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God And Devil World - Chapter 1113


Chapter 1113: Bermuda Triangle!

Floxenia saw that Yue Zhong was not too worried, and she became flustered, "Brother Yue Zhong, you cannot be careless . In their hands, there's a treasure that Revy had obtained, it's called the Yang-Desiring Stone . It might not have killing potential, but it has aphrodisiac properties . When activated, it is truly potent . Even Leo, with his God-Devil Body, had been affected by it before . They're intending to utilize it when it comes to obtaining the treasure, sacrificing Elisa and Eliza to seduce you, while Agardi will get the treasure . He is also someone who has the God-Devil Imprint . His ability is Camouflage, and he's not American, but from the Netherlands . "

When Yue Zhong heard this, his face revealed a thoughtful expression, "So this is the case . No wonder Taff agreed so readily, to think he had such a trump card!"
On Earth, it was not just Edward, Yue Zhong and Leo who had the Imprints . It was just that among those who had them, they were the top 3 famous experts, and were part of, if not the leader of, the greatest factions in the world .
During the course of the Earth's mutation, many forces had been annihilated . Even so, the strongest experts of those factions would not die, instead, they wandered and evolved constantly by fighting wild Mutant Beasts .

Agardi was one of the early experts of Netherlands, having led the elites of the country to attack the main city . He had gained the God-Devil Imprint and had entered the 2nd World .

However, he was not able to prevent the overrun of the Netherlands from the zombies, and thus, he had wandered about, before finally ending up in America .

Yue Zhong would not underestimate anyone who had the God-Devil Imprint . With Agardi's camouflage ability, Yue Zhong had no way of discerning his true strength . If there was any miscalculation in assuming his strength, then at the critical moment, he might be bested by Agardi .

Yue Zhong asked, "As for the clues to the world and God, is it true?"

Floxenia replied, "From what I read of their minds, it seems true . At the same time, there's a possibility of a huge secret that might change the fate of a faction . However, they don't seem to know much about it . "

Yue Zhong ruffled her head affectionately, "Thank you, Nia . Having you around is a really great help . "

Floxenia could sense the sincerity and affection from him, and she revealed a bright smile, curling up like a little kitten in his embrace, celebrating silently in her heart .

With her ability, Yue Zhong had assigned her to the intelligence department, handling the different traitors and spies . She could sense the fear from her subordinates and the unbound hatred from those who were sentenced to death by her . Few would like such a superior who could read their minds, thus, she could only obtain warmth and trust from Yue Zhong, that was why she was even more reliant on him .
Yue Zhong continued to stroke her head, while he thought on how to handle the Americans and a cold glint flashed past his eyes .

After flying at full speed for an hour, the Protector Battleship quickly arrived over the Bermuda Triangle .

When they were in the airspace above the sea, the ship began to rock, and Yue Zhong felt a heat on his right wrist, as Bai Yi's voice sounded, "Warning! Warning! There's some unknown interference in this area, and in another 10 seconds, the Battleship would lose balance . Please switch to manual or prepare to leave the region immediately!"

The Protector Battleship was being controlled by Bai Yi . If she received any interference or disturbance, it would cause the Battleship to lose control . Hence, there would be the ability to toggle between autopilot and manual .

Yue Zhong ordered, "Open the doors and let us out, you control the ship back to the country!"

"Got it!"

Her words had just landed when bright lights enveloped Yue Zhong's team as well as Revy's team .

Under the lights, they were beamed down and sent out of the Battleship .

The Protector Battleship then turned around and shot off into the distance .

"Ah!! Help!!"

"No!! Save us!!!"

Being suddenly ejected from the ship, Revy's team found themselves free falling in mid-air . Elisa and Eliza both screamed out, their faces pale .

The Battleship had been flying at an altitude of 6,000m, falling from such a height, even if they were to land in the sea, the intense impact could kill them .

Other than the 2 of them, the other 3 did not panic at such an abrupt situation . Instead, their faces just fell, and they did not utilize any abilities .

"Hiding themselves deeply . "Yue Zhong muttered while stepping on thin air . He used the atmospheric energy to support Floxenia and the other 2, while he observed the reactions of Revy's team . However, they did not do anything, as though having given up .

Other than a Type 7 powerhouse's ability to manipulate atmospheric energy, only those with flight related abilities or treasures would be able to keep afloat before the Type 7 realm . Yue Zhong had even assumed that Agardi was at the Type 7 realm . However, they did not do anything, looking as ordinary as a Type 4 powerhouse . Even Yue Zhong could not help but praise his level of camouflage .

When they were about a hundred meters away from the surface of the sea, Yue Zhong waved his hand and caused a bout of atmospheric energy to wrap all wrap all 5 of them .
With that, the speed of their descent fell drastically, and they landed peacefully on top of the water .

Revy and the rest felt a chill in their hearts, as they thought of Yue Zhong's strength, "Powerful…"

There was even a slight hint of envy in the eyes of Agardi .
Yue Zhong then brought the 3 women of his team with him, as he spoke, "Revy, the previous arrangement with Taff was that I would bring the 5 of you here . Everything else is on your own from here on out . "

After that, he directly left them as he shot into the sea . At that moment, it felt like the sea was cleaved apart as he summoned the atmospheric energy around him to wrap around his team while traveling through the waters at high speeds .

Lehman frowned, and asked, "What do we do?"

"Follow the plan! Tail them!"Revy pulled out a blue box covered with engravings, which radiated in a blinding light . It enveloped them and transformed into a number of strange armors that covered all 5 of them .

When they were encased in those suits, their team then dove into the water, swimming swiftly towards the seabed .

"Aquatic combat suits? Seems like they're well prepared!"
Yue Zhong saw the group and their armor, and his heart raced slightly . He then pointed to Floxenia and Gao He, as 2 black beams shot out and landed on them, forming into 2 sets of black aquatic armor .

He had obtained He had obtained numerous items from the Mech Empire City, and the water nano armors were just part of them .
Currently, the seas had already transformed into heaven for Mutant Beasts . There were ferocious beings everywhere, especially the Bermuda Triangle .

The moment Yue Zhong's team had just entered the water, over 10,000 Mutant Piranhas swam over, their teeth sharp and capable of tearing through Type 3 Mutant Beasts .

These Mutant Piranhas were incredibly vicious, if they even came across a land-based Type 5 Mutant Beast that dropped into the water by accident, they would devour it completely, leaving only bones .

Even a few Type 5 and Type 6 powerhouses had landed in the sea and met these Mutant Piranhas, and were consumed . The seas were different from land . Many land-based life forms could not exhibit even 10% of their strength, they were naturally not able to withstand such hits .

Yue Zhong looked at the fishes pouncing towards them, and frowned, before pointing out and summoned energy that turned into sharp blades slicing towards them . In that instant, there was a mass of blood and scattered parts of the Mutant Piranhas .

Had he still been at the Type 6 realm, it would have been troublesome dealing with these fishes . However, since he was at the Type 8 realm, it was as simple as flipping his hands to deal with them .

All of a sudden, a mass of different Mutant Beasts shot out from the depths of the sea . There was a 10m-long Mutant Swordfish, an entire school of Mutant Piranhas, countless Mutant Sea Snakes that were over dozens of meters, and looked like wyrms, as well as a few huge, towering Mutant Beasts the size of houses .

Within this Bermuda Triangle area, there were numerous bloodthirsty Sea Mutant Beasts, the moment they caught the scent of blood, they would rush over .


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