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God And Devil World - Chapter 134


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Chapter 134: Military Training

Chen Miao spoke her inner feelings: “It is very good here. Much better than Chen Family Village.”

The adult males from Chen Family Village all entered into Yue Zhong’s ranks after arriving at Stone Horse Village. They become soldiers under Yue Zhong’s banner. The Chen Family Villagers not only were hunters, but they also had experience fighting with zombies using cold weapons. Yue Zhong rather looked forward to their performance.

The Males from Chen Family Village could eat their fill of rice as well as some fish and vegetables after they entered into Yue Zhong’s ranks. They were extremely satisfied compared to being nested up in Chen Family Village, where they didn’t have enough rice to eat their full.

Yue Zhong commanded: “Go make your father prepare. We are going to dispatch troops and clear out zombies today. Make your father bring a squadron to the public square and wait.”

Stone Horse Village had not been captured long. Yue Zhong arranged various work, but the clearing of the zombies in the surrounding area hadn’t yet come to a stop. Yue Zhong and Chi Yang alternated every day, taking a group to clear out the the zombies in the surrounding villages, and they searched for survivors to enter under their banner. Yue Zhong’s Stone Horse Village already had a population of over eight hundred. There were already over one hundred and fifty combat personnel.

Chen Miao nodded and left according to Yue Zhong’s commands.

Yue Zhong’s direct small subordinate group and the two small groups formed of the Chen Family Villagers rapidly gathered at the town square.

The two small groups team leaders of the Chen Family Village force were lead by Chen Shitou and Zhao Xing. Zhao Xing’s group also had a vice captain. It was the former chief of Chen Family Village, Chen Ning. Chen Wang’s failure to completely follow Yue Zhong’s orders made him disappointed. Because of this, Yue Zhong gave Chen Ning a captain position according to his promise, but it was a vice captain position.

“These are those who want to fight zombies?”

“But how can we only use shields and large knives? Why no guns?”


The distinct thing of Yue Zhong and the small units is that the fighters in these two units only had shields and large knives. This made them slightly uneasy, and they whispered in private. Only Yue Zhong’s direct subordinate unit stood there silently.

Under the eyes of everyone, Yue Zhong walked onto a high platform.

The discussions below stopped as soon as Yue Zhong walked onto the high platform.

“I am Yue Zhong! Today is the day you will go out and fight zombies. It is not a mistake. Today your equipment is a shield and large knife. This equipment is more suited to fighting zombies than guns. From today on all of the combat units will undertake close combat training. You will use steel shields and large knives to fight. You will receive close combat training and shooting training at the same time. The only people who do not need to use shields and large knives are those that have a seventy percent shooting rate inside of a hundred yards, heavy machine gun operators, or armored vehicle operators.

“Of course the dangers are indeed very high to use shields and large knives to fight zombies. Those that don’t wish to fight may step out. I will not force you!”

There was an immediate uproar in the two Chen Family Village combat units after hearing Yue Zhong’s words.

A villager from Zhao Xing’s group hesitated a moment, then took a large step out: “I withdraw!”

“I withdraw!”

The villager’s withdraw set off like a fire in the state of minds of the others. Another eight people selected to withdraw from combat.

Yue Zhong looked at the nine people and coldly said: “People that stepped out. Your incorporation and special treatment are cancelled. Go work on building the walls.”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, the faces were brushed with a incomparably pale complexion. The treatment of the men who build the walls is far less than that of outside personnel. They must work hard labor every day, and they can only eat their fill without any additional non staple foods. There is also no additional wages.

The people in Yue Zhon’gs group, if they are outside personnel, they can eat and drink their fill every day, and they can have some non staple foods. Outside personnel can also receive a reward if they find goods and materials while out fighting. They were better off than office workers before Z-Age and received the envy of other survivors.

Among the nine, one regretfully said all of the sudden: “Captain Yue!! I wish to fight! Don’t send me to build the wall!”

“I also wish to fight!! I don’t want to build the wall!!”


There were three people with regret among the nine. Going to work on the wall is equivalent to being punished with hard labor. They must bitterly work the whole day. They could also use the goods found while fighting to find a woman for a good time. Stone Horse Village strictly prohibits rape, but a can a food in Stone Horse Village is enough to find a good looking woman for the night.

Moreover several women wished to stick to them and become their women after becoming outside personnel.

Yue Zhong didn’t look at those people anymore and coldly said: “Take them all away!”

Two personnel carrying rifles walked over and made the nine men go over towards the city wall.

Yue Zhong looked around at the remaining men in the two small units and said in a deep voice: “is there anyone else who wants to withdraw?”

Yue Zhong continued to say: “If you want a good life, you must take your life and risk it. Those who don’t wish to take a risk are only as good as laborers. I guarantee those who build walls and repair structures will continue living. But don’t be jealous when others taste the sweetness and drink in the goodness. That is what others used their own power and took risks to achieve!”

Yue Zhong finished his speech. It was silent below. No one spoke wanting to leave. They had just gotten a life that made others envious. Who wished to easily give that up?

“Set out!” Yue Zhong commanded. The people in the square all piled into vehicles one by one, and they rushed out.

Southeast Village was a distance of seven and a half kilometers from Stone Horse Village. Yue Zhong’s motorcade stopped before the village. The personnel all jumped out of the vehicles carrying the large knives and shields They looked at the quite small ghost town from far away.

An IFV brought up the rear of the motorcade. An IFV uses up too much bullets and oil when fighting. Because of this Yue Zhong only brings one each time just in case.

Yue Zhong sprinkles a blood pouch full of human blood on White Bones after everyone got out of the vehicles. He made White Bones rush into the village.

The Southeast village zombies immediately started to hobble out of the center of the village after smelling the blood.

Southeast village had a population of several hundred. The hundreds of zombies immediately formed into a chilling zombie group.

An S2 and several S1s quickly scrambled over the masses like demons towards White Bones from within the zombie group.

Yue Zhong took the lead holding a Replica Tang Sword towards the incoming S2 and S1.

The S2 smelled Yue Zhong’s human scent. It immediately abandoned White Bones and charged towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong welcomed the S2. A cold light flashed as the two crossed paths. The S2 was immediately decapitated in one sword slash. A large experience orb sunk into his body.

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