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God And Devil World - Chapter 129


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Chapter 129: Crash Job

“Zombies posses a long distance attack branch?”Yue Zhong’s mind became hazy as he looked upon the flame zombie H1 on top of the large building. The S type zombies were already too much trouble for people. Now there are H type zombies that can attack from long range suddenly appearing. The future for mankind battling zombies became even more difficult.

“I must fully learn its firing rate.”Yue Zhong raised his head and watched the H1 occupying the large building in the military camp.  He longer moving irregularly and raised his gun at the camp entrance, fighting the ordinary zombies together with White Bones.

The flame type H1 zombie honestly laid down on its stomach and watched Yue Zhong from the roof of the high building. It only had attack instinct, not the slightest bit of hidden conscious. This is the greatest weakness of the zombies.

Yue Zhong and White Bones fought and moved backwards at the same time. There were over a hundred corpses on the street of the military camp after fifteen minutes. Only the whole camp had over eight hundred zombies. Yue Zhong and White Bones killed so many zombies, but the amount of zombies didn’t seem to lessen. The stamina of Yue Zhong and White Bones started to continuously drop.

White Bones also has stamina restrictions. It can no longer continue fighting if its stamina is used up. Moreover, the zombies stamina is never ending and daunting.

Yue Zhong felt a warning in his mind fifteen minutes after the flame zombie shot the first fireball. He immediately used all of his strength to move to the side.

“The firing rate is one every fifteen minutes! Not bad!”Yue Zhong calmly analyzed the flame zombie’s firing rage and slightly relaxed a breath. If that flame zombie’s firing rate was too frequent, then tens of flame zombies could form a terrifying small sized artillery unit.

After testing out the flame zombie shooting rate, Yue Zhong raised his rifle into the sky and gave the three shot attack signal.

Two IFVs, three hummers, and a Humvee mounted with a heavy machine gun formed a motorcade along the road and traveled over from far away.

[TL: The Humvee is actually named the “Dong Feng Ferocious Warrior” It is an off road military vehicle made by the Dong Feng off-road limited liability company. This is the same company that makes the Dong Feng truck. As such, I will just start calling the Dong Feng trucks semi-trucks or large trucks depending on the context. They appear to just be semi-trucks made by the Dong Feng Company. I wasn’t sure what a “Dong Feng” truck was earlier or else I would have just changed it a long time ago. The Humvee actually looks like this if you would like to see it: ]

Personel from the rapidly approaching motorcade carried all types of guns and madly spread fire at the large amount of zombies that had been coerced to leave the camp.

The two IFVs with the two type 86, 7.62 millimeter machine guns and the mounted type 67 heavy machine gun on the Humvee madly breathed flames.

The interwoven fire created a terrifying bullet screen. They zombies enshrouded in the screen of bullets were totally torn apart.

There were tens of L1s in the crowd of zombies. Those evolved L1 zombies couldn’t stop the bullet screen, and they were torn apart one by one.

“Cease fire! Close combat unit approach!”Yue Zhong gave the command after seeing a large slice of zombies being taken out by the bullets.

It is hard to completely wipe out zombies relying only on bullets. After being baptised in the bullets, some zombies still didn’t die, Their bodies ragged, the combat ability quickly descended, and they are unable to form a zombie crowd state. They are basically no match for the close combat unit wearing the snake skin armor.

After a battle cry, ten close combat unit members charged into the crowd of zombies while holding Imitation Tang Swords. They madly slashed at those zombies who had fallen to the ground and were attempting to climb back up. Those close combat unit member had killed a large amount of zombies. They had all leveled up to about level 7. They mainly leveled up power and stamina. Using the Imitation Tang Swords, they cut through those zombies as easily as chopping leeks.

A large of amount of zombies fell in the hands of those ten close combat unit members.

Yue Zhong and White Bones rushed together into the depths of the military camp. The H1 is a target they must take out. The precious close combat unit could suffer casualties if the H1 fires another shot.

Yue Zhong moved with all his strength. His speed surpassed the hundred meter dash champion before Z-Age. He and White Bones stabbed into the depths of the military camp like a sharp sword.

Those zombies blocking Yue Zhong’s path were beheaded, completely unable to hinder him.

White Bones extremely violently slashed its axe on the other side, sending the heads of the zombies blocking the road flying one by one. A large amount of zombie heads flew into the sky along the way, an extremely bloody sight.

A L2 appeared before their eyes as soon as Yue Zhong and White Bones dashed into the large military building. A huge fist ruthlessly attacked towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s body slightly shifted, drilling past the side of the L2.

The L2’s fist heavily exploded onto White Bone’s body sending it flying several meters away.

Yue Zhong circled around the rear of the L2. He activated the skill Devil Flame. A devil flame rose from his right hand, and he slashed at the L2’s large thigh. The scarlet red devil flame turned the right thigh into ash as soon as Yue Zhong made contact, splitting it into two sections.

The L2 lost its balance for a moment after losing the right leg and dropped towards the ground.

Yue Zhong  chopped at the back of the L2 with a sword, making sure the L2 dropped all the way to the ground.

He seized the opportunity, and used a foot to ruthlessly step on the L2’s skull. The devil flame activated and burned the L2 into a crisp.

“Congratulations, you leveled up to level 27. You have attained two stat points.”

A large experience orb sunk into Yue Zhong as soon as the L2 died. He leveled up once again.

“Increase stamina and agility!”

Yue Zhong made his choice. Speed and Stamina is the current direction of his evolution choice.

Yue Zhong placed the drops of the L2 into his storage ring. He quickly rushed towards the roof.

Yue Zhong finally rushed to the roof after killing eight ordinary zombies and three L1s along the way.

A lonely red body stood there on the roof. The H1 zombie’s head was twice as big as a normal person’s head. It had a small body with four bulky limbs.

Sensing Yue Zhong’s arrival, the H1s four limbs began to act, and it rushed towards Yue Zhong.

“The speed is somewhat faster than an ordinary person’s.”Yue Zhong calmly evaluated as he watched the H1 rush over.

The H1 zoomed to Yue Zhon’s side. I immediately opened its devouring mouth and bit towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s speed had been leveled up several times. The H1 basically couldn’t compare. His body slightly shifted and avoided the charge attack of the H1. He pressed onto the H1 without much difficulty and firmly stopped its assault.

“Only has a biting close combat attack. The assault power is only at the level of an ordinary adult! In other words, apart from being able to shoot extremely dangerous fireballs from long range, its close combat ability is weak.”Yue Zhong quickly made an evaluation, and then he slashed at the head of the H1.

With a flash of the sword, the H1 was easily beheaded by Yue Zhong. It was even weaker than the body of an S1.

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