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God And Devil World - Chapter 131


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Chapter 131: Long Hai City Reaction

“What? Yue Zhong’gs group took over a camp’s worth of equipment? Is this true?”Lei Cheng’s face was ashen as he looked at Kong Tao inside of Long Hai City survivor base.

Kong Tao said: “Absolutely true.”

“F*k!”Lei Cheng dropped his voice and scolded. His complexion became unsteady.

Lei Cheng had only captured an infantry military base. Those ten IFVs were only left in the camp there for a special reason.

Lei Cheng used up a large amount of ammunition after capturing Qingyuan County. Even though Qinyuan county had an armory and a police station, it wasn’t enough to make up for the large amount of ammunition lost in its capture.

Lei Cheng originally planned to take troops and extinguish Yue Zhong if he refused. At this time he heard Yue Zhong captured a military camp and obtained a Battalion’s worth of equipment, and his idea immediately began to waver. Although he still believed he could take out a bandit like Yue Zhong, but there was a complicated power structure in Qingyuan County. He didn’t want to risk the troops loyal to him in a rash action.

Long Tao said;“Chief Lei Cheng, I still need to go to Mayor Chen and report. I will be leaving.”

Long Tao is one of Lei Cheng’s people in the government. After Z-Age, following the break in commands from the central government, the military leader Lei Cheng began to concoct schemes. He started to permeate his influence into the government. Several government officials were loyal to Lei Cheng. After all, guns exhibit power. Lei Cheng had a battalion of soldiers in his command, and a battalion’s worth of equipment. He is the greatest military power in Qingyuan County.

Qingyuan County also had other large and small power groups, but there was not a group that had the power to contend with Lei Cheng. But if all of the power groups in Qingyuan County combined, then Lei Cheng couldn’t oppose them. Several of the troops in his battalion were only ordinary people. He could only trust in the core group that made up two platoons of professional soldiers.

Lei Cheng plainly said: “Go!”

Kong Tao left. Lei Cheng turned to his think tank member Fang Wen and asked: “How do you see it?”

Fang Wen laughed: “Give this matter over to Chen Jianfeng and let him have a headache.”

Lei Cheng said with wrinkled brows: “How do we respond if he makes us go circle and destroy Yue Zhong? Cleaning out rebels is a fundamental responsibility of our military.”

Fang Wen smiled and said: “Our unit still hasn’t finished training. We still need a minimum of two months to finish training. Furthermore, we need a large amount of goods and materials to train. It will be a good time to make Chen Jianfeng give our military more supplies.”

Apart from the government and the military working together to capture Qingyuan county, following a long period without any word from the central government, Lei Cheng gave birth to scheming. But the government seized a large amount of goods and materials during this time. Although the military had their own small warehouse, the didn’t have as much as the government.

The government was in charge of the armed police and the regular police force, these two martial powers. They also had a large amount of supplies. Relying on their power and supplies, the government could somewhat check and balance the military.

Lei Cheng relaxed his brow and revealed a smile: “Yes!”


In the lavishly decorated grand government building in Qingyuan County, a delicate appearing middle aged man with the aura of a scholar looked at Kong Tao with wrinkled brows. He asked in a deep voice: “What? He refused our conditions?”

“Correct!”Kong Tao hesitated a moment, then grit his teeth and said: “Yue Zhong is without order. There is not the slightest bit of the communist party or government over there. It is said he publicly killed government officials. A central party leadership’s son also died at his hands.”

“Impossible. He isn’t like that!”At this time, an unordinarily beautiful woman full of youth standing beside Chen Jianfeng couldn’t help but speak out.

Kong Tao pointed at Xia Yue and Gao Ying beside him, then said to Chen Jianfeng: “Miss Chen Yao, this is what I personally saw and heard. Furthermore, this time two other people who came back with me are these two!”

Xia Yue revealed an elegant and graceful smile to Chen Jianfeng: “Hello uncle Chen! We haven’t seen each other in a long time have we?”

Chen Jianfeng carefully looked at Xia Yue a moment. His face changed saying: “You are Xia Lao’s granddaughter, Xia Yue!”

Xia Lao was one of China’s earliest revolutionaries. The Xia family has enormous influence in China. Chen Jianfeng once paid respects to Xia Lao in the past during New Years. Xia Yue would be like a princess if it were before Z-Age.

Because of this, Xia Yue  let out a captivating smile that was bright and extraordinary: “Many thanks for still remembering me uncle.”

Chen Yao couldn’t help but interfere and ask: “Did Yue Zhong truly publicly murdered government officials?”

“You are?”Xia Yue carefully sized up Chen Yao for a moment. Due to her arrogance, she didn’t acknowledge the extremely remarkable beauty standing before her that could rival herself. Furthermore, standing beside Chen Yao, there was a beautiful, valiant looking, and handsome woman with shoulder length black hair, snow white skin, delicate features, and a pair of sharp eyes.

“This is my niece Chen Yao. This is Ji Qingwu!”Chen Jianfeng gave Xia Yue an introduction.

“Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu are both extreme evolvers with level three skills. In addition, Ji Qinwu already broke through level ten. There are only a few evolvers within Long Hai City survivor base whose mastery of skills have become this strong.”

Xia Yue smiled at Chen Yao and directly said: “Chen Yao, Yue Zhong really killed a government official. He also killed the central government Minister Ma’s son.”

Chen Yao’s face turned white hearing these words. Z-Age hadn’t even been around for a year, and the large majority of people still believed in the government. Yue Zhong killing a government official is a large crime, and killing a central government minister’s son is an unpardonable offense.

Xia Yue continued: “Correct. Yue Zhong brought people to capture Stone Horse Village and a military base. At present he should have enough equipment to outfit a battalion.”

Chen Jianfeng’s brows began to wrinkle after hearing Yue Zhong captured Stone Horse Village and a military camp. Like that, Yue Zhong’s combat ability changed into something that couldn’t be ignored. He originally planned to use scare tactics to immediately break apart Yue Zhong’s power. Afterall, the large majority of the military recruits in Long Hai City are a newly enlisted mob, and they hadn’t gone through standard military training.

Chen Jianfeng pondered a moment, then he commanded to Kong Tao: “Kong Tao, take miss Xia Yue and her bodyguard away. Help her with a specially appointed observer status, and arrange for her to live in the specialty region.”

Original order turned to chaos after Z-Age. Xia Yue was one of the highest grade princesses of the communist party before Z-Age. Chen Jianfeng wanted to deliberately treat her well. Chen Jianfeng arranged for Xia Yue to enter the specialty region to pay respects to his previous relationships, and the other part was to have good karma. After all, the influence of the Xia family wasn’t small, who knows what could come of it in the future.

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