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God And Devil World - Chapter 1119


Chapter 1119: Defeating the Sea God!

The golden pyramid then opened up, as a beautiful mermaid rose from within, wielding a blue staff that had a gold wood essence within . She wore a golden crown, her body covered in pearls, her long hair blue in color . Her eyes were bright and clear, her figure extremely alluring, and her looks were absolutely stunning .

Yue Zhong looked at her, his gaze turning serious, "Sea God?"

She exuded a powerful aura as she emerged, apparently at the Type 8 realm .

Regardless of where they were, a Type 8 powerhouse would be considered a tyrant . Before the Earth had changed, there was not even a single Type 1 divine Warrior . In just 3 years, there was already a Type 8 powerhouse . This was the terrifying innate talent of the Sea God . What was more, she did not possess the God-Devil Imprint like Yue Zhong, who could evolve by killing other life forms .

The Sea God stared at Yue Zhong coldly and with a hint of disdain, "You're the strongest human powerhouse, Yue Zhong? Very good, you're strong . However, you should not have come . Stay here and be my slave, I can let you live . Otherwise, it'll be your death day . "

Yue Zhong laughed out loud, but there was no joy in his eyes, just an incomparable cold, "Haha! Just based on you? I'm lacking a female slave, and you seem decent enough . You can just scram over here and beg for me to take you in . That way, I can let you live, as well as spare the rest of the Sea Clan in this city . "

The humans and Sea Clan were fighting for the hegemony of Earth, and there could only be one ruling race . This fight was bound to happen in the end, that was why Yue Zhong did not bother dispensing any pleasantries .

"Courting death!"

The Sea God spat out these two words with an icy tone, and in a flash of blue light, her staff began to glow, including the golden nucleus embedded in it . A bright gold light that was able to vaporize the Blood Radiances earlier shot towards Yue Zhong .

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps, as he stepped through the air and shot towards the Sea God with countless shadows .

With a thought from the Sea God, the gold light split apart, turning into numerous beams that pierced throughout the skies .
The countless gold beams pierced through Yue Zhong's shadows, and one even shot towards his actual body .

Yue Zhong willed it, and a powerful energy shield congealed in front of him .

As the gold rays fell upon the shield, they pierced through it easily, shooting for Yue Zhong .

"Oh! Decent force!"

He let out a surprised sound, as he slapped out at the gold beam, causing a huge sound as the beam was destroyed .

After causing the gold light beam to dissipate, Yue Zhong quickly fired out his Level 6 Yin-Yang Palm at the Sea God . A powerful palm imprint that was filled with both Yang and Yin aura quickly covered the sky, as it shot towards the Sea God viciously .
Yue Zhong was not in the mood to be chivalrous, if he could, he would slap her to death .

"What a powerful human, he actually knows such an incredible technique!!"

Sensing the might of the Yin-Yang Palm, the countenance of the Sea God turned ugly, as she wielded her staff and thrust it towards the pyramid below .
At that moment, an archaic and saintly aura surged forth . It did not belong to the Sea God, instead, wrapping around the staff, as a gold dragon head appeared from the crystal . It gave off a tyrannical strength as it snarled at the Yin-Yang Palm imprint .


Following a loud loud sound, the gold dragon was disintegrated by Yue Zhong's Yin-Yang Palm, while the attack was also crushed by the force behind the gold dragon .

Yue Zhong could achieve the Level 6 of the Yin-Yang Palm, allowing him to exhibit a strength 64 times that of his own . With a single palm imprint, it was as though 64 Type 8 powerhouses had attacked at the same time . It was enough to crush some Type 8 powerhouses in a single strike . With such a powerful move, coupled with his Third Order God-Devil Body, under most ordinary circumstances, he could only fire off 10 times of such an attack .

Once the dust settled, and both attacks had canceled each other out, the resulting backlash caused the Sea God to be pale, as she spat out a mouthful of blood, her face full of shock, "How is this possible?! As a Type 8 powerhouse, I had even borrowed the force of the ancient pyramid to fire out, and yet, he was able to meet my attack and it doesn't seem like he's the least bit injured . "

When the Yin-Yang Palm was destroyed, although Yue Zhong had been at the epicenter, he was not injured at all . After reaching the Third Order God-Devil Body, his physique had reached an unbelievable level . Almost nothing could hurt him anymore .

