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God And Devil World - Chapter 1116


Chapter 1116: Sea God City!

Revy took a cold look at the agitated and infuriated Elisa, and just replied coldly, "This time, you have to complete your mission . The aqua armor on you is equipped with an explosive . If you insist on abandoning on your mission, I will detonate it, and you can go to hell with your sister . "

When Elisa heard those cruel words, she felt like her entire body was plunged in ice, as her visage turned pale, while she starred at Revy venomously . Initially, when both she and her sister were selected for the mission, they had been excited and filled with hope for it . However, she was filled with hatred and fear towards it now .

Revy swept her a look, before offering a 'carrot', "Elisa, when you complete the mission, you will be recognized as a hero of America . You can regain your freedom and reside wherever you wish to . The American government will compensate you with 1 billion New US Dollars . "

America also had regained some form of society and rebuilt their structures . There was a new currency, the new US Dollar . The old US Dollar was useless, and only the new currency could purchase items .

A billion US Dollar was not a small amount, enough to purchase over 50 luxurious villas in the city, and one could live comfortably for the rest of his or her life . Of course, that was dependent on the stability of the American government and that inflation would not be too insane .

Elisa gritted her teeth and spoke, "Fine! I will do it . "

Under pressure, sometimes, one had to bend . Elisa was an intelligent girl . She knew that if she fought on, Revy would just kill them on the spot .

After being inducted into the Superhuman Alliance, Elisa and Eliza were no longer innocent girls . They had been through a lot and had seen the darkness beneath the facade of the government .

Elisa turned to Yue Zhong and sobbed while she pleaded, "Yue Zhong, please, save my sister . If you do it, I can go to bed with you . "

Revy had already set her mind, if Yue Zhong was still adamant about not helping, Eliza would die . Elisa only had this sister, and they had supported each other until today through the cruel apocalypse . For her sister, she was willing to do anything .

"Fine! I will save her!"

Yue Zhong saw how Elisa was crying and was touched by their strong relationship . He pointed and a black light enveloped Eliza's body, turning into a rocket-like mechanism, that shot for the surface of the sea .

Yue Zhong then spoke indifferently, "Relax, "Relax, your sister won't die . "

The rocket was formed from a Type 6 Mech Beast, as long as it did not come across the assault of a Type 7 Mutant Beast, if it wanted to leave the sea wholeheartedly, nothing could stop it .

The black map continued to float through the sea, passing numerous mountains beneath the sea, nests of all kinds of Mutant Beasts, as it proceeded towards a seemingly endless dark tear .

Yue Zhong and the rest followed tightly .

After entering that tear, they descended another thousand of meters, before they were wrapped in a bright blue light . Suddenly, a city with numerous large statues emitting powerful auras appeared in front of them .

Within the huge city, there were countless Sea Clan members walking around on the streets . It was a bustle of activity .

At the same time, inside the city, the defense was tight, with a guard every few meters . The inner city was truly well-defended .

Hai Mei swept the Sea God City a look and introduced to Yue Zhong, "Master, this is the Holy Land of our Sea Clan, the Sea God City . The great Sea God Empress is beneath this city, comprehending the mysteries of the universe the universe . This city was actually something left behind by an ancient civilization, with only 4 entrances . The rest of the area had been covered, and unless attacked by a Type 9 powerhouse, it is impossible to breach . "

Yue Zhong swept the city a look, his mouth twitching slightly . However, he did not say much . While this city might be impossible for others to breach, to him, who had the Radiant Battleship, it was not considered much .

Hai Mei had an apologetic look as she continued, "The 4 entrances are the East, West, South, North Gates of the cities . That gate nearest to us is the North Gate . I've some dealings with the protector of the North Gate before . As long as I appear, they will let me through . However, I have to trouble Master and the rest of you to pretend to be my servants . "

Yue Zhong suddenly asked, "You being my subordinate has not been revealed, right?"

She swiftly replied, "It should not be . It had happened secretively, and for the news to reach the great Seas, it would take at least 10 days, and to reach the Sea God City, it would take half a month . The great Sea God does not usually concern herself with this . Latest news would go to the palace first, before reaching the Sea God City . "
Yue Zhong heard this and was slightly clearer about the mystical entity, Sea God . She should be a powerful, cultivating freak, with her whole mind focused on training . She did not care about other matters and was more of a source of hope and faith for the masses .
Such a character was terrifying . Yue Zhong guessed that she was either a peak Type 7 or Type 8 existence, and in this sea, which was her domain, Yue Zhong might not be able to best her .

"Go! To the North Gate!"

Under his orders, they quickly masqueraded as Hai Mei's servants and the group proceeded towards the gate .

The citizens of the Sea God City required food as well, and every day, a large number of Sea Clan members would exit and enter the city . It was rife with activity .

Exiting was easy, as many Sea Clan members would leave the moment they got out . However, there was a long line queuing to enter .

Yue Zhong did not want to queue up obediently . He looked at the long line, and grabbed out, pushing a particular Prawn-man in front of him to one side in an overbearing manner .

The Prawn-man swiveled around with a vicious expression and was about to lash out in fury when he suddenly saw the Mermaid Queen Hai Mei behind Yue Zhong . His eyes dimmed, and he stood one side obediently .


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