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God And Devil World - Chapter 133


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Chapter 133: Yao Yao

Chen Yao took a large bite from a steamed bun after sitting down and asked: “Zhang Li, how is the job hunt going?”

Chen Yao didn’t even look at food like big white steam buns before Z-Age. But she had already changed a lot after Z-Age. This big white steamed bun and slice of lunch meat already made this former little princess extremely satisfied.

Hesitating a moment, Zhang Li slowly said: ‘I haven’t found suitable work.”

Zhang Li and the rest were only ordinary college freshmen. They hadn’t graduated, and they didn’t have any work experience. There was a lot of highly educated elite talent among the outside survivors. Right now in order to be a street sweeper in the specialty region, if one didn’t have connections, at least a master’s degree was required.

Of course for Zhang Li and the other beautiful women, it would be very easy if they wanted to enter into a special kind of industry. But Zhang Li and the others still hadn’t entered into a state of destitute. Naturally they didn’t consider joining that special type of profession to make money.

Cai Xiao drank a bit of watered down gruel, hesitated a moment, and then said: “Yesterday I went out and saw sister Zhao. She begged to borrow a half kg of rice from us. Can we lend it to her, Chen Yao?”

Chen Yao silently hesitated a moment and said: “Raising a child isn’t easy! Next time you meet her bring her over and give her a quarter kg of rice.”

Chen Yao felt the difficulties of managing expenses after taking over the household affairs. Just feeding the seven of them required a lot of food every day. Adding on their compassionate hearts, they often helped the other women who came together with them to Long Hai City survivor base. The days became tight.

Finished eating a steamed bun, Chen Yao hesitated a moment and said: “I’m preparing to go see Yue Zhong. Who wants to come with me?”

“I want to go!”

“I also want to go!”

The girl’s eyes brightened, and they responded one by one. Here they were like rice worms mixed in with food waiting to die. They didn’t dare go anywhere outside of the specialty region.

Zhang Li and the other also didn’t dare casually move about in the specialty region. The law and order in the specialty region wasn’t bad, but they didn’t have any effect on the sons and daughters of higher ranking officials. They once saw a pretty housekeeper that didn’t have any kind of a background walking alone along the street. She was dragged into a luxuriously decorated building by several young men.

Several police circled the building after receiving the report. After one entered into the building, he emerged humiliated, then the unit was forced to leave.

Before Z-Age, given that there is control over information on the networks, there were several people who dared openly rape their lower subordinate office workers. Privileged sons and daughters killed people and walk away. Don’t even mentioned the collapsed order after Z-Age, a time when morals perished. The law is severe and cruel inside of the Long Hai City survivor base, but it is only directed at the common people. There isn’t any restrictive power on the sons and daughters of high ranking officials.

Seeing that sight, Zhang Li and the rest were afraid to go out and work. They completely lost their trust in the base, and they didn’t dare become nannies. They only knew how lucky they were at Yue Zhong’s side after they departed. It is very difficult for a woman without any power to continue surviving in this cruel world.

Chen Yao looked a little complex at the five other women and said: “Then we will go together!”

Early morning at the Stone Horse Village shooting range, Yue Zhong held a type 03 rifle and took ten shots at a target over a hundred meters away.

The target had eight holes in the bullseye after the ten shots. The other two bullets were placed in the outside ninth and eighth ring.

A delicate thin lolita with short black hair stood beside Yue Zhong. It was the little lolita that Yue Zhong found outside of Stone Horse Village, Yao Yao. Yao Yao watched Yue Zhong fire off successive shots, and those pair of bright black eyes attentively stared at the rifle in Yue Zhong’s hands.

Seeing Yue Zhong set down the type 03 rifle, Yao Yao rand over to his side. She extended both hand and used a cute little lolita voice to say to Yue Zhong: “Let me play!”

Yue Zhong looked at Yao Yao, the little lolita who had just turned ten years old. He handed her the type 03 rifle: “Be careful of the recoil!”

Yao Yao is only a ten year old lolita, but after she evolved, her body characteristics completely increased. Her Power and Strength had reached level 8. It was comparable to a grown man. Handling a type 03 rifle wasn’t a problem.

Yao Yao held and admired for a moment after receiving the type 03 rifle. She finally aimed at the target over a hundred meters away.

A lolita only one meter and thirty-six centimeter tall carrying a ten centimeter tall rile gave people a strange uncomfortable feeling.

Yao Yao pulled the trigger, a gunshot sounded, the bullet flew out, completely off target!

Yao Yao bit her lip, she repeatedly pulled the trigger, emptying the entire clip. In the end the target over a hundred meters away had several bullet holes.

“Bullets!”Yao Yao’s eyes flashed a trace of excitement after completely emptying the clip. She extended out a little hand and asked for more bullets.

Yue Zhong snatched the type 03 automatic rifle out of Yao Yao’s hands and said: “Good! Today we stop here! Now quick go to class!”

Children are mankind’s future. Yue Zhong hired ten teachers to start instruct the children of the survivors on various topics after taking over Stone Horse Village. In the wake of ample supplies, the food served to the children at the cafeteria was improved. They didn’t eat gruel but actual meals.

Yao Yao frowned: “Class is boring. Moreover studying those things doesn’t have the least bit of use!”

Children often used guns on the battlefield in regions of constant disorder before Z-Age. The temperaments of several children became wild after Z-Age. They didn’t want to study even more than before. They were more interested in picking wild vegetables and catching fish to provide food for the family than studying. It would have been difficult for the schools to attract children if he didn’t enact the rule of children won’t be provided food if they don’t come to school.

Yue Zhong looked at Yao Yao and said: “Go or don’t go. Don’t go and I’ll spank you!”

Yao Yao retreated several steps, her hands clutching her little bottom. She resisted and glared a Yue Zhong. Finally she gave up under Yue Zhong’s abuse of authority and ran away like a wisp of smoke. She once didn’t listen to Yue Zhong’s words, and she was grabbed up by him and given a good spanking. This finally made her well behaved.

Looking like a innocent and cute little woman Chen Miao walked over wearing a white blouse, a pale yellow skirt, white cotton socks, and little boots, and she gave Yue Zhong a towel.

Yue Zhong grabbed the towel, wiped the sweat off his body, and asked: “How are you? Used to living here?”

Not long ago, Yue Zhong had just conducted a 150kg weighted run individual exercise. He then started target practice after finishing the run. He continuously trained his body every day.

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