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God And Devil World - Chapter 1114


Chapter 1114: Deep Sea Mutant Beasts!

Yue Zhong looked at the pouring numbers of Mutant Beasts and felt his scalp go numb . He could deal with one easily, and he did not fear hundreds or thousands of them . However, such a size, where there seemed to be hundreds of thousands, it was not something he could handle without breaking a sweat .
The Mutant Beasts in the sea were numbering in the tens of millions, even if Yue Zhong was in the Type 8 realm, it was still a far-off thing to kill every single Mutant Beast in the sea . If he continued to take the never-ending swarm on, there was a possibility that he might fall .

Seeing them pour out as though they were bees that were agitated, even Revy and her people felt their scalp numb and felt a sense of terror .

Right at this time, Hai Mei spoke to Yue Zhong, "Master, don't worry, I can command the Beasts to not attack us!"

Yue Zhong ordered, "Good! Do it!"


With his order, she did not hesitate further, and quickly opened her lips, to sing a beautiful song .

As her song sounded, a strange energy reverberation traveled through the region . The originally bloodthirsty beasts felt their frenzy dissipate . They twisted their bodies in confusion, before finally stopping and swimming towards the side .
All royalty of the Mermaid Clan had the ability to use their songs to control Mutant Beasts . Hai Mei was a mature Mermaid Queen, her strength formidable, and her position royal . When she burst forth with all her ability, she was able to get the Type 6 Mutant Beasts to befriend her, and become her subordinate, fighting for her .

Of course, in order to use the Mermaid Song to subjugate a huge number of Mutant Beasts, it was incredibly difficult, but to rid them of their animosity, it was simpler .

Seeing how Yue Zhong was able to absolve the situation, Revy and her team quickly arrived behind him .

The seas were different from prior to the apocalypse . The danger was rife, and the party was all land-based experts . Even on land, they could only flee when they came across Type 5 or Type 6 Mutant Beasts, not to mention in the sea . Death was the only outcome .

The entire group proceeded towards the sea bed silently .

Along the way, Yue Zhong noticed a terrifying scene . At the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, there were even Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beasts that were more than just a few hundred meters long .

Many of these Mutant Beasts were just organisms that had barely existed prior to the apocalypse . As for those Mutant Sea Snakes, that were hundreds of meters long, as they gathered in groups, they moved around, with nothing capable of stopping them .

On land, a single Type 4 Mutant Beast of over a hundred meters in length would be enough to storm a few places . Yet, in the seas, they were everywhere, as though they were just rank-and-file soldiers of a huge army . Their numbers were in the hundreds of thousands, and common .

Even someone as strong as Yue Zhong could die if he was not careful and surrounded by an endless number of Mutant Beasts .

At such depths, his abilities were reduced by about 70%, only by activating the God-Devil Domain would he be at his peak . However, the domain consumed much of his strength, and he would have to end the battle quickly if he did use it, otherwise, he would fall when he was weakened .

They proceeded through the horde of beasts carefully, continuing down .

After some unknown length of time, they finally reached the seabed .

At the bottom of the sea, there was not a single ray of light, it was like darkness had shrouded the entire area . However, with Yue Zhong's God-Devil Body, his eyes were able to peer through regardless if there was light or darkness . He could see the area clearly .

After glancing around, he felt a chill .

Beneath the Bermuda Triangle, there were numerous huge mountains of over a kilometer in length . When he took a careful look, he realized these were all Type 5 and Type 6 Mutant Beasts with unimaginable strength .

There were easily over dozens of thousands of them That was to say, there was over a dozen thousand Type 5 Mutant Beasts at the bottom of the sea . Such a force was invincible within the seas .

If they were to come on land, they would be able to crush anything in their way . Furthermore, in the sea, nothing could possibly annihilate them . Even Yue Zhong had to maintain his guard

Revy and the rest caught sight of the slumbering beasts and sucked in cold breaths, their countenances turning even uglier .

Although they did not possess eyes like Yue Zhong's, their aqua armor had the infrared sensors . They could see for themselves the terrifying mountains . Just a single one of those beasts could wipe them out, not to mention tens of thousands .

Yue Zhong swept a glance, before speaking to Revy, "Miss Revy, you should be able to tell us the position now?"

Although he had Hai Mei, if they were able to ascertain the location, it would be even better .

Revy nodded slightly, and pulled out a jade box from her grasp, retrieving an ancient, black map .
The moment the map appeared, it struggled out of her hands, before flitting towards a direction with a speed that was neither fast nor slow .

Seeing its strange movement, everyone exchanged looks and followed behind quietly .

Their bodies were small, and to those Type 5 Mutant Beasts, they were just ant-like existences . They did not move, as though they were dead .

However, everyone present knew that it was just that they were immobile for now . If they were to act suddenly, no one could withstand .

They followed the map for a short distance before it led them to a bright patch of light within the dark waters . Inside the light, there was a shield, and in it, an altar laid with numerous mystical items . There were chests and weapons, and opened boxes, revealing countless Mutant Beasts nuclei, and it looked like a huge storage .

Seeing the shield, Lehman and the rest felt their gazes brightened . Their suits then fired out jets, propelling them towards the direction of the shield .

Yue Zhong was immediately suspicious of this sudden windfall, but the number of treasures no doubt attracted him . He even saw a few Type 9 Mutant Beast nuclei . He could not let up on such precious resources .

At this time, Floxenia suddenly urged out, "Brother Yue Zhong, don't go! It's a trap!! It's dangerous there, I can sense an incredible killing intent with evil designs on us!"

Yue Zhong immediately stopped as his gaze narrowed . He asked Gao He, "Gao He, try using your power to sense if there are treasures there?"

In response, Gao He closed her eyes and frowned slightly, before replying with uncertainty, "There's definitely a treasure there! But it's only one! And it's not in the light, but rather, behind!"

Yue Zhong immediately channeled his voice in a line towards the ears of the 5 Americans, "Come back!! It's a trap!"
Hearing that, there were different reactions .
Revy, Elisa, and Agardi stopped immediately, while Eliza just slowed down, hesitating slightly, Lehman, on the other hand, increased his speed .

Lehman's eyes shone with greed as he thought, "Hmph, I've used such tricks so many times myself . This treasury is mine! Once I gain control of it, I can go through a change and become a powerhouse surpassing even Leo and Yue Zhong!! I'll become Earth's true number one expert!"

Greed could blind . Many intelligent people had fallen prey to their own greed before .

Lehman was a gifted expert, and he hoped to surpass Leo and Yue Zhong . It was all he thought about every day . With such a treasury in front of him, to him, it was the only opportunity that he had to grab .
Just as he got close to the light, suddenly, from within the shield, a huge tongue unfolded and shot out, wrapping around Lehman and pierced his body . Before Lehman could even scream, the tongue retracted back into the radiant light and disappeared .

Seeing that, Eliza, who was next in front, let out a blood-curdling scream, and tried to retreat backward, "Save me!! Save me!!! Save me!!"

At that time, the light world retracted, revealing a huge mouth of over 1km, filled with countless sharp teeth, exerting a powerful suction force on Eliza as well as the rest .


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