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God And Devil World - Chapter 1120


Chapter 1120: Agnis!

Sea God Allexia laughed lightly, "That's right, it was I who has released you from your ten-thousand-year seal . "

Agnis closed its eyes, feeling the atmospheric energy, before opening them again . It then turned to look at Yue Zhong, "This is the human you want me to kill?"
When Yue Zhong heard those words, his body turned taut, his fists clenching, as he prepared himself for the worst .
A half-step Type 9 Mutant Beast was truly terrifying . The energy and strength emitting from Agnis were much thicker and powerful than an ordinary Type 9 powerhouse . It was only lacking the comprehension of spatial laws . Otherwise, once it did, it would immediately ascend and be able to dominate other Type 9 powerhouses .

Allexia gritted her teeth and pointed at him, "That's right, I'm ordering you to kill him immediately!"

Agnis turned its gaze to Allexia, back to Yue Zhong, before its huge Wyrm-Dragon head suddenly opened its jaws and snapped down on Allexia without warning .

The Sea God had not expected the terrifying beast she released to suddenly attack her, and without any preparation, she was instantly swallowed by Agnis .
"Not bad, it's been over ten thousand years, to think I can get to enjoy the taste of a Type 8 powerhouse when I'm released! Not bad at all!!"Agnis licked its lips, before laughing insidiously, "Releasing me, and you think you can order me around like a dog? Little mermaid, you lack the qualifications to want to be my master . "

"The Sea God is dead!!"

"Heavens, the mighty Sea God is dead!"

". . . "

Seeing Allexia consumed by the half-step Type 9 Mutant Wyrm-Dragon, the Sea Clan members were all fearful, their morale and faith crumbling . In that instant, they all tried to flee .
Yue Zhong himself also had a cold look, as he retreated slowly and quietly .
Although Agnis had launched a sneak attack, to be able to kill the Type 8 Allexia in a split second, it proved that he was indeed strong . Even if he were to show all his trump cards, it was unlikely that he could overcome this Mutant Beast .

Agnis turned its gaze towards Yue Zhong as it drawled, "Human, what's your name? There's no need to retreat, I bear you no ill intentions . Unless you offend me first, I will not treat you like an enemy . "

Yue Zhong responded respectfully, "I'm Yue Zhong, Senior Agnis . "

This Agnis was an old, undying freak, who had been sealed for ten thousand years . Its strength was horrifying, and it should be privy to the secrets of the world . It was what Yue Zhong came for anyway, being respectful would not harm anyone .

Agnis stared at Yue Zhong and asked, "Is the world undergoing a mutation again?"
Yue Zhong asked curiously, "Again? It's true that the world is mutating . Senior, in the past, could this world have undergone a change before?"

There was a strange glint in Agnis's eyes, as it reminisced about the past, "That's right . Ten thousand years ago, this world had undergone a mutation once, as most of the bring and prosperous civilizations were annihilated, and all intelligent life forms died then . I I had been sealed beneath the sea for 10,000 years as well .
Yue Zhong felt his heart tremble, "That's right, there were strange ancient weapons turning up recently, it should be the legacies of those civilizations of the past . Even a half-step Type 9 powerhouse like Agnis was sealed, don't tell me the strongest expert then was already at the Type 9 realm, or… even someone who had crossed the legendary Type 10 realm?! However, if there was such an expert, he or she would have dominated Earth . Why is there no sign of such a person?"

Yue Zhong asked, "Senior Agnis, may I ask you about the world and God?"

