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God And Devil World - Chapter 1115


Chapter 1115: Killing the Mutant Beast!

Yue Zhong's face turned, as he grabbed out at thin air, and a powerful atmospheric energy gathered, transforming into a huge hand that grabbed onto Eliza and pulled her towards him .

The jaws of the huge beast snapped shut at that moment, closing in on the entire area where Eliza was escaping from and managed to bite through her legs, as fresh blood flowed .

"Ah!!! Help!! It hurts!! Save me!!!"

Eliza screamed out in pain .

Elisa saw that and could not help but scream out as well, "Sister!!"

Yue Zhong's gaze narrowed, and his God-Devil strength gathered in his eyes, and he activated his Eyes of Perception, taking a good look at the beast with gold light shimmering from his eyes .

It was a huge beast of about 3km long, its body covered in thick scales, and there was a strange meat ball that emitted light like a lantern which formed on its forehead, about 500m-wide . It turned out to be a Type 7 Mutant Black Seadevil Fish, and it was incredibly ugly .

After it was discovered, the eyes of the fish glinted dangerously, and the lantern on its head radiated brightly, sending a bright light shooting outwards .

Yue Zhong was shocked, and he quickly summoned an energy shield to cover him and his 3 girls, while he could not afford to bother with the elites from America .

At that critical moment, Revy and Agardi could no longer bother about hiding their strength and quickly pulled out their strongest defensive cards .

Revy revealed a blue box that quickly transformed into a mechanical ball that wrapped around her .

Agardi had a glint in his eyes, as a number of strange tattoos radiated on his body . A powerful psychic barrier emerged and formed around him .

Elisa and Eliza were both without any defensive treasures, and could only swim towards Yue Zhong with all their might .

Among these people, Yue Zhong was the strongest, and only he was able to protect them from the enormous Mutant Beast .
The bright light shone brightly, bypassing Yue Zhong's energy shield, and pierced his body .

At that moment, Yue Zhong felt his consciousness shrouded in pain, as the scenery around him changed .

"Master, you're awake!"

"Master, come and catch me!"

". . . "

Currently, he was surrounded by many beautiful women of different ages, style, and charms, and he seemed to be in some paradise on Earth .

The countless women were either playing heavenly music, or singing in their melodious voices, or dancing in absolutely stunning dances .

As these amazing beauties surrounded him, they were dressed in light silk, their expressions coy, as they competed to get his attention .

They had exceptional skin and were all elegant even in their merry-making .

In such a heavenly setting, even Buddha might sink in forever .

"What a powerful illusion, if I had not undergone the baptism of the Type 9 powerhouse will, I might have truly been swept up in this forever . "Yue Zhong took in the mesmerizing scent of the ladies beside him, and his eyes flashed coldly . He then barked out violently, "Get lost!"

At that moment, it seemed as though a powerful ax capable of splitting the heavens and earth appeared and cleaved through the scene .

As it sliced through, the world was destroyed, and the women, fruits, and paradise shattered like glass .

At that moment, Yue Zhong stirred from the illusion, and his perception swept outwards, noticing that other than him, everyone had their eyes shut, their expressions of bliss .

Even Floxenia, who was on his back, had a scarlet flush, her breathing rushed, "Brother Yue Zhong, no! Nia is still not yet of age! However, if Brother Yue Zhong really wants it… then… Nia, Nia will not resist . "

As everyone was engrossed in their dreams, without any means to retaliate, the Type 7 Black Seadevil Fish opened its jaws once more and began to suck in deep, trying to suck everybody into its mouth .

Yue Zhong frowned, and with a thought, he cast his Summon Tamed Beast technique, as a void appeared in the sea, and the type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King flew out, immediately pouncing towards the Type 7 Black Seadevil . It opened its own jaws and bit down viciously on the body of the Type 7 Mutant Black Seadevil Fish .

The Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King was a beast of sea, land, and air, and it could adept at fighting in all 3 terrains . However, its innate ability was wind, thus, in the waters, it was not particularly effective . That was why it spent most of its time outside of the water .

Even so, it continued to urge its innate ability, while its physique was at the Type 8 realm, posing a formidable challenge to the Type 7 Mutant Black Seadevil Fish .

When the Type 7 Mutant Black Seadevil Fish was bitten by the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, a huge chunk of flesh was torn off its body . body . It trembled in agony and opened its huge jaws, firing its powerful tongue at the Type 8 Mutant Beast .

As the tongue slammed into the body of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, it trembled but was not able to penetrate the hide . Instead, it only served to infuriate the Type 8 beast more .

The Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile was incredibly vicious, as it bit off the flesh harshly and burrowed towards the flesh .

After that, with a blast of powerful wind blades, it forcefully sliced the Black Seadevil Fish into two, as fresh blood dyed the water .

In the seas, while the might of the wind blades was not comparable to on land, however, in close vicinity, it was able to exert considerable destruction .
With the death of the Type 7 Black Seadevil, a huge pool of blood dissipated outwards, and at that moment, the numerous Mutant Beasts of the waters swarmed over .

A few of the mountain-like Type 5 and Type 6 Mutant Beasts that had been slumbering also lifted their heads, swimming over .

The blood and flesh of a Type 7 beast were extremely enticing to these Type 5 and Type 6 Mutant Beasts, as it could allow them to evolve further .

Yue Zhong asked Gao He who had just stirred awake, "Where's the treasure, Gao He?"

She pointed towards the tail of the corpse of the Type 7 Black Seadevil, "Over there!"

With a thought, he charged forward like a knife slicing through the water with the atmospheric energy surrounding as he arrived at the tail .

Gao He pointed at one particular lump, and spoke resolutely, "It's right there!"

With a point, a blade of atmospheric energy sliced through the area, tearing it apart, as a golden God-Devil Imprint covered with blood soared towards him .

Yue Zhong stared at it with excitement, and he grabbed it, "It's a God-Devil Imprint, no wonder this damned beast could reach the Type 7 realm, so it had gotten an Imprint . I wonder which unfortunate bastard had been eaten by it . "

After he obtained it, he placed it within his Universe Storage Ring and continued further into the ocean .

The black ancient map had not left, instead, it waited for Revy and the rest to arrive before continued forward .
Revy carried Eliza, whose legs had been bitten off, and had been knocked unconscious by injecting anesthesia, and came to Yue Zhong, "Mr . Yue Zhong, Eliza's legs had been bitten off . This time, it had truly been dangerous, please show grace and take good care of her . "

Yue Zhong swept her a look, as well as Elisa who was standing beside and laughed coldly, "Revy, they're your people . You want me to take care of them? Since they're no longer capable of protecting themselves, get Elisa to escort her out . If she cannot, then Agardi can fill that role . "

Revy frowned . Of the 5-man team that came, Lehman had been eaten alive, while Eliza had lost her legs . They only had 3 able-bodied staff left . If anyone else left, their plan would go up in smokes .

Her gaze flickered as she spoke coldly, "Yue Zhong, I know you have the ability to help her regain her legs . If you can take care of her now, when her legs are healed, she's yours . If you're not willing to accept her, then leave her here to die . "

When Elisa heard those cruel words, her expression turned ugly, as she grabbed her half-dead sister, and cursed out, "Revy! What the hell are you saying?! She's my sister! A hero of the Superhuman Alliance! You actually treat her as a commodity to be given out? What kind of a joke is this? I'm not interested in this mission any longer . I will bring my sister back now, and leave you bunch of crazy, inhumane bastards . "


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