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God And Devil World - Chapter 1118


Chapter 1118: Heroism!

Yue Zhong looked at the golden pyramid, his eyes flashing with a glint, "This is the Sea God Temple?"

The Temple was constructed beautifully, with a mysterious and holy feel . He just had to look at it and could sense the might and terror hidden within .

With his intuition, he could sense that if he were to barge in, it was likely that he would be suppressed within .

The Sea God Temple was not like the Mech Kingdom's Empire City . Although danger was rife at that time, with countless experts at well, Yue Zhong had Bai Yi as a trump card, and there was also a Type 9 expert distracting the bulk of the defenses, that was how he had made off with the treasures .

As for this Sea God Temple, Yue Zhong could only rely on himself, as well as the Wyrm-Crocodile King that he tamed .

Yue Zhong eyed the huge pyramid, his face changing multiple times before he took a deep breath, and his powerful blasted outwards, "China's Yue Zhong is here to challenge the Sea God!!"

"China's Yue Zhong is here to challenge the Sea God!!"

". . . "

His voice reverberated throughout the entire Sea God City .

Hearing his voice, many of the residents within the city were shocked, and immediately, all the Sea Warriors poured towards the location .

"Yue Zhong!!"

"That's the top human expert on land!! Yue Zhong!! He actually came to our Sea God Temple to challenge our mighty Sea God!! Seeking death!!"

"Yue Zhong!! It's China's Yue Zhong!!"

"To think the top human expert came to challenge the Sea God!! I must go and kill that human!!"

". . . "

Hearing his voice, many battle-crazed Sea Warriors were excited and incensed, charging towards their location in a frenzy .

Since the Sea Clan had begun evolving and developing intelligence, they had captured a few human slaves over the course of their short years of development and absorbed whatever knowledge they could . Thus, they were aware of the top expert Yue Zhong from China .

In the past, they had clashed with him once in Japan . However, at that time, he had not been able to fend them off, and could only board a helicarrier to flee the assault of the Sea Clan . Thus, many Sea Warriors despised him and thought that the human race was just merely so-so .

Hearing Yue Zhong challenging their revered Sea God, many of them were provoked and wanted to hunt him down .

Agardi, who had been masking his identity and kept silent throughout, rushed towards Yue Zhong in a somewhat stricken manner, "Are you crazy?! Damn it, aren't we exposed like this?!"

Revy was also in disbelief as she stared at Yue Zhong, She had not expected for him to announce his arrival so loudly, right smack in the middle of the enemy's territory .

With such a roar, Yue Zhong's mind whirred, as the energy within him surged . There was not a sense of glory, instead, what replaced it was a bristling heroism, a desire to battle .

At the initial stages of the apocalypse, he had struggled constantly to evolve . Against powerful enemies, he had to hide and evade constantly, and had suffered numerous times .

At various stages, he had to plan his moves carefully and stealthily, simply because he had been too weak . Now that he was at the Type 8 stage, almost invincible, his mindset was naturally changing .

In order to become a true expert at the peak, one had to tear through the countless obstacles, and forge and baptize oneself through challenges, wiping out enemies . When Yue Zhong released that roar, he had instinctively comprehended that principle .

In this Sea God City, there were plenty of experts, as well as a formidable opponent with untold depths . If he was not careful, there was a chance that he could fall . Even so, he did not put it to heart, and just wanted to fight it out, showcasing his strongest potential .

Yue Zhong swept Agardi a look, "Agardi, I know that you're the top expert of the Netherlands, and an owner of the God-Devil Imprint as well . If you're fearful, you could leave here right now . With your strength, it should not be an issue"

Agardi's face fell, as he roared at Yue Zhong, "You f*king maniac!! I shall watch how you die!"before dodging towards a small alley, disappearing into the darkness .
Anyone who had the God-Devil Imprint and returned from the 2nd World was not a simple person . Each of them would have the ability to evade their captors . Otherwise, they would have already been torn apart by the Saint Clan of the 2nd World .

Revy's gaze turned complicated as she shot Yue Zhong a look, before choosing to follow after Agardi .

In the distance, Possia saw Yue Zhong standing, floating in the water, exuding an overbearing aura, and her eyes flashed with appreciation, "This Yue Zhong person is truly brave, and could be considered a hero . Too bad, he's about to die!"

The Sea Clan revered the strong, and they admired those who dared to flaunt their strength . Although she was an enemy, she could not help but admire Yue Zhong's strength and guts .

"Human, the Sea God Temple is not an existence you can offend, you can die for me!"

One Type 6 swordfish-person roared, and shot towards him with a Mach-5 speed, attacking Yue Zhong viciously .

The entire frame of this Swordfish warrior transformed into a sharp blade, and it was one of his trump killing cards . Even a Type 7 powerhouse would be pierced by him .

Yue Zhong pointed at the incoming Sea Warrior, and a sharp atmospheric energy condensed energy condensed into a blade, slicing through the warrior, in a shower of blood and organs .


"General Jian Ci was killed!! This human truly has some capabilities!"

". . . "

Seeing the death of the Type 6 Swordfish-warrior, the eyes of the surrounding Sea Clan warriors narrowed, not daring to underestimate Yue Zhong .

The Type 6 Swordfish Warrior was considered a peak expert within the Sea God City . Such an expert was killed in an instant by Yue Zhong, proving his might .

Possia watched on in interest, as her lithe body trembled in excitement, her eyes flashing with passion and pity at the same time, "He was able to slaughter General Jian Ci in a split second! He truly is strong! What a pity, he's a human!!"

"This human is strong! Everybody, forwards, do not let him defile and shock the great Sea God!"

One Sea Clan warrior roared out, channeling his innate talent, and fired a bolt of lightning at Yue Zhong .
The roar of the Sea Clan warrior was like the fuse to explosives, as the entire horde of Sea Clan warriors exploded in an uproar, channeling their innate abilities and launching them at Yue Zhong .

"Since you're all seeking death, you can go to hell!!"

His eyes flashed coldly, waving his hands, as 36 beams of blood radiances shot out and swirled through the water, enveloping the entire scene below him .

Anywhere the blood radiances touched, the patches of Sea Warriors would be instantly turned to emaciated corpses, and the blood radiances themselves would expand larger .

At that instant, he had already killed over tens of thousands of Sea Clan warriors, as the stench of blood got thicker and spread further .

Among the abilities of Yue Zhong, the Blood Manipulation ability was the most insidious, and most effective against low-level biological lifeforms . It had a large area of effect and consumed little of his strength . As long as it continued to slaughter, with Yue Zhong's present strength, it would not even wear him out to maintain it .

Compared to the more powerful God-Devil Domain, it was much more practical .

Possia saw this all-consuming blood field, and her face froze in shock as she retreated in horror, "Not good!! This human actually knows such an evil art!! Damn it!! Retreat!!"


"Kill him!!"

". . . "

The countless Sea Clan warriors roared out, charging at Yue Zhong, trying to reaching him, to no avail as they were all sucked dry .

In just a few breaths, there were over another dozen of thousands of Sea Warriors that had died at Yue Zhong's hands, as he continued to absorb the life force from all over .


At that moment, there was a powerful and stern voice from the pyramid, as it released a powerful and saintly energy towards the blood radiances .

As the light shone onto the blood radiances, there were traces of smoke, and patches of the blood radiance were vaporized .

It continued to shine and expand, wiping out more of the blood radiances . The terrifying Blood Manipulation ability of Yue Zhong that no one had been able to overcome was slowly being erased by that golden light .

With a thought, Yue Zhong quickly resummoned the remaining Blood Radiances back into his arms .


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