. As long as they were careful around the zombies that hadn’t yet died, the villagers could overcome their fear and easily deal with the zombies.

The two groups joined in with Yue Zhong’s close combat unit and entered the zombie fray. They easily decapitated the remaining zombies.

After resolving the zombies outside the village, the high morale close combat unit and two small units under Chen Shitou and Zhao Xing lead massacred their way into the small village.

Yue Zhong knew this is the true start of the training for the two small units. Although the large majority of zombies were drawn out by the noise and blood of white bones, but inside there village there were still several zombies and small zombie groups. Chen Shitou and Zhao Xing’s small groups could quickly become an elite force if they could completely clear out the remainder of the village.

“Group formation!”Chen Shitou bellowed the command as soon as they entered the village.

Three personnel immediately formed into a small triangle formation using their shields, and they carefully entered into the village. They didn’t have Yue Zhong’s ability to easily kill zombies, so naturally they were carefully.

Chen Shitou’s group encountered three scattered zombies not long after entering the village.

After the three members holding their shields skillfully dropped the three zombies, they resumed the group formation and carefully advanced. They extremely efficiently cleared the zombies in the village.

“Not bad work.”Yue Zhong followed behind Chen Shitou’s group and watched, his eyes flashed with praise.

In the past when capturing Stone Horse Village, they mainly relied on weapons fire to clear out a large amount of the zombie force. Then they used elite soldiers wearing snake scale armor to clean out the scattered zombies. The above cold weapons tactics couldn’t compare to Chen Shitou.

Zhao Xing’s group on the other side learned Chen Shitou’s triangle formation. They entered the village step by step, methodically beheading zombies.

In the midst of continuously killing zombies, they established confidence in overcoming them.

The Southeast village zombies were completely purged after a fierce three hour battle.

In the process, two members among Chen Shitou and Zhao Xing’s group were careless, and they were scratched and infected.

Yue Zhong walked over to the two team members and said in a deep voice: “Do you have any last words?”

People infected must die, Yue Zhong didn’t have any way to save them.

A team member said with tears in his eyes: “I wish Captain Yue could take care of my family.”

Yue Zhong said in a deep voice: “Don’t worry! You are both martyrs! Your family members will receive the best treatment.”

That team member bitterly laughed: “Then I have no regrets! Come, give me peace. I don’t want to change into that thing.”

Yue Zhong waved his hand and two members came over. They raised their guns at the two infected members and pulled the trigger, shooting them dead.

Captain Yue, we discovered something new.”Two of Yue Zhong’s direct subordinates found something while they were searching for supplies in Southeast Village. They brought forward two malnourished pretty looking women with multiple torture marks on their bodies.

“Who are they?”Yue Zhong looked at the two women and asked a team member among them.

The team member looked at one of the women and said somewhat viciously: “Captain Yue, they are survivors who fled from Poplar Tree Village to the west. Poplar Tree Village is already being occupied by a person named Steel King. That guy has several hundred survivors in his hands. Zhang Hong, this is our boss Captain Yue. Can you slowly tell him the intel on Poplar Tree Village?”

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak. I’ll tell everything to this mighty person. Don’t hit me!! I will say everything. I will do anything. I’m begging you don’t torture me!”Zhang Hong knelt on the ground. She wept and begged to Yue Zhong. She told her experience and everything she knew about Poplar Tree Village.

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