It was rumored that there was something here beneath the sea that could enlighten one on the secrets of the world . It was apparently this 10,000-year-old Mutant Beast .
When Agnis heard those words, there was a flash of fear in its eyes, as it hesitated before sighing, "I don't know much, to be honest . I only know this, all life forms of the 800 worlds are all just pawns in the cage of God, regardless where you come from . Even a Type 9 powerhouse is just a stronger worm . Only those who cross that realm could gain control of his or her own life . "

"Even if ordinary powerhouses cultivated with all their minds and time, they would not be able to breach the Type 9 bottleneck in 10,000 years . Based on what I know, within these 800 worlds, over the last millions of years, there had only been 20 heaven-defying characters that had broken through the Type 9 realm, reaching the legendary Type 10 realm and left the confines of these worlds, heading for some unknown domain . "

Yue Zhong's face fell when he heard this, "A million years, and only 20 who broke through?! Seems like it's really tough . "

Every single world had been governed by some powerful civilization at some point in time, with plenty of experts . Talents were definitely not lacking . Under such circumstances, to think there were only 20 Type 10 powerhouses . It was an extremely minuscule number .

Agnis's head shook, and revealed a door beneath it, "Beyond these 800 worlds 800 worlds in God's cage, there's a world known as The Great God World . In every world that has a Type 9 expert, or a world that is mutating, there would be a door that leads to the Great God World . There are no limitations on the powerhouses that want to head there . The number of experts there are plenty, and you get all sorts of characters, with numerous resources . There are easily over a thousand Type 9 powerhouses there . There are even some at the peak of the Type 9 realm . The door that leads there is right here . As long you go through it, who knows, you might gain more knowledge from the Great God World . "

Yue Zhong looked at the door beneath Agnis, his eyes flashing with a strange glint, but he did not move .

After a moment of consideration, he pointed at the door, and a black light congealed to form a beautiful woman, who entered the gate .

Not too long after that, the beautiful Mech, who was controlled by Bai Yi, came back through the gateway, nodding to Yue Zhong, "It truly is a new world, and the energy seems to be thicker and more powerful than the current mutating Earth . "

After getting Bai Yi's confirmation, Yue Zhong smiled at Agnis, "Senior Agnis, can I trouble you to step back about 50 li for the time being?"

Since the gateway was beneath Agnis, if it decided to take a bite at Yue Zhong while he was soaring through it, he would be powerless .

Agnis squinted, and spoke in a voice that was hard to discern if it was amused or annoyed, "You don't trust me?"

Yue Zhong chuckled, "Senior Agnis, it's not that I don't trust you . However, I've never liked to leave my life in the hands of others .

Agnis replied without batting an eyelid, "And if I refuse, what do you intend to do?"

Yue Zhong spoke in a steely manner, "Then I can only choose to retreat, and come back some other time . "
A half-step Type 9 powerhouse was simply too terrifying . If Yue Zhong really swam over, it would be foolish . Agnis had just displayed how quick it was to flip, consuming Sea God Allexia in an instant . It was definitely not kind . Furthermore, Agnis definitely knew that Yue Zhong had the God-Devil Imprint, he was practically like Tang Sanzang to it . If it could consume Yue Zhong, who knew, it might actually evolve into the Type 9 realm . No one could withstand such an allure .

Agnis sighed softly, as it twisted its huge head, and made for the distance, "Alright, since you don't trust me, I can only move away!"

Its body was extremely large, with a single movement, the entire seabed seemed to tremble .
All of a sudden, the ground beneath Yue Zhong split apart, as a single-horned serpent burst out, its teeth sharp and its jaws putrid . It tried to bite down on Yue Zhong .

The speed of the single-horned giant serpent was extremely fast, with the principles and laws of water behind its movement . There seemed to be no water resistance at all, as it reached 20 times the speed of sound . Even a Type 9 powerhouse would find it hard to dodge that bite .

At that instant, Yue Zhong's heart was alarmed and he immediately channeled the God-Devil Domain, forming a powerful region around himself .

He then disappeared with a single thought, reappearing in the God-side of the Domain .

Agnis, whose expression had been friendly earlier, was now savage, as he laughed out maliciously, "God-Devil Domain, as expected, you're an Oracle . You're too wary, kid . Be good and let me eat you, alright? Like this, we can both be in one body, as I break past the Type 9 realm and become a Type 10 legend!"


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