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God And Devil World - Chapter 1117


Chapter 1117: Possia!

The Mermaids were the royalty among all of the Sea Clan, and the rest of the species had no way of standing up against them . Most of those in line were directly thrown aside by Yue Zhong and did not dare to say anything .
Just as they reached the North Gate, there were 4 Sea Warriors, with octopus heads, their hands like hooks, stopping Yue Zhong as they barked, "Halt, who are you guys?"

Yue Zhong eyed those 4 Octopus-warriors, his face turning cold as he barked, "Scram! Behind me stands the great Mermaid Queen Silemoya, you dare to obstruct her way?"

Hearing that furious shout, the 4 Sea Warriors turned to gaze behind, and their faces froze in shock, as they kneeled and spoke respectfully, "Greetings, Your Highness Silemoya! We had offended you without knowing better, please pardon our ignorance!"

Hai Mei glanced at them with disinterest as she ordered, "Enter!"

At that moment, they were about to relax and enter the city, there was a coquettish voice that sounded, "Sister Silemoya, didn't you bring some forces to invade Shanghai of China? Why are you here? Did you abandon your troops and come back alone?"

The entire group turned behind and caught sight of a lavish sedan chair being hoisted by 4 burly Sea Warriors . It was constructed out of red crystals, and ladened with pearls . Following behind were 300 powerful Sea Warriors .

On top of that sedan, there was a young Mermaid who sat on it, her body also covered with precious pearls, smiling as she looked over .

This young Mermaid was obviously of high status, and Yue Zhong could sense that there were in fact 2 Type 6 Sea Clan warriors acting as her bodyguard .

The Sea Clan also valued the strong, to think an ordinary Mermaid could be protected by Type 6 Sea Clan warriors, her identity was definitely not simple .

Hai Mei swept a look at that Mermaid and spoke icily, "Possia, I have my reasons naturally, why should I tell you? Let's go!"

Possia laughed, pointing at Yue Zhong, "Wait . Sister Silemoya, I'm very interested in that human slave beside you . Can you give him to me? I can gift you with a 100 Tiger-Shark guards . "
The Tiger-Shark Guards was one of the most elite of troops in the Sea Clan . Each of them was at least at the Type 4 realm, and a hundred of them was a sizeable force even for these Mermaid Queens .

Most trades were of such powerful guards . They were like currency and commodities .

There was a cold look in Hai Mei's eyes, as she rejected it icily, "Not interested . Let's move!"

Possia's eyes flashed, as she laughed out cruelly, and gave a vicious order, "Hu Sen, go tear that human apart!"

"Yes! Master!"

There was a cruel light in the eyes of the Type 5 Tiger-Shark guard beside her . His entire being burst forth with a powerful aura, as he shot towards Yue Zhong, sending a claw over .

"Courting death!"

Yue Zhong looked at the incoming Tiger-Shark warrior, his eyes flashing coldly . He sent his right fist exploding out at the head of the Sea Warrior . With a loud smack, the Sea Warrior's head was separated from his body, and a fresh cloud of blood dyed the area of water red .


"The Tiger-SharK General was killed just like that?!"

"That was too scary!! Who the hell is this slave?!"

". . . "

Seeing Yue Zhong take out the Tiger-Shark warrior in a single hit, the rest of the Sea Warriors were filled with shock and respect . The Tiger-Shark General was at the Type 5 realm, with a powerful combat might . Yet, he had been slapped to death by Yue Zhong in a single hit . Since their race also valued the strong, such an expert was worthy of their respect .

Seeing her own subordinate killed in a hit, Possia's brows furrowed, as she assessed Yue Zhong carefully .

Hai Mei did not bother about Possia as she ordered, "Move!"

As they entered the Sea God City, Hai Mei spoke to Yue Zhong through a transmitter, "Master, Possia is the 107th Princess of the Sea Clan . She might not be strong, but her intelligence is publicly acknowledged to be among the top 10 . We had left such a huge mark, we might not be able to hoodwink her for long .

Although they had entered the city easily with Hai Mei's status, with things and their development, as long as Possia searched a little more carefully, they would be exposed .

Yue Zhong eyed the black map in the skies, muttering indifferently, "No worries, we just have to act faster . "

After that, the entire group followed after the black map .

At the entrance of the city gate, Hai Mei'frowned, as she ordered a swordfish mullet to her side, "Wei Sheng, go to the Imperial City and search on Silemoya's tracks and battle record . If there are any strange points, immediately flag it out for Her Majesty Her Majesty the Sea Empress to send experts here . "

One swordfish guard beside her responded and quickly tore through the water and disappeared in a flash .

Possia continued, "Jing Kui, go to the Sea God Temple and report, say that Silemoya has already defected, and had brought human spies into the Sea God City, Request for aid in suppressing her . "

The whale-head expert beside her, who was 8m-tall, and exuded a might of a Type 6 expert, frowned, "Your Highness, has Silemoya really defected?"

She nodded, without a hint of anger, "I'm 80 - 90% certain . "

Jing Kui hesitated before asking, "Your Highness, without any evidence, if she turns out to be innocent, we would be captured by the Sea God Temple and branded as slaved . Furthermore, without any evidence, they would not act . "

Possia laughed lightly, her voice turning incomparably cold, "There will be evidence . Just report it as Silemoya had brought humans in order to deal with the Temple, and those old-fashioned farts would definitely send the most powerful elites out . This is an order . Are you trying to disobey?"

Jing Kui immediately got down in fright, "Your subordinate does not dare, I will go immediately . "before swiftly heading towards the North Gate .

As time passed, there were more experts produced in the Sea Clan . While the Type 6 powerhouses were not many, it was considerable . If a Type 6 expert like Jing Kui were to be executed for disobeying orders, there would be no tears for him .

To the Mermaid Clan who could control Mutant Beasts, a Type 5 Mutant Beast was much more powerful and useful than a Type 6 Sea Clan expert .

There was a strange power to the black map, and ordinary people could not see it . Only Yue Zhong, Revy and those which had seen it initially could see it float through the city .

As it continued to float, they saw the direction that it was traveling towards . There was a huge golden pyramid that seemed to be constructed out of the purest gold, exuding a powerful and mysterious aura in the distance .

There were sentries and guards everywhere, as powerful soldiers patrolled around the pyramid .

The elites patrolling the pyramid were at the very least a Type 4 powerhouse . There were many Type 5 and Type 6 powerhouses, and the experts were truly plenty .

This was just the force on the surface . Yue Zhong could clearly sense with his perception that the most terrifying factor was that below the pyramid, about a few dozen kilometers below, there was a terrifying Mutant Beast exuding a peak-Type 8 aura .

An ordinary person could not sense the terror of that Type 8 Mutant Beast, but Yue Zhong was sensitive to it .

It was already at the peak of the Type 8 realm, half a step into the Type 9 realm . If the Wyrm-Crocodile King were to challenge it alone, it would definitely be torn apart in a few rounds .

Even among Type 8 experts, they were split into different tiers . To the beast below the pyramid, it was just lacking that little spatial waves . Once it comprehended spatial laws, it would be able to step into the realm and break through, turning into a terrifying existence that could transcend space .

The black map shot out, entering the pyramid and disappeared .

Hai Mei quickly exclaimed to Yue Zhong, "Master, this is the Sea God Temple that the mighty Sea God is cultivating beneath!"


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