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God And Devil World - Chapter 130


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Chapter 130: Capturing the Military Base

The H1’s body fell to the ground. A large experience orb sunk into Yue Zhong’s body. A skill book, a green treasure box, and 100 life coins dropped from its body.

Yue Zhong immediately rushed downstairs after putting those things into the storage ring. The battle still hadn’t finished, and he must return to the fight right away.

Yue Zhong rushed downstairs. White Bones followed behind, and they quickly killed twenty zombies along the way as they rush to the camp entrance.

Yue Zhong saw the ten close combat unit members working in groups of two. They provided mutual support and deftly waived the Imitation Tang Swords, beheading zombie after zombie.

Behind the close combat unit, ten of Yue Zhong’s expert marksmen aimed and shot at the zombies from far away. Zombie after zombie was headshot and dropped under their precision fire.

The two IFVs and the Humvee brought up the rear without firing. Ammo is an extremely precious thing for Yue Zhong’s power. He didn’t have the ability to recover bullets. Before he can manufacture bullets, it is better to conserve artillery fire and ammo. Yue Zhong wasn’t willing to use the heavy ammunition unless they came across a zombie crowd. That would be a waste.

The young bird Greenie also took part in the battle. It rushed into the zombie crowd. It cracked open zombie skulls with each peck, then it it pecked and gobbled up the zombies. It has an enormous immunity to the zombies carrying the infection. It even somewhat likes eating zombies.

There were still twenty ordinary team members that used rifles to continuously fire into the mass of zombies.

Yue Zhong quickly cut towards the zombies blocking the road and combined with the close combat unit after joining the battle. They formed a mad beheading unit that cut apart the zombies blocking the road.

The fierce battle continued for more than an hour. The large portion of zombies was finally cleared out by Yue Zhong and the men he brought.

Group after group filled into the buildings. They started to clear out the scattered zombies in the camp.

“Score! This time we scored! Yue Zhong entered into the camp. He saw ten Humvees mounted with type 86, 7.62 millimeter machine guns lined up. His heart immediately filled with joy.

There were two IFVs and two machine gun vehicles mounted with dual 14.5 millimeter anti-aircraft machine guns parked there apart from the ten Humvees.

[A 14.5 millimeter anti-aircraft machine gun vehicle looks something like this.]

As soon as the armored vehicles entered Yue Zhong’s hand, his troop flexibility and and firepower both received an enormous increase.

Liu Yan, who was in charge of acquisitions, rushed out of a storehouse. He excitedly yelled to Yue Zhong: “Captain Yue!! Captain Yue!! This time we scored!! We scored! Come quick!”

Yue Zhong heard Liu Yan’s words, and he zoomed over towards Liu Yan. He quickly entered that storehouse.

“Score!! A huge score!!”Yue Zhong saw the storehouse weapons and equipment as soon as he entered the storehouse, and he became endlessly excited.

A type 95 rifle with 5.8mm rounds, mortars, multipurpose bayonets, grenade launchers, type 95 machine guns with 5.8mm rounds, type 89 heavy machine guns with 12.7mm rounds, 35mm type 87 automatic grenade launchers, two dual mounted 14.5mm anti-aircraft machine guns, and type 40 type 8 rocket launchers.

A large amount of standard PLA weapons were in the storehouse, causing the onlookers to be dazzled, pulling at their hearts. The equipment here was enough for Yue Zhong’s to arm a Battalion.

[TL: PLA is short for People’s Liberation Army. It is a common acronym in China. A battalion is an army unit of 500 to 800 soldiers.]

There was a large amount of ammunition, explosive artillery shells, grenades, hand grenades, and nine Red Arrow guided anti-tank missiles.

Yue Zhong’s army could replace their bird shotguns with cannons using this type of equipment. Their combat ability multiplied, transformed into a regular standing PLA army.

Modern warfare weaponry is extremely important. With these war tools, Yue Zhong doesn’t have a trace of fear towards the Long Hai City survivor base military.

Yue Zhong was a little melancholy obtaining these weapons. He didn’t have any specialized soldiers to operate this modern weaponry.

Yue Zhong placed the distractions behind him, and he strode out of the military camp: “One step at a time, one step at a time.”

Yue Zhong’s personnel worked like a bee hive entering into the weapons storehouse and loading everything up on the Semi-trucks for transport. Every team member’s face was full of joy. They could become even stronger with weapons and ammunition. Weapons are a must when it comes to dealing with zombies or other people.

Xia Yue and her bodyguard Gao Ying walked over to Yue Zhong’s side.

Yue Zhong looked at Xia Yue and dully said: “According to our agreement, from now on you are free. Miss Xia Yue.”

Yue Zhong is a person serious about promises. He couldn’t eat his words since he promised Xia Yue her freedom.

Xia Yue looked at Yue Zhong and slowly said: “Can I wait a short period of time in Stone Horse Village?”

Stone Horse Village continuously received survivors under Yue Zhong. They already slowly recovered their population. Yue Zhong is also not harsh at all towards survivors. So long as they are willing to work, they can eat their fill. Crime rate in the village was also very low under the patrols of the team members. Once a crime was committed, offenders were sent to the hard labor camps and forced to build the wall. Xia Yue and her bodyguard Gao Ying also planned to stay here a short time. There wouldn’t be a problem with safety so long as they stayed.

Yue Zhong looked at Xia Yue and plainly said: “You may, but you aren’t a person in our system. You can only receive disaster relief rations. You must solve additional food problems yourself.”

Yue Zhong wouldn’t force Xia Yue and Gao Ying to be a part of his system if they didn’t want to be, but he couldn’t give a large amount of food to these two idle people.

The faces of Xia Yue and Gao Ying changed. They didn’t have much food. They were able to eat white rice, fish, and vegetables while they followed Yue Zhong. Those two couldn’t bear it if they had to eat that diluted disaster relief gruel.

Xia Yue gnashed her teeth and said to Yue Zhong: “Could you give us a vehicle! Let us go to Long Hai City survivor base on our own?”

Yue Zhong pondered a moment and said: “You may! I will give you a vehicle after we return. I will let you all go to the Long Hai City survivor base on your own.”

Full of the camp’s equipment, the armored unit majestically headed towards Stone Horse Village.

The whole Stone Horse Village stirred and boiled as soon as the armored vehicle unit returned. This armored vehicle united represented formidable power. It could easily tear apart a thousand zombies. It also represented the ability to provide safety, making them even more relaxed.

Yue Zhong gave Xia Yue, Gao Ying, and Kong Tao a Jeep and let them leave Stone Horse Village after returning.

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