At his current stage, even if he was at the center of an explosion, with the defensive ability of his Third Order God-Devil Body, he would not be in danger . He might feel some pain, while some of the weaker aspects of his body could be injured .

Yue Zhong did not seem to mind that the Level 6 Yin-Yang Palm was extinguished by the attack of the Sea God . He stepped forward and appeared in front of her, his right fist punching out, wrapped in countless shadows . In a single move, he threw out over a hundred fists .

The Sea God wielded her staff, her eyes flashing dangerously as a gold shield appeared in front of her .

Yue Zhong blasted out multiple times at the gold shield, his powerful strength exploding forth, smashing into it like a crazed wild beast .

In a flash, he destroyed it completely and sent a fist at the Sea God .

With his Third Order God-Devil Body, Yue Zhong's physique was tougher than the teeth and claws of some Type 8 Mutant Beasts, and he preferred using his body to fight .

The Sea God raised her staff to defend .

Kuang lang!

As his fist struck the staff, it broke through the bright staff, causing the crystal to shatter, while his fist continued through and slammed into the abdomen of the Sea God, sending her hurtling through the waters at an incredible speed .


"How could a human be that strong?!"

"Impossible!! The great Sea God would not lose!"

". . . "

In the Sea God City, many experts watched on in horror as the Sea God was sent knocked back by Yue Zhong, their eyes filled with disbelief, even despair .

Right at that moment, 2 top beauties of the Mermaid Clan, both of them Type 7 existences, came out from hidden corners of the temple and raised their staff at Yue Zhong .

2 bright beams of blue light shot forth, coiling around Yue Zhong like ropes, and began to absorb him of his strength .

The staffs in the hands of those 2 Type 7 Mermaids were old ancient weapons and were called Devil-Suppressing Chains . They were extremely hard to deal with, once caught, the strength of the captive would be sapped quickly .

The strength of this particular treasure was unrivaled, and while it might not be effective against Type 9 existences, most Type 8 powerhouses were still susceptible to the ropes . This was one of the trump cards of the Sea God City .

The Sea Clan had occupied such a treasure trove, and within the seas, they had obtained countless treasures of the past . That was how they were able to develop so fast . Otherwise, even with their innate talent and potential, it was impossible to reach the Type 8 realm in 8 realm in such a short time .
"Break for me!"
The moment he was caught in those ropes, he frowned, and with a furious roar, he struggled and the innate strength of his Third Order God-Devil Body burst forth . The ropes were instantly ripped apart, breaking into pieces, while he sliced out with his hands, and 2 energy blades cleaved down on both Type 7 mermaids, killing them immediately .

As he was engaged with them, the Sea God pulled out a strange stone engraved with runes with a pale expression .
"Damn you, Yue Zhong, you forced me to!! Break the seal!!"The Sea God gritted her teeth and threw the stone towards the seabed .
The moment the stone landed on the ground, it was absorbed into the soil .

The next moment, a powerful aura surge out from the temple and caused the Sea God City to shudder .

The protection of the Sea God City broke apart, and the surrounding seawater surged into the city, threatening to engulf everything .

The ground of the Sea God City began to crumble and split apart, as a huge Wyrm-Dragon's head of about a kilometer in length started to emerge, exuding a terrifying aura .

The moment that half-step Mutant Wyrm-Dragon appeared, the entire Sea God City started to crumble, and many of the Sea Clan members started to fight to flee . They could sense the terror and might of the half-step Type 9 Mutant Beast, and as long as it meant to, it could slaughter them as easily as breathing .

The Sea God swam up to the half-step Type 9 Mutant Wyrm-Dragon, and spoke, "Glorious Sir Agnis, it is I, Allexia, that released you from your seal . Please honor your vow, and fight for me, to wipe out my enemy!"

The Wyrm-Dragon looked at the Sea God with an indifferent gaze, "So it was you, puny thing, that released me from the seal?"


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